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  2. THEME: MY LIFE featuring JESUS THEME TEXT: Jeremiah 29: 11 (NIV) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

  3. APPLE CREEK YOUTH MINISTRIES • The governing body for youth ministries is the Youth Coordinating Council (YCC) • Youth Pastor • Youth Elder • AY Leader(s) • Adventurers Leader(s) • Pathfinder Leader(s) • Children’s Ministries Leader(s) • Youth Choir Leader • Home and School Leader • 3 elected teenagers

  4. YOUTH OBJECTIVES • Improve their relationship with Jesus Christ (Upreach) • Improve the spreading of the Gospel (Outreach) • Continue to foster greater relationships with each other (Inreach) • Develop future leaders


  6. ON-GOING YOUTH MINISTRY PROGRAMS • AY • Adventurers • Pathfinders • Children’s Ministries • The Spot

  7. CALENDAR • Youth Upreach/Outreach • Youth Sabbath School – every Sabbath morning • Youth Bible Class – every Sabbath afternoon • Youth Days – 4th Sabbath of the month • Children’s Church – once per quarter • Black History Month Celebration - Feb • W.I.S.E. – March • Youth Evangelistic Series – June • Children’s Choirfest– June • Camp Meeting (Responsible for Juniors) - June • Vacation Bible School (VBS) – August • Camporee in Quebec – August • North American Division Oshkosh in Wisconsin • Annual Amazing Grace • The Battle Zone • Bible Bowl

  8. UPREACH/OUTREACH • Youth Sabbath School • Attendance significantly improved • Elders and Youth Pastor as teachers • Onboard youth teachers • Use of Technology (powerpoint/projector) • Youth Bible Class (Children & Youth) • Theme: Let not your heart be troubled • Attendance significantly improved • Children’s Bible Class was developed • Use of Technology (powerpoint/projector) • Elders and Youth Pastor as teachers • Topics: Sabbath, 3 Angel’s Message, Millennium, 2nd Coming, Angels, Baptism • Youth Days – 4th Sabbath of the month • Youth and Elders as Speakers • Youth Week of Prayer (W.I.S.E.) • March (public school holiday) • Antoinette Guerra/Pastor Reid provided training • Youth Speakers • Program format – simplified, centered around the word and special feature • Youth Evangelistic Series • Youth Speakers • Youth responsible for Sabbath Service at Camp Frenda

  9. OUTREACH • Transformers • Spearheaded by Patrick Rhooms • Assisted 5 families • Assisted 1 community service conference project • Secured Storage for items to be donated • Canada Day Parade – July 1 • Pathfinder park cleaning and tree planting

  10. INREACH • Sports • Soccer – Summer (spearheaded by Als Thompson) • Football – Spring (spearheaded by Joel Night) • Athletics – Summer (spearheaded by Vernon Langdon) • Basketball - Winter (spearheaded by Sheldon Cassimy) • Socials • Swimming • Skating • Youth Lunch • 3 (residence, church and park) • THE SPOT • First Friday of month • Spearheaded by Nicole Guthrie

  11. WHERE ARE WE GOING? 2011 and beyond

  12. YOUTH OBJECTIVES • Improve their relationship with Jesus Christ (Upreach) • Improve the spreading of the Gospel (Outreach) • Continue to foster greater relationships with each other (Inreach) • Develop future leaders

  13. YOUTH MINISTRIES TO BE CONTINUED • AY • Adventurers • Pathfinders • Children’s Ministries • Home and School (improvement needed)

  14. UPREACH/OUTREACH INITIATIVES • Youth Sabbath School (continue) • Onboarded4 new youth teachers (new) • Confirmed: Adrelle Lewis, Ann-Marie Castle, Tedla Douglas and Lemuel Pitters • Youth Days (continue) • Children’s Ministries, Pathfinders, Home & School, CRYSALIS – Aug, Home Coming – Dec • Youth to preach • Use Youth Day format • Onboard 2 new youth coordinators (new) • Confirmed: Ramelia Charles and Ann-Marie Castle • Youth Bible Class (continue) • Onboarded2 new youth teachers (new) • Confirmed: Adrelle Lewis and Tedla Douglas

  15. Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Holy Spirit

  16. Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Holy Spirit

  17. YOUTH BIBLE CLASS TOPICS LOOKING BACK • “Let not your heart be troubled” – John 14 • “Wages of sin” – Romans 6:23 • Jesus’ Second Coming • Millennium • Jesus’ First Miracle • Angels • Baptism • Sabbath • 1st Angel’s Message • 2nd Angel’s Message

