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Feel Good and Age Better PowerPoint Presentation
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Feel Good and Age Better

Feel Good and Age Better

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Feel Good and Age Better

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  1. Synopsis 1. Skin and Aging 2. Pump Up the Volume – Benefits of Using Derma Fillers 3. Get The Sparkle Back – Without Surgery 4. Rejuvenate Your Lips To Have A Perfect Pout 5. Clear Out The Wrinkles and Add Facial Volume 6. Injectable Fillers: Facts or Fiction?

  2. Skin and Aging • JUVEDERM is one of those names and a bestselling collection of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers all over the world. The dermal fillers JUVEDERM is widely used in anti-aging and aesthetic industry. Each product of the JUVEDERM collection is specially made to treat a specific area of your face which involves re-hydration, enhancement of the texture, and volume adding to the cheeks and plumping the lips. The Dermal fillers JUVEDERM belong to the parapharmaceutical category of products, therefore, they are not only free for sale but also CE marked and ISO certified. • To make sure you are making the correct efforts or using the product that is compatible with your condition of the skin, we strongly suggest that you consult any skin care professional or an aesthetic practitioner for analysis and advice that suits you. All of JUVEDERM products are sold on the recommendations of the physician, which are then shipped in original manufacturer sealed packaging and guarantee the younger look and freshness again. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on surgery or any other products because they can give you an untreatable problem any time.

  3. Pump Up the Volume – Benefits of Using Derma Fillers • Most of the people are unhappy with the fine lines and wrinkles and they want to undo the work of Mother Nature. With the help of Juvederm fillers, you can fill wrinkles and fine lines. Wrinkle fillers can be used as “volumizers”, plumping and lifting the damaged areas like cheeks, jawlines, jowls, and temples or to help fill in acne scars. Dermal fillers are pretty transparent, they fill in the deep areas of the face which have lost volume with time. They can help to fill out lines and wrinkles and ease the presence of depressions from acne, surgical treatment, or another scarring. The treatment is usually easy and quick. Juvederm fillers will help you look younger and will give you a fresh version of yourself. They have so many benefits because of the flexibility they offer. You can use these fillers in almost any part of your face for improving your appearance and revitalize your look. In order to keep the signs of aging at bay, turn to Juvederm filler which is the best way to enhance volume and a more refreshed look.

  4. Get The Sparkle Back – Without Surgery • As you get older your face starts to lack volume and seems aged with deeper nasolabial folds, marionette lines, a mentalis fold, and thinning lips. To get rid of this, the filler is used to add volume to the areas for a younger look. Dermal fillers are used to fill up the specific areas on your face which appear hollow. Normally used as injections, Juvederm fillers will fill your skin enough to make the wrinkles vanish in no time. The reason why you should consider Juvederm fillers is to provide support to your skin structure for a plumper look. Juvederm can also help you increase the volume and definition around the cheekbone. They can lift up and improve the presence of jowls along the jawline. Dermal fillers not just work to fill up the instant plumping effect they also work with the natural producing collagen thus stimulating the production. Juvederm fillers are very versatile and they can be used to revitalize thinning lips, add young-looking plump to gouged cheeks - filling fine lines around the mouth - and instantly turning back to being young.

  5. Rejuvenate Your Lips To Have A Perfect Pout • Lips can be augmented in order to bring a younger look by using dermal filler along the lip borders. Redefining this area with natural fillers will lead to a more revitalized look. In case your lips appear thin and you want them to be fuller, the Juvederm dermal filler is one of the most effective and best solutions for achieving the look you want. In fact, your lips are the most attractive feature on your face and also suits your ideal vision of a perfect pout. Juvederm fillers provide the fullest look and a subtle softness to your lips. To help puff up the pout, use Juvederm fillers and expected them to last for an entire year. Treating your lips with dermal fillers allows you to add the desired volume right where you want, restoring the look you have in mind. By adding volume, lifting the corners of the lips, balancing the contours, redefining the edges, the dermal filler will make your lips more youthful and kissable.

  6. Clear Out The Wrinkles and Add Facial Volume • If you want to look instantly younger then dermal fillers are the best option for you. They are safe to use and will help you get the look you desire. The Juvederm dermal filler will give you a natural look and your family and friends will notice a smoother and younger skin. These dermal fillers will help you to turn into the finest version of yourself. Juvederm will improve your skin texture in case you have any scars or hollow areas. After using the dermal filler you will look rejuvenated and will notice reduced facial lines and wrinkles. To get rid of the facial lines and facial wrinkles, dermal filler is best because they are compatible with the human body. With Juvederm, you will get a nice smile, full lips, and a more young skin. Using dermal fillers is the best way to enhance your lips and redefine the lip line. It can also help you to get rid of the sagged chin. The lines across the sides of the lips to the chin can be easily redefined by using Juvederm. After the treatment, you will see visible results which can last up to 2 years. Restore your confidence for having a more attractive and young skin and use Juvederm fillers for a plumper look. It is the perfect solution to toss out wrinkles and light facial contours.

  7. Injectable Fillers: Facts or Fiction? • FACT: The fillers actually do have anti aging effects • The easiest fact to put across first is that these injectables do actually work. What you hear is not just marketing magic, the fillers work prophylactically and as a treatment. The earliest proof of this fact comes from a study done in 2007, when it was found that injecting a non-animal derived Hyaluronic acid stimulated collagen production. • FICTION: You will look like you had “work” done • This is a pretty common understanding among unaware people that if you have dermal fillers injected into your skin; your skin will look like it has been tampered with. Well, the explanation here is that it’s not about what you do to your skin, but HOW you do it. • FACT: JUVÈDERM is safe • Let’s put it this way that of JUVÈDERM was not safe, or had any implication of causing damage to your body, then the FDA would not have approved it. These fillers were developed after years of research and clinical studies, and got approved after thorough scrutiny. • FICTION: The results last for a set amount of time ONLY • People believe that these filler will last only a set amount of limit for everyone who has them done. But the reality is that, the amount of time the results last vary for each individual. There are various factors that impact how long the fillers work.

  8. If you need more information, please visit +1 503 912 7012