welcome to student organization orientation n.
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Welcome to Student Organization Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Student Organization Orientation

Welcome to Student Organization Orientation

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Welcome to Student Organization Orientation

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  1. Welcome to Student Organization Orientation *Please pick up a handbook and handouts

  2. office of student engagement • Maggie Brandt, Student Organizations GA • Lindsay Farris, Student Organizations Student Specialist Other important people to know… • Jeremy Schenk, Director of Student Engagement • Cyndi Warnow, Administrative Assistant

  3. annual registration • Annually complete the Online Registration and Renewal to remain an active organization (see p. 9) • Maintain a minimum of four student members and a full-time Missouri State faculty/staff advisor • Update your constitution and bylaws as needed • Attend an orientation meeting yearly

  4. online registration • Must be completed annually to remain active • Keep your information current- We do not update your information • Updates and changes are the responsibility of each individual organization’s president or advisor • Update officers, purpose, key words, website etc.

  5. automated emails Types of automated emails: • Renewal • Personal information changes (verification) • Please pay attention to automated emails! These help keep the renewal process going, making it easier for your organization

  6. mailboxes • Mailboxes are located in PSU 111 • Receive mailbox assignment and sign agreement in Office of Student Engagement • Check your mailbox at least once a week • For a mailbox application, see Cyndi in PSU 101

  7. office space and lockers • Available in PSU 111 complex for your convenience • Annual registration for office space and lockers occurs in March

  8. banking and finances • All student organizations may open a checking account at Commerce Bank, located in the PSU (see p. 13) • Tax-exempt status (p. 14 in Handbook) • If you operate with a social, charitable, or educational purpose, your organization may be eligible for tax-exempt status • Visit

  9. SGA senators • As a student organization, you have the right to send 2 members to SGA meetings • SGA meets on Tuesdays at 5:30pm in PSU 313 • Consider applying for SGA’s Student Organization Spotlight! • The application needs to be turned in to PSU 120. • For more information about SGA Senate, contact Kristen Sanocki at or visit the SGA office on the bottom floor of the PSU (behind the TV)

  10. about SOFAC • SOFAC assists in the funding of many student organizations’ events, conference trips, etc. (see p. 15) • All submissions ONLINE! • Contact Jeremy Esquivel with questions • Call 836.7646 • Hours are available on website

  11. public affairs grant • Public Affairs Grant Program (p. 15) • Sponsors events/speakers for campus community that share Missouri State’s public affairs mission to provide opportunities for dialogue, and that encourage faculty and students to explore topics of public concern • Apply one semester in advance • Call 836.6900 for more information, or see Handbook, page 15

  12. other funding • Receive RHA co-sponsorship for programs related to on-campus students (p. 15) • Call 836.6880 or • Receive SAC co-sponsorship- up to $2000 (p. 15) • Stop by the Office of Student Activities for co-sponsorship form

  13. e-mail and websites Email • Fill out form available in the Office of Student Engagement. Websites • Follow the instructions at or contact • Link it to the Office of Student Engagement web page

  14. market your group • Student E-Bulletin sent weekly • Submissions need to be sent by 2:00pm on Tuesdays at • The Club is an online monthly newsletter for student organizations • Send submissions to Lindsay Farris at • Office of News Services can send press releases for publicity in Springfield community • Call 836.6397

  15. on-campus advertising • Flyers • May post on any public bulletin board in academic buildings • May receive permission for other boards • Any flyers for res halls must be submitted in Hammons • Chalking • May chalk at any time • Chalk sidewalks only- no walls, benches, under overhangs, etc.

  16. conference services FAQs Set up an account with Conference Services online at FAQ about making reservations: • Request on forms in our office or via email • Include all basic info and call with questions • Processing takes about 1 day in PSU and about 2 days outside PSU • Student Organizations rarely pay for PSU

  17. conference services policies • Standing meetings: max per organization is two per week; no shows will be dropped • Avoid charges by using rooms in standard set up • Good general rule is to reserve at least two weeks prior to any event; 1-2 months for important or large events • Late Night/Large events require two weeks advance finalization of details • Catering requires orders two weeks prior to event and 48 hour confirmation of numbers

  18. new student festival • Sunday afternoon, August 23, 2009 in the PSU • Attended by new freshmen • Register for a table: •

  19. homecoming • All organizations can get involved in homecoming activities! Packets are available Wednesday Sept. 2nd and due Friday, October 9th in the OSE. • Tailgating • Student organizations can register to have a tent for tailgating during home football games • See Lindsay Farris in Office of Student Engagement (PSU 101) for a tailgating form

  20. risk management • Policies regarding alcohol at organization events • Organizations may NEVER purchase alcohol with organization funds • No open parties • All events where alcohol is present must be done through a third-party vendor (ex. restaurant, bar, club) • All laws apply (ex. minors may not consume alcohol) • There are risks in ALL types of events • Has your group considered how they will handle potential risks?

  21. travel • Travel events require the following: • Trip Activity Release form to be completed by each participant and given to advisor • Trip Registration form to be signed by advisor and submitted to Office of Safety and Transportation

  22. greek life forms • Greek-specific forms are available on the Greek Life website under Forms, Policies and Reports • Direct questions regarding paperwork to Molly Beck at

  23. fundraising • On-campus fundraisers: • Fill out fundraiser reservation request with Conference Services • Events that charge admission may be charged 10% • Concession stands at Missouri State athletic events • Call 836-3350 • See handout for additional fundraising ideas

  24. closing thoughts • Use your Handbook! • Leadership tips, budgeting tips, registration and renewal, and more! • If it isn’t in the Handbook, contact us! • PSU 101 (across from Kaldi’s) • • 836.4386

  25. questions and evaluation • Questions? • Please take a minute to complete an evaluation so we can better serve you. Thank you for your involvement!!