to my husband n.
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To my Husband…. PowerPoint Presentation
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To my Husband….

To my Husband….

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To my Husband….

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  1. To my Husband…. Your 40th Birthday Gift Presentation

  2. I tried to think of several gifts to buy you…. But, once again I got stumped.

  3. Here’s some of the brainstorming I did…. Watch: Already got you one for a wedding gift Clothes: You feel too fat to wear them Weekend away: It’s been done in the past already Lowes/Home Depot cards: I know you could use them, but kind of blah for a 40th b-day gift.

  4. I started to get frustrated because when it comes to you…. I want it to be perfect.

  5. So, I tried not to think about it…hoping the idea would come to me. It did. And life was good.

  6. I was certain about it…feeling confident. But, then I had doubts.

  7. So, I slept on it…. For several nights.

  8. Between the doubt and concern…I just couldn’t make up my mind. So…..I began to decision making process.

  9. I began by writing down the pros and cons….

  10. Pros and Cons Pros Cons

  11. On second thought…I don’t want to give it away, so I’ll hold off until later for that.

  12. Next, in order for me to make a decision, I prayed to God….for days.

  13. I then went to the bible for answers….

  14. Finally, I made the decision.

  15. So, now I have a very special gift to give to you and I hope you truly love it.

  16. I hope you know how much I love you and how much I appreciate you

  17. You mean the world to me and I KNOW I am blessed to have you.

  18. I want you to have a very special birthday and remember it always. Wait about 5 seconds before going to the next slide.

  19. May 18-May26th 2013In celebration for my husband’s 40th birthday&our 1 year anniversaryBrace yourself for what your about to view may blow your mind.