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  1. Agenda Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  2. Osler Patrol Operations Team Team A – APL Patti Team B – APL Scott Team C- APL Brian Director of Communications – Donna Treasurer – Mo On Hill Training Co-ord. – Pete Training Administrator - Bruce

  3. Team Building • Patti Communication Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  4. Awards – Central Zone 5 Years of Service • Bruce Bocking • Jacqueline Geremia • Donna Mitchell • William Penny • Elizabeth VanRyn Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  5. Awards – Central Zone 10 Year Service Award • Scott Bishop 15 Year Service Award • Cynthia Rowlinson • David Montgomery Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  6. Awards – Central Zone Special Award • Jacqueline Geremia • Sandra Martin Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  7. Awards – Central Zone President’s Commendation Award • Vivienne Ball Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  8. Awards – Osler Bluff Ski Patrol Best Après Award 2010 • David Montgomery Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day


  10. 2010-2011 Roster Team CTeam ATeam B APL-BRIAN APL-PATTI APL-SCOTT DEC 4-5 DEC 11-12 DEC 18-19           DEC 26. JAN 1-2 JAN 8-9 JAN 15-16 JAN 22-23 JAN 29-30 FEB 5-6 FEB 12-13 FEB 19-20       FEB 26-27 MAR 5-6 MAR 12-13     MAR 19-20 MAR 26-27 APR 2-3       APR 9-10     APR 16-17   APR 22-23 Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  11. 2010-2011 Roster • Team E 25 year CSPS / Central Zone Executive DAVID SARAH AL   ROB BILL   GREG Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  12. 2010-2011 Roster MidweekAPL –DAVE DIANA MICHAEL JEFF ROBIN COLIN CYNTHIA       Sabbatical for 2010-2011 AMBER SCOTT SASHA CHRIS BRETT MIKE Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  13. Duty Day Commitments • Starting on the Dec. 4th until April 23rd. • Each Team has 7 assigned duty weekends. • Each Team will be on-duty 14 days. • ZIMS is now keeping track of attendance. • Assigned duty days have been pre-set in ZIMS. • Sign-up for extra days thru ZIMS. • If you plan on visiting another area, see me. Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  14. Can’t make your duty day(s)? • Make a trade. – register it in ZIMS • Can’t get a trade – contact team E • Team E trades – registered into ZIMS • Another day will be needed to make-up day. • At the end of the year everyone will have roughly 12 days. Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  15. Time to Play: Walk the Hill Challenge 50 points Mid week days count towards the minimum number of duty days? Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  16. NO • The 14 pre-assigned days will be the minimum number of days on-duty this year. • If the club is closed due to weather, you will receive a BYE for the day.

  17. 50 points On a midweek holiday. What should I do before I come to patrol?

  18. Register in ZIMS • Even though it’s not a assigned duty day it is best to register for the day in ZIMS.

  19. Patrol Privileges

  20. 50 points What is received for patrolling on a weekend day?

  21. One Complimentary Lift Pass • The pass will be available for that day only. • You must be signed in while the guest is on property. • The list will be signed off by the APL of the day and walked over at 08.30 hrs. • Half day passes will come with half day shifts.

  22. One Paid Lift Pass • Same responsibilities as the comp pass, but will be charged at the daily rate. • Spouses and kids may purchase a Club Badge at prevailing club rates.

  23. 50 Points What can I get from catering services while on top duty and at lunch time?

  24. Cup of Coffee or Hot Chocolate • In the upper chalet only • 10% off food

  25. 50 points After how many years of patrolling would you be invited to be a club member/shareholder?

  26. 5 years • Any staff member either volunteer or paid who has provided satisfactory service. • While continuing to patrol over the next 5 years. You can pay the deferred payments and become a shareholder at the end of your 10th year. • Subject to the discretion of the Osler Board.

  27. Communications • First source of communication is the Osler Bluff Patrol website: • e-mail address • Please keep ZIMS profile updated with any changes • Please let us know if you e-mail address changes • Emergency contact list • Maintained and placed in the hardcopy patrol manual which is stored in the Patrol Hut • Important, especially when your spouse isn’t skiing at the hill Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  28. Operations Update / Park Pass • Dave Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  29. 10min. Break Smoke ’em if u got ‘em Osler Bluff Ski Patrol - Walk the Hill Day

  30. Patrol routine/procedures75 points What time do I need to be signed-in on the weekend?

  31. Between 07.50 and 07.55 hrs. • Or earlier. • Even if your on a half day.

  32. 75 points What should I be ready for at 08.00hrs.

  33. The APL morning report • Each weekend day will begin with a overview of the days activities and events. • Everyone patrolling that day will be asked to attend the morning report meeting.

  34. 50 points I only want to ski half a day. When do I sign in?

  35. Either 07.50 or 12.00hrs • I need to sweep either the morning or in the afternoon. • I make sure the APL of the day knows my intentions when I arrive and when I am leaving. • Half days are not rostered days.

  36. 50 points I signed up for the first Race Shift. What run(s) do I sweep?

  37. The same run as the race. • After sweeping the run I will go and sign off, on the opening sweep sheet. • Then return ½ hour prior to the race to set up the toboggan and inform the APL it’s in place. • Although the race time is set, I will return to the top off race with a radio 10 min. before the start, in time for the fore-runners.

  38. 50 points How many runs on the hill do I need sweep on a duty day?

  39. At least 2-3 of them, • With an average of 11 people per team we need to work together to get it all done.

  40. 25 points Are all the runs opened at the beginning of the day?

  41. No • Runs like the Adventure Forest and The Jump Run are not groomed, so they will be opened later in the morning when the weather and snow conditions permit.

  42. 50 points On a day with a big race scheduled. Who is at the top of the hill first?

  43. Two Patrollers • Maybe only 3 or 4 times a year. • These two will be on top duty, getting the caches opened and the race toboggan ready for the day. • The chair is not opened and often groomer clearance still has not been given. • They will stay at the top until the chair is open, or are directed elsewhere by the APL

  44. 50 Points Where is the best place for top duty?

  45. Upper chalet • Each team will divide up the top duty schedule for the day with one shift each min. • Half hour shifts will begin at 09.30 hrs.

  46. 50 points It’s really busy in the Upper Chalet. Where should I go for top duty?

  47. Outside or in the Main Chair lift hut • It’s hard to hear the radio, when the chalet is busy. • Be proactive in being Ready-To-Go. • Top Duty is not a time to relax. You’re the designated first person in for any call required. • Don’t forget to ask Carrie for your cup of coffee or hot chocolate. 

  48. 75 points What run do I take 1st after I finished my Top Duty?

  49. The Terrain Park • One run every half hour through the park. • It isn’t the only run needing go-by. • Do your best to make you way around the club. • Don’t get stuck on the same runs all day.