  18. YOUTH BIBLE CLASS TOPICSLOOKING FORWARD • Aug 13 - 3rd Angel's Message - Review of Sea Beast, Earth Beast and Image of the Beast • Aug 20 - 3rd Angel's Message - Seal of God and Close of Probation - part 1 • Aug 27 - 3rd Angel's Message - Seal of God and Close of Probation - part 2 • Sep 3 -   3rd Angel's Message - Mark of the Beast - part 1 • Sep 10 - 3rd Angel's Message - Mark of the Beast - part 2 • Sep 17 - 3rd Angel's Message - Mark of the Beast - part 3 • Sep 24 - 3rd Angel's Message - Reward (Seal of God or Mark of the Beast) part 1 • Oct 1   - 3rd Angel's Message - Reward (Seal of God or Mark of the Beast) part 2 • Oct 8   - Review and Test • Oct 15 - The Books • Oct 22 - Testimony of Jesus - Gift of Prophecy part 1 • Oct 29 - Testimony of Jesus - Gift of Prophecy part 2 • Nov 5  - Testimony of Jesus - Gift of Prophecy part 3 • Nov 12 - Time Prophecies part 1 • Nov 19 - Time Prophecies part 2 • Nov 26 - Time Prophecies part 3 • Jan 2012 - 1st Angel's Message - The Judgment (Sanctuary)

  19. YOUTH DAY SPEAKERS • Tedla Douglas – August, 27 (Confirmed) • LaDana Manhertz – September, 24 (confirmed) • Tiffany Barrow - October 22 (Confirmed) • Matthew Wilmot– November 26 (Confirmed) • Pastor K. Perrin – December 22 (Home Coming)

  20. UPREACH/OUTREACH INITIATIVES • W.I.S.E. & Evangelistic Series (continue) • Youth to preach • Onboarded2 youth coordinator (new) • Confirmed: Ramelia Charles and Ann-Marie Castle • Bible Bowl (continue) • Spearheaded by Elder Als Thompson • Youth Choir (new) • Director: Candace Allen • REVELATION SEMINAR (2012)

  21. OUTREACH INITIATIVES • Transformers(continue) • Be more visible to the church with plans (new) • Mission Trip (new) • 18 and over • Leverage Pastor Millet as a resource • Appoint 1 youth coordinator • Confirmed:  Marlise Rowley • Touch of Love (new) • Partner with Community Services • Appoint 1 youth coordinator • Confirmed: Natasha Patterson • Nursing Home Visitation (new) • Partner with Zones • Appoint 1 youth coordinator • Beginning in September • Confirmed: Clive Scott • MISSING YOUTH (new) • Appoint 10 youth coordinators

  22. INREACH INITIATIVES • Eldership Coverage (new) • Confirmed: Ian Gilbert, Rodney Umrah & Als Thompson 1 Elder for AY and Home and School 1 Elder for Pathfinders & Adventurers and Youth Bible Class1 Elder for Children's Ministries and Youth Sabbath School • Youth Elders in training (new) • Recommendations: 3 - 5 youth • Confirmed:  Submitted 6 names to the nominating committee • Sports (continue) • Basketball, Soccer, Football, Athletics • Socials (continue) • Bowling, Wii/Kinect (new), Gym Nights, Ice Skating

  23. DEVELOP FUTURE LEADERS • Bible Teachers • Sabbath School & Bible Class • Speakers • Youth Days, W.I.S.E., Evangelistic Series • Singers • Youth Choir • Community Services Volunteers • Transformers, Mission trip, Touch of Love, Nursing home visitation • Youth Leaders • Youth Elders in training (ready by 1st Elder) • Training by Pastor Millet

  24. MORE USE OF TECHNOLOGY/SOCIAL MEDIA • Live Streaming of events on website • Post videos of events on website • Anonymous question posting on website • Projector/computers in each youth class room • Improve Facebook presence with current content


