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Dear Readers

Welcome Letter. Dear Readers

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Dear Readers

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  1. Welcome Letter Dear Readers This is the first-ever edition of the West Ashtead School Newspaper! A special thank you all of those who sent in an article, it was very helpful to take the time to write and we all appreciate it! With help from the WASP Team of: Lucy Fitzgerald (photo and layout), Alice Marjot (sport), Emily De Souza (education), Amy Tubb (entertainment) and the Editors in Chief, Alia Mirza and Amy Doherty we are finally ready. This is an amazing mix of all the things that go on in school, so I present to you the school newspaper we like to call W.A.S.P (West Ashtead School Paper). From the WASP Team

  2. The Qube In 2012, The West Ashtead Qube was built. The Qube is a more modern library for children to use and read interesting and exiting books. Mrs Douglass and some other teachers thought that another library would be good, as all we had was the Infant library and a few shelves of books. Then Surrey County Council came to this school and said to us that they would contribute some money towards the building of the library, if we built another reception class. It was then the problem of where we could build it. The teachers thought about having it in a small space on the field, but then it was decided that the library would replace the Music Hut. Inside the Qube is a wide range of books for infants and primary school years, also bright and comfortable coloured chairs, which were chosen by the school council. The teachers, staff and parent-helpers bring their classes in to choose books of interest, on a weekly basis. A Year 3 child told us, “I love the Qube! It is a pleasant, quiet place to relax and read.” All the children are proud of the Qube, and enjoy their new reading experience! By Emily De Souza.

  3. ICT.com In early December, we were lucky enough to have an upgrade on our I.C.T Suite. Before we had got to see the new and improved I.C.T Suite, it was covered up, so there was a lot of excitement throughout the whole school. When we finally got to see them, it definitely looked more modern, with a faster computer system- meaning each class is getting a lot more done during their weekly time slot. The computers have been updated and every child can now use their own computer during lessons. Year 4 have been learning how to touch type, using Dance Mat Typing. One boy stated that he loved the music and the animated characters. Another said ,“It’s great having your own computer!” Year 6 are going to be creating their own music using soundation.com. The money spent on the I.C.T. Suite has opened a new world of opportunities to all the pupils in the school. By Alia Mirza and Amy Doherty

  4. Athletics Congratulations to everyone who took part in the indoor athletics at the Howard of Effingham School. Even though we didn’t win, we did really well and tried our hardest. We won most of our races and Miss Pooley said, ‘We did brilliantly and it doesn’t matter that we didn’t win because we already are winners.’ The boys did amazingly in their races; they sprinted as fast as they possibly could, but unfortunately Raleigh were stronger. The girls also did great; they won almost all of their races and never gave up. The boys’ and girls’ obstacle course was really fun; they had to jump over hurdles, do ten speed bounces and sprint to the finish. The boys came 2nd and the girls came 1st. If you are interested in athletics, why not join Athletics Club for Years 3 to 6. There are lots of relay races, standing long jumps, triple jumps, vertical jumps and obstacle courses. If you are successful at Athletics Club, you might have a chance to compete in the school team. By Alice Marjot

  5. Inside Clubs Do you ever wonder what’s going on inside the clubs at West Ashtead? Of course you do, that’s why I’m about to tell you all about the clubs at West Ashtead. There is mini tennis on Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm for Years 3 to 6. You can go there and learn all about how to play tennis, can play games and have a real match against other members. It’s great! We also have outdoor athletics on Tuesdays, 3:00-4:30pm for Years 3 to 6. You can go there and have a great time, jumping over hurdles, practicing long jump, throwing javelins and doing plenty of running all around the field. You’ll love it! We even have gymnastics on a Tuesday, 3:30 to 4:30pm for years 3 to 6 in the hall. It’s great fun to go to, as you can get the ropes and bars out and create climbing routines; swing on the ropes and do different acrobats and find out different tricks. There’s Surrey Football for girls and boys, Reception to Year 6. Girl’s football is on Friday lunchtime at 12:20-12:50pm and boys is on Thursday at 12:20-12:50pm. Football is a great chance to run about. Someone said, ‘Football is so fun and I love to score goals.’ So if you’re looking for something fun, fast and exciting, then football is the perfect opportunity for you to have a good time.

