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  1. AR BOOKS Room 8 picked out their first AR books! The children are allowed to have a total of 4 items checked out at a time: 3 AR picture books and 1 “free” item. Here are a few tips about how AR is managed: • Students will quiz on 2 AR picture books weekly. They must read fiction books at least 2 times and non-fiction 3 times. This should take place by Tuesday and then again on Thursday of each week. Your child may quiz on Monday or Wednesday if you write in their agenda that they are ready to do so. Friday is a make-up day for quizzes.   • Each student’s goal is to maintain at least a 85% average or higher on all AR quizzes. • “Free” books are to be kept at home/bookbag. These will not be used during the school day. • Each night your child will read their AR book for 15 minutes. I encourage your child to read 3 ways: independently, to someone, and with someone. I also encourage families to monitor their child’s comprehension before, during, and after reading. Please send the AR book back to school each day. If your child does not have their AR book, they are not prepared for school. • Once your child has quizzed on ALL 3 AR books, they may go to the library. Items are allowed to be checked out for 2 weeks so please be sure to send their ”free” book back to school by that time. • Feel free to stop by our library right after school and have your child show you around. It will help your child feel more comfortable choosing books that are right for them. I have taught the students to look for books that interest them because they must quiz on the books they choose. This eliminates the constant back and forth to the library. • I will introduce how to choose both fiction and non-fiction books later this year. I will also allow AR quizzing on chapter books later in the year as well. • On the back of this letter isa list of comprehension questions you may use to help monitor your child's understanding of the story. Thanks for your support, Mrs. Gooding