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IRD Power of Attorney: BASIC PowerPoint Presentation
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IRD Power of Attorney: BASIC

IRD Power of Attorney: BASIC

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IRD Power of Attorney: BASIC

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  1. IRD Power of Attorney:BASIC August 2011

  2. NOTE: The following training provides guidance on IRD’s Power of Attorney process. This is not a policy document.

  3. What is a Power of Attorney (“POA”)? A POA is a document that authorizes legal or financial action on behalf of the CEO.

  4. What is the difference between and POA and DOA? • DOA Internal authority • POA External authority

  5. What does a signature represent? Approval Authorization Intent Proof of identity Acknowledgement

  6. A POA is like a “Letter of Introduction” A POA gives you the right to:

  7. A POA does NOT give you the right to sign: * Please see IRD’s DOA BASICS presentation for more information about the listings above.

  8. Three A’s of the POA: AuthorityAppointmentAction

  9. Characteristics of a POA: • Name- IRD personnel who is to receive legal authority to act on behalf of the CEO. • Location- the geographic area where the authority is legal • Coverage- what types of documents are authorized to be signed on behalf of the CEO • Date- date authority to act expires NOTE: All POA’s are renewed annually at the end of each year. • Notarization- indicates the legal approval of the transfer of authority to act on behalf of the CEO. • “Authentication / Apostille process” – the steps taken to make the POA legally recognized


  11. A POA is an external legal document: • IRD will monitor all POAs from the initial request until expiration of authority • You must maintain copies of all signed documents authorized by your POA. • You may be asked to produce these at any time by HQ.

  12. Consequences of Violations • IRD personnel who sign on behalf of the CEO will be held accountable. • IRD personnel who disregard the terms and conditions of the POA will be subject to disciplinary actions, which includes termination of employment.

  13. For More Information Contact Program Operations at HQ