  6. We have netball on a Tuesday 12:25-1:00 for Year 5. Netball is a fast fun ball game that’s extremely good for you. It improves your aim and balance but the greatest thing about netball is that its just good fun for everyone who does it. As soon as you join it, you’ll absolutely love it. You get better and better each time you go and you’ll learn much more. Trust me, netball is simply the best! We also have multi sports for Reception to Year 6, 12:20-12:50 Monday. Multi sports is great fun as you can try all kinds of sports it’s a mad mixture of different sports. There’s rounders, running, long jump and different ball games. There are all sorts of things you can do at this club. You’ll love it. So those are all the amazing, sporty clubs. What are you waiting for? Go and join them! By Alice Marjot

  7. It’s joke time Q: What do runners do when they forget something? A: They jog their memory. Q: Why was Cinderella kicked of the team? A: Because she ran away from the ball. Q: Why was Cinderella such a bad player? A: Her coach was a pumpkin. Q: Why did the golfer wear an extra pair of pants? A: Incase he got a hole in one. Q: When’s a baby good at basketball? A: When it’s dribbling. Q: Why can’t you play sports in the jungle? A: Because of all the Cheetahs. Q: What’s a sheep’s favorite sport? A: Baaaa-dminton. Q: What animal is good at cricket? A: A bat. Q: Two waves had a race, who won? A: They tide.

  8. World’s Best Play By Charlotte Bruce Class: 4D The Pied Piper Theatre Company, yet again, performed a terrific show. It was funny, interesting and enjoyable. Best of all for me, I liked it because it felt like a dream; although it was so real! Charlotte Oliver (from 4D) said it was the best play she’d ever seen, however Olivia Marks (from 4D) said that The Wind in the Willows was better. I couldn’t decide but eventually I chose My Little Big Sister. The music was amazing; in fact it was the music that gave me lots of good feelings, I felt astonished and amazed afterwards! The teachers were smiling the whole way through. Everyone enjoyed it even if they liked The Wind in the Willows better. Overall it was a really fantastic performance.

  9. 3BD’s assembly They sang, they danced, was there anything this Year 3 missed out? We were greeted by the young archaeologists’ club, who were in Egypt to find out about the Egyptians. They were given a clue and, before we knew it, their spades were flashing in the sun as they hastily dug for ancient Egyptian remains. After a while of hard digging, fascinating remains were dangling from the ultra quick archaeologist’s hands. Then the mummy makers came on stage and sang to us, in possibly the most gruesome way, about how to make a mummy. I could even see some of the teacher’s faces twitching with disgust at the ‘we’ll mash your brains up’ part! They were then given another clue, and gave us another spectacular song, then, before we knew it, we were inside the pharaohs temple! As the young children had to give a gift to the mighty pharaoh, they all donated an English copper coin. The gift was presented as ‘copper from a far off land’, what clever speaking! The out-standing assembly ended with the pharaoh announcing that everyone was invited to a grand party. After the clapping had finally ended, the flushed mummy- makers sang us out with that gruesome song about ripping out body parts and smashing up brains. The delighted audience of parents sat down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee when... BAM!!! They were bombarded with their kids, all very eager to hear how amazing they were. Once they were taken back to their classroom, work began, but the last word is that this stupendous assembly is sure to go down in west Ashtead history. As for the true Egyptians? Well they couldn’t have been prouder!

  10. Chinese Workshop In February, Caterpillars and Ladybirds had a Chinese workshop. They did a variety of activities, such as; dressing up as the animals of the Chinese calendar; decorating their houses for Chinese new year; dressing up as the Chinese dragon and much more.Threegirls who took part said, ‘‘It was fantastic!’’ Another said, ‘‘I loved it!’’ They told us that their favorite part, was dressing up as the Chinese dragon. Not only did they do fun activities, they also learnt the story of how the animals got chosen to be in the Chinese calendar. They also learnt how to say some words in Chinese! Everyone enjoyed it, and said they would rate it 10/10! Emily De Souza

  11. Discos • West Ashtead’s school discos are truly amazing, and on the 8th March it proved just how great they are. • At 5.15 the fun started for the infants, the DJ blasting them a welcome song of ‘Mr Saxo Beat’. The usual hall was transformed into a dance floor with colourful lights splashing all over it. The purchase of flashing toys and jewellery was made by the many eager students. • A few students, however, were a bit nervous, mostly all the receptions, as the noise and appearance of their usual assembly/ P.E hall was most confusing, if not a little frightening. Once everyone was inside, the party got in full swing. A highlight of the session was the DJ’s dancing lesson on ‘how to do the cha cha slide’. After the fabulous lesson everyone was top cha cha-ers! There were ear – piercing screams for the 2013 pop sensations One Direction. After a lot of spaceships flying in ‘Star- Ships’, and a lot of phone bills in ‘Call Me Maybe’, it was time for the pair dance to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’. This was met by the screams of the western- ready infants. All though every western couple was amazing, the winners, Katie Macfarlane and Dominic Parkinson, truly out-did the rest.