  26. DEPARTMENT OBJECTIVES • The purpose of the Apple Creek Rising Stars (ACRS) Adventurer Club Program is to assist and support the parents in leading and encouraging their children in a growing, joyful and loving relationship with Jesus. This will strengthen the parent-child relationship and to further the child's development spiritually, physically, mentally and in a social environment. Through the ACRS Adventurer Program we work together with the church, community and the parents to develop a mature, fruitful and happy child. Our objective is to provide a meaningful and exciting experience as the children look forward with anticipation of some day being a Pathfinder. • The ACRS Adventurer Club involves children ages 4 – 9 that are in preschool. kindergarten, grades 1-4 and their parents. The programming and planning for the Little Lambs, Eager Beavers and Adventurers is simple and short, but creative and fun. Parental involvement provides opportunities for parents to participate in the learning experience. • The ACRS club members are a part of a group that is adventurous and meet new friends who want to serve Jesus and our community in fun and biblical ways together. They make a commitment to live by the Adventurer pledge and law along with arriving on time, in their proper uniform, with home assignments completed. Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  27. VISION AND MISSION • Vision • The ACRS Adventurer program vision is to: • Train our children to be ambassadors for Christ. • Design a program to support parents in assisting children with the challenging task of developing fully as followers of Christ in today’s world. • Involve children in our church and the community to spread the good news of Jesus’ return and guide them into service for Him. • Mission • The ACRS Adventurers Club will create an atmosphere and a community of love that helps protect children from the negative influences of a worldly society. As part of the club's activities, the children will participate on club meetings (awards), field trips, crafts and games, events, outreach ministry and curriculum activities. As we work on fulfilling the gospel commission (Matthew 28:16-20), The Great Commission. We will learn and live by the principles of the Adventurer Pledge and Law. Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  28. Inducted four (4) non-Adventist to the Adventurer ministry • Baptized four (4) Adventurers for the year 2011 • Trained four (4) staff members into the ministry • The Adventurer children learnt how to use a “mic”, follow their dreams, how to apply basic first aid (DR) and the North Stars during our quarterly meetings • Attended excursions such as swimming, skating and visited the Maple Syrup Sugarbush Festival events • Fundraised at our skating event to incur the cost for the Maple Syrup Event (over 80 attended) • Participated in outreach events such as the Community Love and Care and the York Regional Police International Day • Created “Toonie Food Drive” that raised approx. $30 towards ADRA and provided a variety of non-perishable food items to our community service department • Participated in-reached such as Prison Ministry Day, Pathfinder Inductions / Investiture and Community Guest Day • Involved each child and their parents in making the program a success • Invested nine (9) Adventurers to Pathfinders YEAR TO DATE ACCOMPLISHMENTS Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  29. UPREACH INITIATIVES • Promote the Adventurer Ministry by distributing church bulletin once a month • Reward the Adventurer members and staff with a token of appreciation and certificates • Conduct quarterly meetings that invites Apple Creek church members, Elders, and guest to be a motivational speaker as they engage with the Adventurer children with spiritual and educational messages • To have the children become an integral part of the Church’s program Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  30. OUTREACH INITIATIVES • Community Service Love and Care Day in October • Adventurers participate by: • sharing our ministry • handing out clothes and food to the needy • Nursing Home Visit – On-going • Adventurer children to wear either type “A” or type “B” uniform when attending the zonal nursing home visits for promotion • Sick Kids Hospital – On-going • Adventurers to participate with research or survey activities at the Sick Kids Hospital. This is a Sunday event • Town of Markham Canada Day March • Participate in the July 1st Canada Day March with the Town of Markham • Implement and participate in the Annual “Toonie Food Drive” for the Apple Creek Community Service Department and ADRA in May of each year • Support other ministries events by participating in their program • Maintain the Apple Creek Website to promote the ACRS Adventurer Club Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  31. INREACH INITIATIVES • Encourage the Adventurer members to wear appropriate uniform for church programs • Coordinate annual swimming and skating event that includes the entire church • family and friends to attend. Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  32. Organizational Chart Director Assistants Little Lambs – 4 Leader Eager Beavers – 5 Leader Adventurers (6 – 9) Leader Busy Bees – 6 Grade 1 Counselor Sunbeam – 7 Grade 2 Counselor • To join the ACRS Adventurers Club, a child must be a preschool, • kindergarten (4-5 years old) and Grades 1-4 for Adventurers (6-10 years old) • as of December 31st of the school year • Director works closely with the leaders and all counselors of each class • The three (3) Assistants consist of the Team Leaders of Helping Hands, Eager • Beavers and Little Lambs • Each class requires a minimum of three (3) teachers Builders – 8 Grade 3 Counselor Helping Hands – 9 Grade 4 Counselor Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  33. Assistant Suzette Berbeck Organizational Chart As of September 24, 2011 Floaters Vivienne Dyer Malcolm Donaldson Director Michelene Salmon Little Lambs Robin Donaldson Eager Beavers Gloria Cole Adventurers (6 – 9) Lisia Riviere Terry & Julie Noble Joan Martin Colin Morgan Caphelle Benta BUSY BEES Dawn Barrett Andrea Anderson Pam Brown SUNBEAM Elaine Esson Molly Dyer Michelene Salmon BUILDERS Adrian Campbell Ingrid Riviere Evert Reid HELPING HANDSSuzette Berbeck Bradley Dyer Jalyn Donaldson Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  34. 1 3 2 DEVELOP FUTURE LEADERS Encourage and budget for the Counselors to attend Adventurer Leadership and Master Guide Training Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011

