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Which camera should I choose? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which camera should I choose?

Which camera should I choose?

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Which camera should I choose?

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  1. Which camera should I choose?

  2. Outdoor camera or in camera? Want the camera hang outside or inside? A camera must be watertight and this has an impact on the price. Do I choose for a Bullet or a Dome? Bullet Camera Dome Camera A dome camera is less noticeable and many people find these models often look a little nicer. A bullet camera is more striking and therefore has a greater deterrent effect.

  3. What resolution do I choose best? The higher the resolution, the more detailed the recorded images. A 3MP camera can zoom in on the images to recognize faces or persons. Resolution does not tell anything about the quality. Thus, the picture quality of a 13 MP camera on your smartphone will be different than the picture quality of 13 MP SLR. This also applies to video surveillance.

  4. I choose for a motorized lens or a fixed lens? At what height I hang my camera? When the camera is provided as an overview camera then you better go for a camera with a fixed lens. When you want to use the camera to a gate, ramp, or to bring a door in your best image than opt for a camera with an adjustable lens. What counts with CCTV is that one can recognize a face or a license plate. Therefore it is important that you do not mount too high the camera. A height of 3m - 3,5m for most cameras an ideal height. If you still not recognize faces and especially a very large overview than you can put the camera a bit higher to have a maximum range.

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