  12. The juniors started to squeeze into the busy hall, out- doing the music with the news and gossip of the day. Again, the glowing toys were quickly snapped up by the eager party- goers. Unfortunately the disco got off to a bad start for many, if not all, juniors. This was because the DJ began by saying that there would be no slow dances. There was a humongous groan and a lot of protests, as we all know how the juniors treasure their slow dances. The music started and a few people began grumpily dancing. Others just stood still in groups discussing how unfair and stupid this action was. However, no one can withstand the joy of music for so long, and, on about the third song, people began to strut their stuff. After a perfect synchronised Macarena came the pair dance again. It was met by less enthusiastic cheer, but everyone enjoyed it all the same. Then it was a well earned break with cups refilled about a million times and a more than fair share of yummy biscuits! After a few groovy songs and energetic dancing it was time for the big finale of... The Conga! The West Ashtead conga slithered round the room, full of exhausted but happy students. The disco ended and the fight for coats and bags was avoided by most parents, who did not at all want to enter the rushing, screaming and chaotic world kids. Everyone went home, tired but joyful, and the parents? Well with their kids being this tired, it would mean a relaxing lie- in on Saturday. Yep, kids and grown-ups love it so; it’s the happy world of the West Ashtead disco!!!! After this was a well deserved break, full of yummy biscuits and refreshing blackcurrant and orange juice. After everyone’s tummy was full, the lights went out and the party was resumed. After many action packed songs the Infant Disco was drawing to a close. Parents started arriving, to see their kids using up the last of their energy in a very long conga! After the West Ashtead snake had stopped whizzing around, it was time for the tired infants to go home, and the juniors to start pouring in!

  13. School Orchards Mr. Evenden and the curriculum team thought it would be nice to have some orchards in our school. Also it would be a good opportunity for pupils to take responsibility. We got £500 from Exon Mobile to plant them, and each class will have their own tree to take care of. There are 14 trees, so as each class moves up, they will take care of different trees. The holes for them were dug in February, and will be planted next term. They will be planted on the green area by the picnic tables. The fruit that grows, is going to be used for school dinners. There is going to be a West Ashtead day in Easter, when all the pupils will get a chance to decorate their trees, just like you do at Christmas. Emily De Souza

  14. Tap Trouble The year 5’s have been complaining about the taps in their toilets. These particular taps are the ones that we have to push down to make the water run. The problem is that the water only runs for about 5 seconds; we have to wash each hand in turn which is frustrating to do with soapy hands. One Year 5 said, “It’s very annoying!” “There’s only about one tap that actually works in each sink,” someone else told us. However, Mrs Bracher explains that fixing the taps is expensive so they can’t do it. This problem has been going on for some time now and it’s a shame that it can’t be solved. Until further notice the taps will have to remain in the same condition. By Holly Coulson-5E

  15. The wheels on the Life Bus go round and round.. BEFORE: 15 years ago, the Life Education Bus started to come to West Ashtead Primary. The teachers thought that it would be a good resource for children. Now, once again, we get to go inside the amazing bus to learn new things on different subjects and see our favourite giraffe, HAROLD! I asked a few children what they were looking forward to: “Seeing the giraffe, of course,” one girl answered, “Also learning lots of new things and watching different videos! “The lighted up body freaks me out even though I love it!” exclaimed a Year 4 child. AFTER: The Life bus has now come and gone; we have all enjoyed the excitement of it being our turn to go in and eventually coming out, thoughts and facts buzzing around our heads. “We learnt about being unique,” explained two friends. “We watched aliens on the screen that were living on a different planet! They were all the same; they wore the same clothes, ate the same food and weren’t allowed to think their own thoughts. I wouldn’t like to live on that planet because here we are lucky to be able to do all these things. I learnt we are all different and that’s good!”

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