  35. WHERE ARE WE GOING? 2011 and beyond ADVENTURERS

  36. Calendar of Events for 2011-12 (Attached) WHERE ARE WE GOING? 2011 and beyond Prepared by: Michelene Salmon September 8, 2011


  38. Apple Creek Achievers Pathfinder ClubDEPARTMENT OBJECTIVES The objectives of the Pathfinder club are as follows: • Operate a positive and happy environment for the Pathfinders to learn about Jesus Christ. • Care for each Pathfinder • Give opportunities for Pathfinders to grow in their understanding of what Jesus means to them. • Give opportunities to Pathfinders to develop skills as they complete their class work and interact with others. • Make the club known to the community. • Establish a clear communication systems that would promote harmony in the Pathfinder Club. • Celebrate and rejoice the Love for Jesus • Generate and maintain and environment that encourages the development of new ideas.

  39. YEAR TO DATE ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Inducted nine (9) individuals into the Pathfinder Club ministry. • Baptized two (2) Pathfinders and one (1) counsellor during 2011. • Raised funds for the Pathfinder Club and ADRA. • Coordinated three club social activity (basketball, Christmas Banquet and strawberry picking) • Participated in the Adventures Inductions and Investiture Services. • Participated in the Community Guest Day , Prison Ministries and • Youth Evangelistic Series. • Invested 32 Pathfinders in 2011. • Attended and volunteered in the 2011 Camporee Program which was held in Duclos, Quebec. • Participated in the Drum Corp and Drilling Competition at Camporee. • Received third place in the Drum Corp Competition. • Participated in Bible Bowl. • Participated in the CAA Math Olympiad. • Participated in the Markham Police Department – Eliminate Racial Discrimination. • Participated in Jesus in the City Parade in Toronto

  40. UPREACH INITIATIVES • Teach Pathfinders how to function effectively in planning and implementing program activities. • Provide ample opportunity for them to practice these skills. e.g.Youth week of Prayer, Youth Evangelism, mentoring younger pathfinders. • Work closely with the deacons, deaconesses, greeters, ushers, shadow a Pastor, be a Pastor for a Sabbath. • Adopt a senior member in the church for one (1) year. • Help Pathfinders to channel peer pressure into motivation for constructive, desirable activities. e.g. Group them with their friends, help them learn about each other, allow them to make valuable contribution to the community and then recognize them for doing so. • Teach Pathfinders to set realistic, personal and group goals slightly beyond their present performance. • Conduct regular training sessions for counsellors.(Master Guide/Teen Leadership Training). • Conduct worship that will enhance their spiritual lives.

  41. OUTREACH INITIATIVES Participate in activities that will promote community pride & involvement through outreach activities such as: • Helping in the cleaning and maintaining of Markham city parks. • Visit and encouraging the elderly – Shut In • Work closely with Community Services – Touch of Love Program, Nursing home visits • Participate in the Town of Markham Canada Day Parade. • Raise funds for the ADRA chartable organization. • Collect new clothes and toys for the unfortunate during the Christmas Season. • Support other church ministries by participating in their programs.

  42. Program Organization The Pathfinder Club is a worldwide program organized and directed by the Youth Department of the General Conference of the Seventh – day Adventist Church The Pathfinder program is divided into six class levels Pathfinders also provide a Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program –objective of this program is develop the leadership skills needed to serve as staff members of a Pathfinder club. The Master Guide program focus on witnessing and leadership skills

  43. Class Levels

  44. 2011 – 2012 Pathfinder Staffing Structure


  46. DEPARTMENT OBJECTIVES • TO GO BEYOND THE MUSIC • To be more than the songs we sing, but to internalize and reflect the ministry of music • To become contributors to the gospel of Christ • To become contributors to our community • TO AIM FOR CHRIST AND YIELD HIS CALL • As we develop our musical talent, we aim to develop that relationship with Christ, we aim to allow Him to use us for His purpose, and we aim to become better Christians.


  48. UPREACH INITIATIVES • Developed an active Worship program during rehearsals for 15 minutes • Encouraged attendance at Sabbath School and Youth Bible Class • Created an environment within the choir where youth can discuss spiritual issues freely