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Product Differentiation methods

Product Differentiation methods. By Group 4. Face-to-face interview. 1. 您觉得最出名的洗发水和沐浴露品牌是什么? 2. 您最常用的洗发水和沐浴露品牌是什么? 3. 您觉得您最常用的洗发水和沐浴露品牌与别的品牌相比,有什么特别之处吗?(它们为什么能够吸引您?). Result. Top three well-known products: shampoos : Rejoice,Pantene, Head & Shoulders bodywash products:LUX, Safeguard,

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Product Differentiation methods

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  1. Product Differentiation methods By Group 4

  2. Face-to-face interview • 1.您觉得最出名的洗发水和沐浴露品牌是什么? • 2.您最常用的洗发水和沐浴露品牌是什么? • 3.您觉得您最常用的洗发水和沐浴露品牌与别的品牌相比,有什么特别之处吗?(它们为什么能够吸引您?)

  3. Result • Top three well-known products: shampoos : Rejoice,Pantene, Head & Shoulders bodywash products:LUX, Safeguard, Johnson & Johnson • Top three widely used products: shampoos : Rejoice,Pantene, Clear bodywash products: Safeguard, ACCEN , Johnson & Johnson

  4. Rejoice飘柔 Product • Produces different kinds of shampoos to meet customers’ needs. • In 1989, Rejoice became the first brand which combined shampoo with hair conditioner.

  5. Rejoice飘柔 Promotion • The first brand to launch large-scale draft activities:"Rejoice Star" talent show • Try to make it as the national people’s favorite brand -- never use foreign scene • The first shampoo brand to publicize brand culture and connotation.(内涵)

  6. Rejoice飘柔 Price • Most attractive factors: • 200ml : 9.9 Yuan • Target market : customers in rural regions

  7. Pantene潘婷 Product • Focus on female customers, pantene produces different functions shampoos • Use PRO-V vitamin original(PRO-V维他命原 ) as the core of the Pantene products • Employ cutting-edge technology to innovate. e.g.protective film(保护膜)

  8. Pantene潘婷 Promotion • Adjust advertising strategies to attract Chinese customers • Spend lots of money into advertising,including newspaper,magazines,tv advertisement,Internet advertising and bus advertisement.

  9. Pantene潘婷 Promotion • Election of Advertising Spokesperson • Must be “Elegant, healthy, womanish ” “优雅、健康、女人味”

  10. Clear清扬 Product • Anti-Dandruff(去屑) Shampoo • Apply “Vita- ACETM”(维他矿物群)core technology into the product • Provide two series of products aiming at different needs and wants of males and females. e.g. Clear Men Clean Xtreme Anti- Dandruff Shampoo

  11. Clear清扬 Promotion • Advertisement is implanted into TV series, such as 《丑女无敌》 • 《无懈可击》 -- “无屑可击” • obvious sign -- antidandruff (去屑)

  12. Body wash

  13. Brand awareness • Johnson & Johnson • Safeguard • LUX

  14. Brand loyalty • Safeguard • ACCEN 澳雪 • Johnson & Johnson

  15. Johnson & Johnson 强生的理念:因爱而生,强生 Products: Johnson’s baby, Johnson’s body care

  16. Johnson’s baby: Johnson’s baby lotion, Johnson’s baby oil, Johnson’s baby shampoo, Johnson’s baby extra conditioning (护发素)etc. Johnson’s body care It has 4 kinds of body wash, All smell fragrantly Brand background beautiful flesh specifically targeted at young women to protect skin "the loving care" concept and in skin care of professional technology

  17. Price: not too high and not too cheap, about 15~40 Yuan, which is acceptable to consumers.

  18. Place: supermarket, small store, on line

  19. safeguard 舒肤佳 product The accurate market positioning(市场定位): The antibacterial notion meet with most customers’ need High quality:通过“中华医学会验证”,增强了品牌信任度 Safeguard owns Chinese Medicine Authentication so it wins lots of people’s trust

  20. Promotion Attractive to people. Feeling warm and home social responsibility: keeps in line with hygiene and healthy career in China and provides Chinese with effective healthy security. organizes lots of educational activities publicize the knowledge of hygiene.

  21. Price: acceptable and affordable for students 舒肤佳芦荟护肤型香皂115克x6 ¥23.80 舒肤佳 舒怡爽护系列薄荷冰怡沐浴露1升 ¥33.90 safeguard 舒肤佳 纯白清香型 香皂125g

  22. ACCEN 澳雪 Product & Price 梦幻海马香水沐浴露系列 100ml~938ml:6.80元~36.8元 澳雪果萃花语沐浴泡泡 100ml~1L: 6.80元~31.80元 留香小公主沐浴系列 230ml~1000ml:10.00元~45.00元

  23. 澳雪健肤护养沐浴露系列 900ml:15.69元 原果橄榄油滋养沐浴露系列 900g: 13.6元~16.90元

  24. Promotion Online advertising sales promotion:Suit sales(套装销售),Regular sales activities(定期减价活动)Limit discount(限时折扣)

  25. 2004年,“澳雪”系列洗涤用品成为中国奥运功勋团队——中国跳水队(Chinese diving team)2004至2008年唯一指定专用洗涤产品(The only designated special washing products),澳雪国际研发中心成为中国游泳协会指定“国家游泳运动洗涤用品指定研发中心”。(National swimming washing goods specified research and development center)

  26. Place Supermarket, store, Mannings,Watsons Online 淘宝

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