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January 20 13

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January 20 13

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  1. January2013 CITY OF ZAGREB City Office for Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship

  2. Structure of the City Government • City Assembly • Mayor • 19 city administrative bodies • 336 city institutions • 17 city precincts, 218 community councils

  3. ISO 9001 Q-722 Quality management system under the ISO 9001:2008 standard • The City Office for Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship is the first administrative office of the City of Zagreb which established and certified, on 12 April 2005, a quality management system for it operations in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. • The quality management system which has been certified and is maintained and developed, is the first step toward a more efficient, accountable and professional city government. • The application, maintenance and further development of the quality management control system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements is ascertained by regular annual audits. • A commitment to the needs of citizens and other users of our services and their satisfaction with services rendered are the most important values according to which the City Office for Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship measures and ascertains its overall performance.

  4. City statistical profile • Dominant economic, financial and political status in the Republic of Croatia • Population: 790,017 - 18% of Croatia’s total population • FDI in 2012 / Q1, Q2 i Q3 2012. (inmillionsofeuros) Croatia 452,7 Zagreb 211,9 • Average net salary above the national average , September 2012 (Zagreb: € 827; Croatia €709)

  5. 443.100 employed persons (December 2011), or 32 % of total employment in Croatia • In Zagreb at November2012th wereregistered 44,932unemployed persons, which is an increase of 19.1% compared to the previous month last year • Accounts for roughly 37,4 % of Croatia’s total exports (EUR 2.631million) • Accounts for roughly 60,1 % of Croatia’s total imports (EUR 7,326 million) • 31.147 companies, or 33% of Croatia’s total, operate in the City of Zagreb • The City of Zagreb participates in Croatian free enterprise: • 53,4 % of total revenues; • 54,8 % total fixed assets investment; • 33% of the number of businesses; • 40,3 % of the total number of employed in free enterprise Source:Economic trends in the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County, I-IX 2012, CCE Zagreb Chamber

  6. In 2009, the share of the City of Zagreb in the overall GDP of the Republic of Croatia was 31,4 %, which is an increase of 0.5 % in comparison to 2008 In 2009 CROATIA’S GDP: € 44.8 billion per capita: €10.111 ZAGREB’S GDP: €14 billion per capita: €17.814 • The initial estimate indicates that the quarterly GDP for the Republic of Croatia in the third quarter of 2012decreased in real terms by 1,9 % in comparison to the same quarter of 2011(National Statistics Bureau) Source: City Office for the Strategic Planning and Development of the City – Statistics Department

  7. Structure of Zagreb` s economy based on total revenues (I-IX 2012) Source:Economic trends in the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County, I-IX 2012, CCE Zagreb Chamber

  8. EMPLOYED according to the National Classification of Activities Source:Economic trends in the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County, I-IX 2012., CCE Zagreb Chamber

  9. City of Zagreb Budget for 2013€ 881 million (HRK 6,67 billion) Structure of 2013 Budget revenues

  10. Structureof 2013 Budgetexpensesandoutlays Source: City Finance Office

  11. Investments • Investment policy • Allocation of considerable funds for construction of utilities infrastructure and equipment • Funding sources: Budget, funds from City-owned companies and institutions, international capital market, public-private partnerships and concessions

  12. Credit rating Standard&Poor’s* : - local currency issuer rating BB+/stable/ - foreign currency issuer rating BB+/stable/ - * updated 18.12.2012. Moody’s**: - foreign currency issuer rating Baa3/negative - ** updated 4.6.2012.

  13. Investment projects of the City of Zagreb

  14. Centralni uređaj za pročišćavanjeotpadnih voda grada Zagreba ipripadajući infrastrukturni objekti The CUPOVZ Project: one of the largest and most challenging environmental undertakings in Europe, which will resolve the problems of pollution and threats to the water table, and safeguard existing and potential water pumping sites in the City of Zagreb and the area along the course of the Sava River downstream from Zagreb. 14

  15. Financing model – BOT model • The concession granted to ZOV d.o.o. (in December 2000) encompasses: • planning and construction of the Plant and infrastructure facilities, Project financing and management of the Plant until 2028, when it will be turned over to the City of management • The Project consists of: • 1. The central plant building for the mechanical and biological treatment of sludge – 1.2 mil. ERU (equivalent resident unit); in the final construction phase 1.5 mil. ERU • 2. Management building, plant and servicing premises • 3. Main wastewater input pipeline from New Zagreb to the Plant over a length of 10 km and the Mičevac pump station • 4. Closure and additional construction of the Main Drainage Canal over a length of 5.5 km • 5. Domovinski Bridge (transit/installation structure) • 6. Construction of Čulinečka road from Slavonska avenue to Radnička road (3 km) • The mechanical portion of the treatment plant has been operational since March 2004, while the final (fourth) phase of biological sludge treatment and processing has been operational since September 2007. • Approximately 98% of investments have been implemented – completion depends on remaining property rights issues • The search for a technical solution to the thermal treatment of waste sludge is under way • There is an obligation to chemically treat wastewater • The estimated investment value is €304 mil.

