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Wait, Wait, Do Tell Me

Wait, Wait, Do Tell Me

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Wait, Wait, Do Tell Me

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  1. Wait, Wait, Do Tell Me Faculty In-Service Week Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Kevin Li, Dean of Instruction

  2. How many AQIP Action Projects is Wright College working on and can you name at least one?Bonus if you can name all of them College Completion Building the Cultural Foundation to Increase College Completion and Transfer Rates Skills Connection Enhancing College Credentials of Economic Value Service Learning Implementing Service Learning to Increase Student Engagement, Satisfaction, and Success

  3. What does Student GPS stand for? Defined semester by semester academic pathway and plan for students to complete certificate and degree programs that includes block and predictive scheduling strategies

  4. Where is the Math Center located? Who is the Math Center Coordinator? S-305 Jeremiah Bridges

  5. What is Block Enrollment? A) Enrolling an entire city block of students on one day B) Enrolling in 4 classes in the same discipline for one semester C) Enrolling in 15 credit hours each semester D) A cohort of students enrolling in the same set of courses needed for timely progress toward certificates and/or degrees

  6. What does IAI stand for, and how many Wright General Education courses are IAI approved? Illinois Articulation Initiative A statewide transfer agreement, which is transferable among more than 100 participating colleges and universities in Illinois. A) 71-80 B) 81-90 C) 91-100 D) Over 100 109

  7. The Service Learning team at Wright is working on establishing: A) A pet sitting and grooming service B) A food pantry C) A mobile nurse station   In collaboration with the Greater Chicago Food Depository D) All of the above

  8. What does HSI stand for? Hispanic Serving Institution Defined in Title V of the Higher Education Act as not-for-profit institutions of higher learning with a full-time equivalent (FTE) undergraduate student enrollment that is at least 25 percent Hispanic.

  9. Who is the Veterans Services Specialist? Where is his office located? Room S-132 A) Ed Harris B) Mike Davis C) Ed Davis D) Ed Norton E) Richard Harris

  10. What does CTL stand for? Where is it located? The Center for Teaching and Learning Located in S-243, the CTL fosters a culture of engagement, development, and lifelong learning through faculty and staff presentations offered in a collaborative environment.

  11. Which of the following sessions were offered through CTL? A) Let It Flow: Creative Writing WorkshopB) The Power of Positive DrinkingC) Got Milk? D) Going Back: Paradise LostE) Flipping Out in the Classroom F) All of the above

  12. What City College service provides mental health and other social services to support personal well-being and academic success? The Wellness Center, under the leadership of Anne Wysoglad

  13. Wright College was awarded the Title V Grant in 2012 because: A) Wright College is an HSI B) Wright’s proposal included solid programming C) Wright had completed the Title IV Grant in 2011 D) A and B E) All of the above

  14. Which online tool can help students create a planning guide to transfer to other schools? Transferology formerly

  15. On April 23rd, Wright College celebrated Earth Day.  How many years has this event been held? A) 12 B) 13 C) 14 D) 15

  16. What is the name of the advising management module that allows students to better monitor their classes and grades by enabling communication among students and faculty through its advising, tutoring, and early alert modules?

  17. In what year was Wright first designated as a Tree Campus USA? A) 2009 B) 2011 C) 1999 D) 2006 Tree Campus USA is an Arbor Day designation for colleges and universities that meet five standards to promote healthy trees and student involvement: 1) Campus Tree Advisory Committee 2) Campus Tree Care Plan 3) Campus Tree Program with annual expenditures 4) Arbor Day observance 5) Service Learning projects

  18. Which year did President Clinton visit Wright College? A) 1994 B) 1992 C) 1996 D) 2000

  19. Name three of the five Wright College top transfer institutions Northeastern (277) UIC (232)Oakton (106)DePaul (104)Triton (103)

  20. Which sport had its first competition at Wright College? A) Badminton B) Marbles C) Table Tennis D) Synchronized Swimming

  21. Level Up is a tuition-free bridge to college program for incoming freshmen.  How many students enrolled in the program this summer? A) 42 B) 67 C) 88 D) 126

  22. Which of the following programs will you find in the Adult Education Department? A) CNC B) ABE Adult Basic Education C) LPN D) CIA

  23. Name the architect who designed the Wright College campus A) Norman ForsterB) Christine Marriott C) Bertrand Goldberg D) Frank Gehry E) David Nurnberger

  24. For which of these reasons would you refer a student to Wright in Your Corner (S-100)? A) A first-stop to get questions answered B) Academic coaching and mentoring C) Peer mentor support D) English and math tutoring E) All of the above

