itrs factory integration summer f2f meeting july 9 12 2012 california public conference update n.
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ITRS Factory Integration Summer F2F Meeting (July 9-12, 2012) California Public Conference Update PowerPoint Presentation
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ITRS Factory Integration Summer F2F Meeting (July 9-12, 2012) California Public Conference Update

ITRS Factory Integration Summer F2F Meeting (July 9-12, 2012) California Public Conference Update

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ITRS Factory Integration Summer F2F Meeting (July 9-12, 2012) California Public Conference Update

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  1. ITRS Factory IntegrationSummer F2F Meeting (July 9-12, 2012)CaliforniaPublic Conference Update Co-Chairs: Dr. James Moyne (AMAT) Dr. Jonathan Chang (TSMC) Gopal Rao Intel Factory Integration Chair

  2. Summary • No major changes to FI tables/Potential Solutions • Potential changes being logged and will be updated at one time • Discussion with key TWGs • Litho: EUV/E-beam large data volumes • Metro: FI agreed to do AEC/APC write up edits in the Metro section • EHS: Joint teams set up to do common table/write up edits • Agreed to provide inputs to G450C requirements documents • Yld: Joint effort on developing predictive yield models • Revising FI Vision/scope to better align to the changing manufacturing environment and challenges • Manufacturing Technology is key to profitability Gopal Rao / Factory Integration - 2012

  3. UI Factory Integration Scope and Drivers Factory Operations Production Equipment Factory Information & Control Systems AMHS Facilities Si Substrate Mfg Sort Fab Assembly & Test Distribution Reticle Mfg • FEOL • BEOL • Probe/Test • Singulation • Packaging • Test Increasing cost & Cycle time implications • Factory is driven by Cost, Quality, Productivity, and Speed • Reduce factory capital and operating costs per function • Faster delivery of new and volume products to the end customer • Efficient/Effective volume/mix production, high reliability, & high equipment reuse • Enable rapid process technology shrinks and wafer size changes Gopal Rao / Factory Integration - 2012

  4. Cycle Time/Operational Flexibility: Multiple lots per carrier and/or fewer wafers per carrier. Get new products to customer much faster. Cycle Time Reduction & Operational flexibility Output per tool must increase: Find breakthrough solutions that result in significant increases in good wafer out and increased OEE (eg: APC, e-Diag) More good wafers out per tool The 300mm factory is much more automated and must be designed to transport hot-lots and hand-carry’s. Highly automated factory Reduce time to $$$/Cycle-time reduction: What are stretch goals for cycle time from ground-breaking to first full loop wafer out. How to achieve quicker shrink? Reduce Time to Money Increased floor space effectiveness: Don’t want each new generation to drive big increase in cleanroom size, esp. since fab is segregated Cu/non-Cu and new metal layers added at each node. Factory size is becoming an issue Factory Integration Requirement Drivers Gopal Rao / Factory Integration - 2012

  5. Some Projected Attributes of a 300mm < 45nm Fab Wafer Data Standard For Packaging Data standards and Systems for Rapid Mask Set Creation Equipment & Systems designed for High Mix operation & “Mega Fabs” Very Fast Cycle time Fabs for Hot & Normal lots 100% Direct Tool Delivery AMHS Aggressive NPW Reduction & Efficient Spares Mgmt Full Wafer Level Tracking & Recipe/Parameter Changes Systems Scaled for > 50k wspm Ubiquitous APC; Rapid Process Matching & New Product Qualification Manufacturing Execution Systems Equipment Engineering Capabilities Equipment Control Systems SECS Control Line Equipment & Process Data R2R FDC SPC Recipes Predictive Factory Scheduler And Material Control PPM Yield VM E-Diag EPT Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) Standards to get Rich Equipment Data Partner, Customer Or Supplier Offline tools to test schedule rules and rapidly put in Mfg. Predictive Maint. and PM scheduling. Standard, Detailed Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT) Data Pervasive E-Diagnostics Gopal Rao / Factory Integration - 2012 Source: International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors

  6. 2012 Factory Integration Conclusions • Tables and potential solutions • Changes for 2013 being discussed • Identified key focus areas for FI • Plans defined for 2012 and beyond • Working with other TWG on cross-cut issues • 1 Workshop on Sustainability organized with ESH in 2012 • 2 Energy Workshops in 2011 • Focused effort on predictive technologies • Focused effort on big data management Thanks to all ITRS Factory Integration Participants Gopal Rao / Factory Integration - 2012