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Direct Ticket Entry

Direct Ticket Entry

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Direct Ticket Entry

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  1. Direct Ticket Entry Ontario One Call 2010 DTE Tutorial

  2. Demo Overview • Benefits of Direct Ticket Entry • What’s New • Getting Started • Submitting Requests • Processing Your Requests • Trouble Shooting • Tips & Tricks WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  3. Benefits of Direct Ticket Entry • More efficient- can submit the requests at your leisure, or between other tasks • Information appears exactly how you enter it • Eliminates misinterpretation • Avoids delays due to illegibility or missing info WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  4. When you process your requests, tickets route directly to the utility, Locate Service Provider, and/or Clearance offices • You receive a confirmation immediately • You can verify the area or select more accurate dig location information from the system • Waivers are included on the confirmations, so that they do not need to be read to you WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  5. What’s New • Contractors can now verify if they have attached the right sketch to the right ticket, without having to go back into each individual entry, through the “View Sketches” button now available in the summary section • New ability to attach PDF files in PRJ application WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  6. PRJ users can suspend their own tickets (e.g. Long-Term Suspend for planned projects) • When performing a ticket search, enter either the ticket number or the web confirmation number rather than only being able to check with ticket number WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  7. Getting Started • If you haven’t received a user name and password, contact Help Desk to get set up • Email • Phone 1-866-466-7613 • Activation takes 15 minutes WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  8. Go to • Enter your user name and password • Select a type of request • Multiple/Projects = Login Project Work • Single = Login WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  9. Submitting Requests • Contact Info Screen • Enter your user name and password • This auto-populates company info • Update fields as needed • NOTE: email is required WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  10. Dig Location Screen • Enter each field, then select “Search” to verify the location WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  11. Attaching Maps/Sketches • Must be in JPEG ,PNG, or PDF formats • Images should be 770 x 550 pixels • File should not exceed 500KB • Black and white images are recommended for clarity WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  12. Dig Info Screen • Enter all constant details at the beginning lines • Put changing info (red circles) at the end to eliminate retyping and missing details WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  13. Processing Your Requests • Self Audit • Double check that all locations have been entered and that sketches are attached to the correct locations (if applicable) • If corrections are required, select “Edit” beside the affected request • Once verified, scroll to the bottom and select “Finish” • A list of requests will generate WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  14. Print a copy of this list for your records • You will receive an email confirmation from within 24 hours of processing • Contact Help Desk at 1-866-466-7613 for any required support WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  15. Trouble Shooting • If you are unable to log on • Logins are case sensitive; check your user name/password • If you have not received a confirmation for a request: • You may not have saved the request prior to processing • Ticket info may be conflicting and is in our “suspended” queue for a Help Desk agent to action WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  16. Tips & Tricks • Organize your requests in advance • Group by city with the same type of work (Project Work login) • If you have multiple ID #s, separate these to avoid mix ups • Set aside time to submit requests in batches to increase efficiency and reduce time used WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  17. For Dig Location • Type the first few letters of the city/street then Select “Search” and choose from the drop down system list • If multiple civics on the same street, within the same segment; add all civic #s on the same ticket • If dig starts at one address but goes “to ped @ …”, do not include a civic number; indicate this info in the NOTES field WWW.ON1CALL.COM

  18. Thank You for Taking Charge of Your Locate Requests! WWW.ON1CALL.COM