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Michael Sestak American Consul

Summer Work and Travel Program. Michael Sestak American Consul. Do you like …. Excitement. Entertainment. Do you want to …. Be Adventurous. Get Away. The Consulate invites you to spend your summer in …. America. America: Stunning natural beauty. America: World-class cities.

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Michael Sestak American Consul

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  1. Summer Work and Travel Program Michael Sestak American Consul

  2. Do you like … Excitement Entertainment

  3. Do you want to … Be Adventurous Get Away

  4. The Consulate invites you to spend your summer in …

  5. America

  6. America: Stunning natural beauty

  7. America: World-class cities

  8. America: Sports Mecca

  9. America: Fun and Entertainment

  10. The Summer Work and Travel Program is designed to get YOU to America

  11. Are you curious about the details?

  12. What is the Program? • The Summer Work and Travel Program allows foreign students to work in any location within the U.S. for 3 – 4 months, followed by a month of travel…

  13. Who can participate? The Summer Work & Travel Program is open to English-speaking students of any age who study at a: • Uniwersytet (days, evenings, weekends, as well as students defending their theses) • Wyższa szkoła • Studium policealne (first year students of a two year program)

  14. Bartender Bellhop Carnival Photographer Cashier Hotel Receptionist Housekeeper Ice Cream Server Ride Attendant Room Service Attendant Waiter/Waitress AndManyOtherJobs! What type of work is available?

  15. How does spending a summer in the U.S. benefit YOU?

  16. Improved language skills • Total language immersion is one of the most effective methods to improve language capabilities • Many employers make hiring decisions based on language skills • Working in an English-language country demonstrates your fluency • Improved language skills increases your chance to earn more money after graduating from school

  17. Experience • How often in your life will you have a chance to work outside the European Union? • After graduation it is much harder to obtain permits for lengthy stays in countries outside the EU • Once you begin your professional career, when else will you have the time to take a lengthy trip abroad? • Working in America is an experience that you can list on your CV/resume

  18. Memories • Learn about different cultures by leaving Europe and exploring a new continent • Return to Poland with stories and experiences you can use in class and throughout life • Build a wide network of friends and contacts in other countries

  19. You can arrange your own work program or a travel agent can ... • Complete your paperwork • Schedule a visa interview • Provide travel insurance • Help with job placement • Locate housing • Provide emergency assistance

  20. If you, like most people, decide to use a travel agent… • “Package prices” charged by travel agents, including plane tickets, start at 4,500 PLN • We recommend using the Internet to find the travel agent who can best serve you • Prices charged by travel agents vary significantly, and you are not required to use Polish agents • Don’t forget that your work in the U.S. will defray the cost of your stay in America… • The federal minimum wage is $6.55/hour, while some states have minimums as high as $8/hour.

  21. Visas • The entire process at the Consulate usually takes an hour • A few questions are asked to confirm that you are a student and speak English • Our goal is to issue visas to every qualified traveler as efficiently as possible

  22. When should you apply? • Participants who apply early are likely to get better jobs • Now is a great time to start the process!

  23. Why can’t I just use my tourist visa to work for the summer? • Working on a tourist visa is ILLEGAL • If you are caught working in the U.S. while in tourist status you can be: • Arrested • Deported • Banned from returning to the U.S. • Is it really worth the risk? • This is the only program that will allow you to work for the summer legally!!!

  24. We know the rules can be boring…

  25. But America is an adventure!

  26. Where else can you… • Watch Hollywood movies before they are aired in European cinemas • Buy electronics, cosmetics and clothes at steep discounts • Eat breakfast at an American diner, lunch in “Little Italy”, and supper in “Chinatown”, without leaving the city

  27. Past participants say great things … “My Work and Travel experience made not only visiting the United States possible but also helped me a lot in my academic and professional career”, Agnieszka Krukowska “I was a participant several times. I recommend the program for everybody”, Oskar Grass “It is the best opportunity to visit and understand the United States”, Roman Jarocki

  28. Other programs are also available! • In addition to the summer program, the U.S. government also has exchange programs that will allow you to work in the U.S. for up to one year as an: • Au Pair • Must be between the ages of 18 and 26 • Intern • Must be a university student or have graduated in the last 12 months

  29. Internships are available in: • Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing • Arts and Culture • Construction and Building Trades • Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services • Health Related Occupations • Hospitality and Tourism • Information Media and Communications • Management, Business, Commerce and Finance • Public Administration and Law • The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, and Industrial Occupations

  30. More information can be found on our websites … • http://poland.usembassy.gov/visas/ • http://exchanges.state.gov/

  31. Thank You For Your Attention

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