7 tips for achieving normal blood sugar levels n.
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7 Tips For Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Levels PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Tips For Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Levels

7 Tips For Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Levels

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7 Tips For Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Levels

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  1. 7 Tips For Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Levels

  2. Are you dying to have some tips for achieving normal blood sugar levels? I'm sure your answer would be yes if either you or someone you love is suffering from the symptoms of diabetes. The following reading would help you to grasp the 7 tips to lower blood sugar level in few seconds. Before jumping on the tips I would like you to read few alarming statistics. Diabetes is the 6th biggest killer worldwide. It is affecting more than 10% population. Estimation says that more than 435 million people would be suffering from diabetes in the year 2030.

  3. It is the right time to consult doctor if you are over weight, have family history of diabetes or have any other risk factor of diabetes. It is equally important not to self diagnose. If unfortunately you are diagnosed with diabetes then this is not the end of life. You just have to take few steps to take the control of blood sugar level in your own hands. Try to lose unwanted pounds. Most diabetics are overweight. Losing the 10% of excessive weight helps to achieve normal blood sugar levels. If you are able to lose even 10 % of your excessive body weight, then for sure you could see some obvious health related benefits. Regularly exercise. Exercise reduces the level of cholesterol and the level of triglycerides. It helps to control blood pressure and the blood sugar level.

  4. It is important to take a peaceful night's sleep for at least 8 hours. The researches have revealed that people who sleep well have a better tendency to regulate their stress level. • It is good to eat the foods that have high fiber content. The better examples of such foods are vegetables, fruits as well as whole grain cereals. • It is better to monitor the GI of the food before eating. It is good to keep your diet plan away from high glycemic index foods. The foods that have a higher glycemic index must be incorporatd in the diet plan in controlled portion sizes. •