  25. Name two programs supported by the Title V Grant Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) College Readiness Initiative (CRI) Embedded Tutoring Holistic Placement Learning Communities (LC) Math On Demand (MOD) Skills Connection Wright in Your Corner (WiYC)

  26. The Tutoring Center offers tutoring, skills workshops, and review group sessions in most subject areas. Janie Wu is the Tutoring Coordinator. Where is the Tutoring Center located? A-245

  27. In Fall 2013, what % of credit students were new to Wright? A) 15% B) 25% C) 30% D) 45%

  28. Where can a student get a copy of his/her Educational Plan? GradesFirst College Advisor

  29. Who are the new SGA President and Vice President for this academic year? President: William WhitmoreVice President: Louis Cedeno Student Government Association

  30. How many Center for Teaching and Learning sessions were offered in Spring 2014? A) 6 B) 19 C) 32 D) 12 23 sessions and 4 book clubs are scheduled for Fall 2014

  31. Name 3 fitness classes offered through Continuing Education Yoga Zumba Cardio Step Hydro-Fit Kickboxing

  32. What was the first program at Wright to use embedded tutoring? Math on Demand

  33. How many faculty and staff participated in CTL offerings in Spring 2014? A) 25-75 B) 75-150 C) 150-200 178 participated during the Spring 2014 semester D) 200+

  34. Name two of the Service Learning courses that were offered at Wright College in Spring 2014 Biology 119, 121 Botany 201 Business 208 Chemistry 212 English 101, 299 Physics 236 Political Science 204 Psychology 222 Reading 125 Religion 106 Social Science 102 Social Services 102, 105, 106, 252 Speech 101/English 101 (LC) Service Learning activities engage students in projects that serve the community, while building social, professional, civic, and academic skills.

  35. How many college advisors do we have at Wright North and HPVEC? 19 at Wright North; 3 at HPVEC Chris Alexander, Elizabeth Castillo, Lauren Cygan, Yanet Diaz, Afton Donald, Nancy Galindo, Elizabeth Gardner, Malgorzata Haptas, Neida Hernandez-Santamaria, Alejandro Herrera, Patrice Jarrett, Trevor Karmanian, Barbara Krzewinska, Lauren Lopez, Nelly Marcial, Yolanda Martinez, Nicole Meeuwse, Elizabeth Miazek, Oscar Nunez, Rolando Sosa, Marisol Towns, Pier Underwood

  36. Name two of the Medical Career short-term programs offered in Continuing Education: Basic Nursing Assistant (BNA) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Accelerated Phlebotomy Dental Assistant Pharmacy Technician

  37. A Learning Communities Co-Requisite Course pairs a developmental-level course with a college-level course. Name a Learning Community Co-Requisite that we offered in the Spring 2014 semester. Bonus: Who taught them? English 100 / English 101English 101 / Reading 125 LizzGardner & Jan Knapp-Caporale Tara Whitehair & Chris LeonardRandi Ploszaj & Roger Conner

  38. Who is the Early College Coordinator for Wright College? Mila Simeonovska

  39. What is CPFTA? CPFTA provides training for students interested in careers in public safety, law enforcement, criminal justice, and fire science.

  40. Wright’s College to Career (C2C) focus is Information Technology. Name the other colleges’ focus areas. DA HW KK MX OH TR – Advanced Manufacturing – Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Services – Culinary Arts and Hospitality – Health Sciences – Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics – Education, Human and Natural Sciences

  41. Gateway Scholarships assist in tuition payments for which group of students? A) Any student in good standing referred by the Gateway advising office B) Adult Education students transitioning to college C) Level Up program completers D) All of the above

  42. What is the name of Wright College’s literary arts magazine? The Wright Side

  43. Each year, a Career Development Month highlights career programs offered at Wright College. What month is it held? February

  44. Name an award-winning bilingual program offered at HPVEC that has served over one thousand students Carreras en Salud (Careers in Health)

  45. According to the CCC 5-year plan, the FY 2013 IPEDS completion rate was 12%. What is the projected IPEDS completion rate for FY 2018? A) 16% B) 18% C) 20% D) 100%

  46. Name a company that donates goods to the SGA Café Eli’s Cheesecake Stewart’s Private Blend Coffee

  47. What does FAFSA stand for? Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  48. What is the name of the federal act that requires all higher education institutions to report crime statistics to the Department of Education? The Clery Act

  49. According to the employee engagement survey conducted during the AQIP retreat, what percentage of respondents (148 total) indicated that they felt they make positive contributions to the college? A) 54.9% B) 69.5% C) 81.3% D) 96.6%

  50. Thank you for your participation!