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Interest center: flowers PowerPoint Presentation
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Interest center: flowers

Interest center: flowers

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Interest center: flowers

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  2. Web possibilities What do flowers represent? Happiness, joy etc caring respect Different smells flowers Parts of the flower nature Different types Life cicle events Uses of flowers size names colors

  3. What do we want them to learn? • Flowers are a beautiful part of the world: they are everywhere! • They have different parts, different types and different smells. • We have to take care of them, because they are part of our nature; so we have to respect them by giving them water, not picking them up, not stepping on them etc.. • Flowers will help us show love, empathy, care, and friendship to others, because they represent happiness and joy. • They can be used to make fragrances, decorate surroundings etc.. • They have life cycles like we do!

  4. What’s in my center? • Videos: Flowers everywhere/ sesame street: Wigglesdancingflowers: Nutckracker flower waltz: • Artifacts: table, chairs, scientist rope, magnifying glasses, different kinds of flowers, name flower cards, colors, clay, color papers, glue… • Print Materials: + flower’s books + magazines

  5. Task 1: You are a scientist • Purpose: You are going to learn the different parts of a flower. • Background: Plants produce flowers. Plants are formed from roots, stem, leaves, and finally flowers! • Materials: Name flower cards Plastic plate Clay in different colors Magnifying glass

  6. Task 1: You are a scientist • Task: You are going to recognize the parts of a flower and create a flower with clay. • Challenge: You are going to the school’s garden and look for different kinds of flowers. Recognize its parts, and then reproduce the flower you observed in the plastic plate, using clay. Finally create your own flower with the colors you like the best! Name the flower you created with the help of the name cards.

  7. Task 1: You are a scientist **Pictures taken of kids doing the assignment in Altamira School (march, 2012)

  8. Task card 2: You are a fragrance maker.. • Background: Flowers can be used to make perfumes from their different scents. You can create a variety of essences according to your desires. • Purpose: You will learn that flowers can be used to make perfumes.

  9. Task card 2: You are a fragrance maker.. TASK: Youwillcreateyourownpersonalized perfume: Materials: 1 bottle of distilledwater 1 cup of washedflowerpetals 1 perfume bottle. Challenge: • Find a flowerthatyouwanttosmell. • Collect 1 cup of petals and washthem • Puttheflowerpetalsinsidethe perfume bottle. • Add 1 cup of distillewater. • Mixtheelements and wait 5 days. • Come back tosmellyour new fragrance!!

  10. Task card 3: You are a painter just like Monet… • Background: Claude Monet was a famous painter that loved to paint all kinds of flowers, such as: sunflowers, roses, daisies, tulips etc.. He lived in Europe a long long time ago: before your parents and grandparents were borned!! • Even today, people love his paintings.

  11. Task card 3: You are a painter just like Monet… • Materials: Video Colors Paintbrushes Paint Poster board Palette • Task: You are going to watch a video of monet’s paintings *. Later you will tell the teacher what you saw and afterwards, you will create your our painting, while including the different types of flowers you learned earlier. *

  12. Task card 4: you are a jewelry designer • Background: The jewel designers are people that specialize in making jewelry. We can also make jewelry with flowers! • Task: you are going to make a necklace made of flowers! • Materials: Different color flower cutouts Drinking straws Yarn in different colors Scissors Paint, markers and glitter

  13. Task card 4: you are a jewelry designer • Challenge: • First you are going to cut the flowers you are going to use for your necklace and decorate them using markers, glitter etc.. • Then, poke a tiny hole in the center of each flower. • Cut the drinking straws in small parts • Cut a piece of yarn and tie a knot at one end; at the other end, place a little bit of tape to make this task easier • Insert the flowers and the straws in the yarn and tie the final knot • You’ll have your own personalized necklace!!

  14. List of further ideas to develop other tasks • Build paper plate and tissue paper flower • Cupcake liner flowers • Puppets with flowers • Flowers used in celebrations (weddings, mother’s day etc) • Flowers as an identity of different culture (ex: barranquilla: cayenne)

  15. References • • • • • •