  16. Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant Project • The Croatian Government, at its session held on 24 June 2010, issued the Decision on Designation of Sensitive Areas (as published in Croatia’s official journal, Narodnenovine, no. 81/10) on which basis the Danube River’s entire drainage basin was proclaimed a sensitive area. • On 30 June 2010, the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management issued the Rules on Threshold Values for Wastewater Emission (Narodnenovine, no. 87/10) which stipulate that prior to release into waters in sensitive areas, municipal wastewater must be treated at the third degree of purification for release from agglomerations with loads exceeding 10,000 ES. • The revised Water Utility Directive Implementation Plan of November 2010 adopted by the Croatian Government stipulates a transition period for the fulfilment of the commitments specified by the Community Wastewater Treatment Directive, which requires the collection of wastewater for facilities in the Black Sea drainage basin – a sensitive zone for installations above 150,000 ERU – with more advanced treatment by the deadline of 31 December 2018. • The national water management company Hrvatskevode has granted to Zagreb Holding d.o.o. – Water Supply and Sewage Branch, and the city wastewater management company Zagrebačkeotpadnevoded.o.o., a water management license for the release of wastewater from the public sewage system in the City of Zagreb with treatment at the Central Treatment Plant (CUPOVZ), whereby Zagrebačkeotpadnevode is obliged to undertake activities for the construction of the third treatment phase at the Plant, to be completed by 31 December 2016, for the purpose of protecting water management interests in compliance with the Program of Water Pollution Prevention Measures with target deadlines. • The Project is nominated for fundingfromthe EU's StructuralFunds • The value of this investment has been estimated at € 40 million.

  17. On 18 November 1998, a Loan Agreement was concluded between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and ZGOS, a City-owned company, to facilitate the rehabilitation of the Prudinec / Jakuševec Landfill. Investment value: €56 million The Prudinec waste disposal site rehabilitation project at Jakuševec is complete. All works broken down into packets have been assumed by the Investor. Currently, within the framework of the Jakuševec/Prudinec landfill, besides the waste disposal site there are: Construction waste recycling installation (350,000 t/yr.), Scrap metal yard (over 3,000 t/yr.), Discarded tyre yard (over 1,000 t/yr.). Jakuševec Landfill Rehabilitation Programme

  18. The contract governing rendering of principal works and management of installations at the Jakuševec waste disposal site was concluded on 31 May 2007. The completion deadline for all works is 31 December 2011. Currently the principal construction works and management and maintenance of installations at the waste disposal site are under way. The contractor has conducted works involving the collection and disposal of new waste. During September2012, a total of 23.563,23tons of new waste were disposed. Realizationof 91.9% of the Contract, valued at £ 98,329,147.72 The contract governing rendering of principal works and management of installations at the Jakuševec

  19. The proposal of Zagreb Holding d.o.o., ZGOS Branch, is for the existing deadline (31 December 2012) for waste disposal at the Prudinec Landfill in Jakuševec in the City of Zagreb Physical Plan be substituted with a deadline of 31 December 2018. The previous deadline was set under the assumption that a thermal waste treatment plant would be built. However, thus far waste disposal is the only long-term waste treatment measure. The quantity of waste collected within the limits of the City of Zagreb is showing a continual growth trend. The capacity of the Prudinec Landfill and its technical potential ensure the conditions for waste disposal at the newly organized operational surfaces at the site up to 31 December 2018. Depending on implementation of comprehensive waste management measures, this deadline may also be extended.

