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Modernisation of ESS infrastructure: The ESS instruments - a review

Modernisation of ESS infrastructure: The ESS instruments - a review. E. di Meglio – P. Jacques – J.M. Museux. The Vision. Integration and standardisation of ESS processes: data warehouses Incorporation of ICT development (SOA, distributed architecture, Web 3.0)

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Modernisation of ESS infrastructure: The ESS instruments - a review

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  1. Modernisation of ESS infrastructure:The ESS instruments - a review E. di Meglio – P. Jacques – J.M. Museux

  2. The Vision • Integration and standardisation of ESS processes: data warehouses • Incorporation of ICT development (SOA, distributed architecture, Web 3.0) • New methods for producing statistics (reuse, data matching and linking, mixed modes approach, visualisation and analysis of big datasets, …) • New generation of indicators (Stiglitz …) MSIS Conference

  3. Legal framework : from stove pipe legislation to cross cutting framework legislation Methodological developments /standardisation Best practices – guidelines – rules Common tools Modernisation of IT infrastructure (SOA, web services, distributed and cloud computing, use of standardised IT solutions) Standardisation and industrialisation Common description and semantic Common data exchange standard Common metadata Common tools ESS actions required BACK MSIS Conference

  4. Reference ESS Enterprise architecture BACK International standards MSIS Conference

  5. Role of Research Framework programme in Official Statistics FP5 (35 seminal research projects) – FP7 (new indicators, data infrastructure, ) and upcoming FP8 Preparing and addressing future challenge New data sources (i.e. Social networking, Internet of Things, Data Streams, mobile info/GI, ..) Data analysis / data mining / visualisation of big datasets (Data Deluge) Web 3.0, semantics New modes of data collection and related estimation issues Understanding non response Set up e-infrastructures Critical events forecasting Collaboration with academics (statistical watch - think tank, adviser for innovation, training of Official statisticians) Research BACK MSIS Conference

  6. On-going request for input Research portal: http://www.cros-portal.eu/page/study-future-research-needs-official-statistics Research BACK MSIS Conference

  7. ESSnets A collaborative network of several ESS organisations aimed at providing results beneficial to the whole ESS 26 ESSnet projects since 2008 www.essnet-portal.eu ESSnet review on going – ESSnet coordination - ESSnet planning ESSnet characterisation according to their contribution to innovation process BACK MSIS Conference

  8. ESSnets typology ESSnet research consolidation and incorporation of research knowledge and testing of prototype tools Ex. SDC I - ISAD ESSnet pole of expertise specialisation in process steps – cover wider range of activities (best practices identification, guidelines, tool development, dissemination of knowledge-know how and training Ex SDC II, DI, SAE, Mixed mode approach ESSnet infrastructure facilitation to incorporation of international standards, recommendations, cases studies, taylorisation, improvement of standards, setting up of common infrastructure Ex. EGR, SDMX I & II, MEETS Datawarehouse, Geostat, CORA & CORE, Decentralised access to EU micro data BACK MSIS Conference

  9. ESSnets typology ESSnet standardisation contribute to knowledge and process standardisation (concept, tools, guidelines, ….) Ex SDC harmonisation, MEETS Memobust, Preparing Standardisation ESSnet strategy : support to strategic action like Sponsorship on Standardisation ESSnet piloting domain dependent, testing in common, practical implementation BACK MSIS Conference

  10. Strategic level – sponsorship Sponsorship on standardisation Sponsorship group : 6 general directors or deputies of NSOs, co chaired by Eurostat and a NSO) to build mechanism and steer competence on key challenge for the ESS over a relatively short period (2 years) Main objectives to investigate ways to organise and strengthen the sharing of methods and tools and the creation of common infrastructures to contribute to the establishment of an ESS Enterprise Architecture for standardisation (key principles, …) to establish a ESS work programme towards a more integrated way of producing European statistics building on existing instrument BACK MSIS Conference

  11. Conclusions Many initiativse on going – bottom up approach initially Hard to maintain coherence between different layers, scope Big hope with the Sponsorship on standardisation Need for an Enterprise Architecture at ESS level BACK MSIS Conference

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