consolidated federal programs application cfpa fy 2015 n.
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Consolidated Federal Programs Application (CFPA) FY 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Consolidated Federal Programs Application (CFPA) FY 2015

Consolidated Federal Programs Application (CFPA) FY 2015

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Consolidated Federal Programs Application (CFPA) FY 2015

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  1. Consolidated Federal Programs Application (CFPA) FY 2015 Title II Plan Training Session (Section 2122)April 29, 2014

  2. What is a Title II Plan? Goal To give districts a working knowledge of the Title II Plan to help the district describe how it will ensure that all teachers are highly qualified and effective to facilitate increased academic achievement of all students Notice: This event is being funded with state and/or federal funds and is being provided for employees of school districts, IHLs, employees of the Mississippi Department of Education and Department contractors.  Miss. Const. Art. 4, Section 66 prohibits governing authorities from making donations.  According to the Mississippi Attorney General, once the federal funds are turned over to the state, the rules for the expenditure of state funds apply.  Based on the Mississippi law, this event is not being provided for third party vendors or external providers. .

  3. Comprehensive Needs Assessment • Determine the needs of the teaching force. • Identify local teacher quality needs. • Identify those areas that an LEA should strengthen as part of a meaningful plan for professional development and hiring. • Shall take into account the activities that need to be conducted in order to give teachers the means, including subject-matter knowledge and teaching skills, and to give principals the instructional leadership skills to help teachers to provide students with the opportunity to meet challenging State and local student academic achievement standards.

  4. Development of the Plan Must include consultation with: • Teachers • Paraprofessionals • Principals • Parents • Administrators • Other Relevant personnel

  5. Title II Plan Instructions • Use the “Instructional Prompt” for each question to assist with the development of the district’s responses. • All responses and activities must be linked to the results of the comprehensive needs assessment.

  6. Title II Plan

  7. Question 1. 1. Provide a descriptive summary of your comprehensive needs assessment highlighting leading factors surrounding professional development activities and the need for Class Size Reduction teachers. [Section 2122 (b)(8)]

  8. Question 2. 2. Describe the activities to be carried out and how they are aligned with challenging State standards. [Section 2122 (b)(1)(A)(i)]

  9. Question 3. 3. Provide a description of how the activities will be based on a review of scientifically based research and an explanation of why the activities are expected to improve student academic achievement. [Section 2122 (b)(1)(B)]

  10. Question 4. 4. Provide a description of how the activities will have a substantial, measurable, and positive impact on student academic achievement and how the activities will be used as part of a broader strategy to eliminate the achievement gap that separates low-income and minority students from other students. [Section 2122 (b) (2)]

  11. Question 5. 5. Describe how the LEA will coordinate professional development activities authorized under Title II, Part A with professional development activities provided through other Federal, State and local programs. [Section 2122(b)(4)]

  12. Question 6. 6. Provide a description of the professional development activities that will be made available to teachers and principals under Title II, Part A and how the LEA will ensure that the professional development needs of teachers and principals will be met using the Title II, Part A funds. [Section 2122(b)(5)]

  13. Question 7. 7. Describe how the LEA, teachers, paraprofessionals, and principals, other relevant school personnel, and parents have collaborated in the planning of activities to be carried out under Title II, Part A and in the preparation of the application. [Section 2122(b)(7)]

  14. Question 8 8. Provide a description of how the LEA will provide training to enable teachers to teach and address the needs of students with different learning styles, particularly students with disabilities, students with special learning needs (including students who are gifted and talented), and students with limited English proficiency: improve student behavior in the classroom and identify early and appropriate interventions to help students learn; involve parents in their child’s education; and understand and use data and assessments to improve classroom practices and student learning. [Section 2122(b) (9) (A) (B) (C) (D)]

  15. Question 9. 9. Provide a description of how the LEA will use Title II, Part A funds to meet the requirements of section 1119 qualifications for teachers and paraprofessionals. [Section 2122(b)(10)]

  16. (Activities and Expenditures at a Glance)

  17. Title II, Part A – Activities and Expenditures at a Glance

  18. District Budget Summary

  19. Mariea B. Jackson State Title II and Title VI Director 601-359-3499