  20. Solid Waste Incineration Plant - SWIP • The purpose of constructing the SWIP is to treat municipal waste by incineration, including the recycling of energy and sludge from the Central Waste Water Treatment Plant. • The City of Zagreb Physical Plan (SGGZ 02/06) specified Žitnjak-East as the construction site for the SWIP, right next to the CWWTP. • The relevant Ministry issued a ruling whereby the intended WIP Project was assessed as environment-friendly, subject to the application of environmental protection measures and the environment status monitoring programme. • The documentation required to secure a location permit has been drafted. Efforts are being made to align the existing documents with new legislative requirements, in particular, with the new Physical Planning and Construction Act (Narodnenovine, no. 76/07). • The Project is nominated for fundingfromthe EU's StructuralFunds • The Cityof Zagreb and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are planing cooperationon thisproject • The total investment value is estimated at €170 million.

  21. The Waste Management Program was prepared by Institut građevinarstva Hrvatske d.d. (Croatian Civil Engineering Institute Inc.) in 2006. In 2007, the Republic of Croatia Waste Management Plan (Narodne novine, no. 85/07) was adopted, based on draft plans for all counties and the City of Zagreb. The City of Zagreb Waste Management Plan has been prepared and made available to the public for inspection from 10 July to 15 September 2009. The Contract for the Preparation of the Strategic Assessment of the Draft Waste Management Plan was signed on 28 March 2011. The procedure to evaluate the Strategic Impact Study concerning the Draft Waste Management Plan in the City of Zagreb to 2015 is in progress. Based on the results of the strategic study, the final draft of the Waste Management Plan will be compiled and then forwarded to the Zagreb City Assembly for adoption. Zagreb Waste Disposal and Management Model

  22. The City of Zagreb Tramcar Fleet Renewal Programme provides for the following projects : - Procurement of 70 low-floor tramcars;- Overhaul and modernisation of 50 tramcars TMK 301;- Reconstruction and modernisation of the tram depot at Blato in Zagreb;- New fare system; and - Transit control and management system. 70 tramcars have been procured from and supplied by the CROTRAM consortium. The production of 70 new low-floor tramcars was contracted on 18 July 2007, and a total of 70 tramcars has already been delivered. The new public transit control and management system was launched on 5 September 2008. Two short low-floor tram TKM 2300 were put into service since 2009. The value of this investment has been estimated at € 272 million. ZET – Mass Tranit System Renewal Programme

  23. Project implementation commenced according to the Conceptual Programme and Urban Planning Design for the Zagreb Sports and Recreation Zone, as approved by the City of Zagreb Executive Council. The location selected for the implementation of this projectis a site west of the unfinished Zagreb University Hospital in Novi Zagreb, at the Blato location. A Letter of Intent has been signed between the City and the national petroleum company INA-Industrija nafte d.d. to implement this project. A company - Terme Zagreb d.o.o. – has been incorporated, with the City of Zagreb and INA as its shareholders. The Project is nominated for funding from the EU's Structural Funds Estimated investment value: €50 million Zagreb Sports and Recreation Zone

  24. A multi-purpose centre would greatly spur the development of conference tourism. In mid-2005, a general survey-based competition was announced for a conceptual urban and architectural design for the site between Pierottijeva, Jukićeva, Savska and Izidora Kršnjavoga streets The jury proclaimed the tender a success. The award-winning works were purchased and can be used as a basis for further study and elaboration of the project at this site. The drafting of project documentation is in progress The Project is nominated for funding from the EU's Structural Funds Estimated investment value:€52 million. Conference Centre Project

  25. Small Business Centre • The project has been planned in the Kajzerica district next to the URIHO site. • A competition is underway to developan urban andarchitectural design forsmallbusiness,municipal and accompanyingfacilities inthe Small-Business Centre (smallbusinesslearning centre withfacilities for theoreticalstudiesandpracticallearning, businesspremises, a multi-purpusehalland parking garage). • Under the Small Trades Centre construction project, there are plans to consolidate facilities that will enable the efficient functioning of tradesmen’s associations, education, events, exhibitions and fairs, business premises for small trades, a small trades savings bank and other related amenities to encourage the development of small trades and compatible city facilities. • The Project is nominated for fundingfromthe EU's StructuralFunds • Estimated investment value: €40 million

  26. Project to construct underground parkinggarages with additional facilities at the secondary school playground site designated as “Savska-Kačićeva-Klaićeva-Kršnjavoga” • The project is being implemented through a concession of public-private partnership (PPP), in compliance with the Public-Private Partnership Act • The estimated construction cost is €40 million • The project foresees the landscaping of the secondary school playground, construction of a basement garage with service facilities and a connection to the Children’s Hospital in Klaićeva street by underground corridor, and construction of a gymnasium, youth centre, transformer station and tramway rectifier station.

