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Genres. Know What You Want!. Genre Definition. Pronounced: zhän ’ re ( French) A particular type or category of literary , music, or artistic composition. Novels and plays are of different genres. Think about music :. R&B Rock and Roll. Country & Western. Jazz. Think about art:.

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  1. Genres Know What You Want!

  2. Genre Definition • Pronounced: zhän’ re (French) • A particular type or category of literary, music, or artistic composition. • Novels and plays are of different genres.

  3. Think about music: R&B Rock and Roll Country & Western Jazz

  4. Think about art: Impressionistic Modern Art Pop Art

  5. Adventure Fantasy Historical Science Fiction Mystery Horror / Supernatural Folklore Realistic / Problem Literary Genre Examples Fiction Non-Fiction • Biography • Auto-biography • Subject books: science, art, language, history, etc.

  6. Genre: Adventure • Action stories about a main character against another person, nature, or self. • Hatchet by Gary Paulsen • Weasel by Cynthia DeFelice

  7. Genre: Fantasy • Full of magical happenings. • Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein • Harry Potterby J. K. Rowling • Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

  8. Genre: Historical • Made-up stories that take place in a particular time period in the past. • History becomes exciting –the reader experiences real history. - Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder -Soldier Xby Don Wulffson -Bud NotBuddybyChristopher Paul Curtis

  9. Genre: Science Fiction • Real and imaginary scientific discoveries, such as life on other planets, form part of the plot. • Includes futuristic stories of how the world has gone wrong. • The Giverby Lois Lowry • House of the ScorpionbyNancy Farmer

  10. Genre: Mystery • Stories involving suspicious strangers, strange occurrences, secret codes, crimes… • Sammy Keyes • Cam Jansen • Wolf Riderby Avi • Joan Lowry Nixon books

  11. Genre: Horror / Supernatural • Terrifying things happen involving scary humans or non-human creatures like ghosts, vampires, or monsters. • Goosebumpsby R.L. Stine • Christina’s Ghostby Betty Ren Wright

  12. Genre: Folklore • Includes stories, myths and fables that people told each other over the years. • Cinderella • Robin Hood • King Arthur • Goldilocks • Paul Bunyan

  13. Genre: Realistic/Problem • True to life stories about rites of passage from childhood to adulthood. • Stories about real problems and situations. • Alice Aloneby Phyllis Reynolds Naylor • Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher • Joey Pigza Loses Control by Jack Gantos

  14. Genre: Biography/Autobiography Non-fiction / Information • Biography: written about another person A Picture Book of Anne Frankby David Adler • Autobiography: written by the author about his own life. Diary of Anne Frankby Anne Frank

  15. Genre: Poetry 810 - 811 • Uses word pictures to build sensory impressions and create images. • Plays with the sound of words and the rhythms of phrases. • Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

  16. Thinking more about genres: What elements make the book a certain genre? Plot? Setting? Characters?

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