  27. Zagreb Airport Project • A joint project by the RoC Government and the City of Zagreb. • The RoC’s share in Zagreb Airport Ltd. accounts for 55% of its capital, with the City of Zagreb holding 35%, and the City of VelikaGorica and the Zagreb County 5% of the company’s capital each. • On 14th February 2011 theAgencyhasissuedapproval to theMinistryoftheSea, Transport andInfrastructure for implementationoftheprojectforconstructionofthe New Zagreb Airport Terminal • The Ministry of the Sea, Transportation and Infrastructure opened a tender on 18 February 2011 for Construction of the New Passenger Terminal at the Zagreb Airport, which also entails management of the existing and newly-constructed terminals at the Zagreb Airport and the accompanying infrastructure • The governmenthasdecided to give the 30 - yearconcession to build a newpassenger terminal at Zagreb airportFrenchconsortium Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC) • The value of this investment has been estimated at €250 million.

  28. Aquarium Project in Zagreb • Planned construction site for the Aquarium: Old City Bathing Zone on the Sava River • The Zagreb Aquarium would be a great boon to Zagreb’s tourism and overall economy, but it’s greatest importance would be the enrichment of everyday life for citizens of all ages. • The primary purpose of the public aquarium would be educational, but it would also play a broader social role, and contribute to the economy, the hospitality industry, tourism and commerce. • The Aquarium in Zagreb would serve as a window into the underwater world and an opportunity to teach and inform citizens of all generations. • The estimated value of the investment is €9 mil.

  29. City-owned companies • The basic purpose of City-owned companies is to permanently provide quality vital public services of interest to natural and legal persons. Performance January – June 2012 • Zagrebački holding d.o.o.: • Total revenues € 252.946.207 • Total expenses € 261.433.732 • Loss € 8.487.525

  30. City of Zagreb holds certain shares in the following companes: City of Zagreb holds 100% shares in following companies: 1. RAZVOJNA AGENCIJA ZAGREB - TPZ d.o.o. (Zagreb Development Agency Ltd.) • TERME ZAGREB d.o.o. (Thermal Spa Ltd. - 50%) • APIS IT d.o.o. (IT Support Agency Ltd. - 49%) • VODOPRIVREDA ZAGREB d.d. (Water Mgmt. Inc. – 36.13%) • ZRAČNA LUKA ZAGREB d.o.o. (ZG Airport Ltd. - 35%) • BICRO BIOCENTAR d.o.o. (13%) 2. ZAGREBAČKI HOLDING d.o.o. (Zagreb Holding Ltd.) • Holding’s subsidiaries: • AGM (publishing and bookshops) • Autobusni kolodvor (bus terminal) • Čistoća (public sanitation) • Gradska groblja (municipal cemeteries) • Gradsko stambeno komunalno gospodarstvo (housing and utilities management) • Robni terminali Zagreb (commodity terminals) • Stanogradnja (housing construction) • Tržnice Zagreb (green markets) • Upravljanje sportskim objektima (sports facility management) • Vladimir Nazor (youth holidays) • Vodoopskrba i odvodnja (water supply and sewage) • Zagrebparking • Zagrebačke ceste (road management) • Zagrebački digitalni grad (IT) • Zagrebački električni tramvaj (mass transit) • Zagrebački velesajam (trade fair) • ZGOS (waste management) • Zrinjevac (landscaping) Companies in which Holding has shares • Gradska plinara Zagreb d.o.o. (Municipal Gas Co. Ltd.) - 100% • Gradska plinara Zagreb – opskrba d.o.o. (Gas Supply Ltd.) - 100% • Zagreb Arena d.o.o. za usluge (Event Services Ltd.) - 100% • Zagreb plakat d.o.o. (Zagreb Billboard Ltd.) - 51% Holds founder’s rights in the following institution: Gradska ljekarna Zagreb (Municipal Pharmacies) Manages: Sports facilities owned by the City of Zagreb

  31. Organisational chart

  32. Sole trades in the City of Zagreb • Roughly 14.103 sole trades, or 16.84% ofthenational total, operateinthe City Source: Ministry of Entrepreneurship and crafts Central Sole Tradership Register

  33. Structure of sole trades based on National Classification in 2007 Status: as at Decembar 2012

  34. STRUCTURE OF SOLE TRADES based on National Classification of Activities, 2007 Source: Sole Tradership Register of the City Office of the Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship Sole Tradership Register Unit and Sesvete and Susedgrad Local Administrative-Legal Units

  35. Development incentivesfor crafts, trades and SMEs • The Crafts, Trades and SMEs Development Incentive Programme was adopted in September 2000. • Incentive measures and activities include: • Allocation of incentive funds; • Development of business infrastructure through institutional development incentive networks.

  36. 1. Allocation of incentive funds (2000 - 2012) Implemented through: 1.1 Loans to businesses 1.2 Subsidizing a portion of interest on business loans 1.3 Supports to sole traders 1.4 Supports to innovator 1.5 Other supports

  37. 2. Development of business infrastructure 2.1 Development Agency Zagreb - TPZ Ltd. • Projects and activities: • Technical and technological processing and preparation of inventions for use by businesses; • Education of already established businesses and start-ups at organized seminars; • Development of operating and investment plans for businesses; • Consulting services for introduction of systems of quality and/or environmental management - ISO 9001 and 14001; • Issuing guarantees for small business loans; • Development of economic projects and studies, development and management of projects financed by EU funds, etc.

  38. 2.2 Business zones • The City of Zagreb Business Zone Development Programme was adopted in 2005. 2.3 Clusters • Launch of the “Clusters for Competitive Products” project; • Preparation of a study for the Vehicles, Machine-Tools and Tools Cluster; • To date, a total of € 109.845,45 has been spent for the implementation of the project.

  39. Structure of funds spent to implement Programme incentive measures and activities(September 2000 – December 2012) € 34.592.340.14


  41. Zagreb as a tourist destination as a business and administrative hub, Zagreb accounts for approximately 6% of tourist arrivals and 2% tourist bednights in Croatia the total number of tourist arrivals in Zagreb in 2011was 730.945and 551.043(75%) were foreign guests. The total number of recorded bednights is 1.183.125, of which 884,055(74%) accounted for foreign visitors. COMPARISON OF RESULTS RECORDED IN I. - XII. 2010and I. – XII. 2011 PERIODS: I.–XII.2010 No. of tourist arrivals 666.106 ( + 5 % incomparison to 2009.) - of these foreign 488.854 ( + 8 % incomparison to 2009.) No. of tourist bednights 1.085.597 (+ 3% incomparison to 2009.) - of these foreign 801.041 ( + 5,6 % incomparison to 2009.) I. – XII.2011. No. of tourist arrivals 730.945 (+9 %incomparison to 2010.) - of these foreign 551.043 (+13 %incomparison to 2010.) No. of tourist bednights1.183.125(+ 8%incomparison to 2010.) - of these foreign 884.055(+10%incomparison to 2010.) 41 Source: City Strategic Planning and Urban Development Office – Statistics Department

  42. Currentandactualtouristsarrivalsandbednightsin 2012 I. – IX. 2011. No. of tourist arrivals 575.303 - of these foreign 445.873 No. of tourist bednights 915.210 - of these foreign 702.943 I. – IX. 2012. No. of tourist arrivals 603.835 (+4.9 % u odnosu na 2011.) - of these foreign 474.460 (+6,4 % u odnosu na 2011.) No. of tourist bednights 969.506 (+5,9 % u odnosu na 2011.) - of these foreign 763.634 (+8.6 % u odnosu na 2011.) Source: City Strategic Planning and Urban Development Office – Statistics Department 42

  43. Touristsarrivalsandbednights 2002–2010 • 2010. godina • in 2010 in comparison to 2009 ,growth in tourist arrivals of 5% and bednights of 3% was noted. During the period under observation, growth in the number of foreign tourist arrivals was recorded (8%). • Source: City Strategic Planning and Urban Development Office – Statistics Department 43

  44. Tourists arrivals and bednights 2010. – 2011. Year 2011. • Intheyear 2011. growthintouristsarrivalsof 9 % andbednightsof 8 % wasnoted. Duringthe period underobservation, significantgrowthinthenumberofforeigntouristsarrivalswasrecorded (13%). Izvor: Gradski ured za strategijsko planiranje i razvoj Grada - Odjel za statistiku

  45. Accommodation capacity in the City of Zagreb • The City of Zagreb has a total of 84 accommodation units, of which 48 are hotels • The total number of beds is 10.131 and they are distributed according to the following types of accommodation capacity: • - hotels 6.922 • - hostels 1.119 • - rooms for rent 299 • - private accommodation 808 • - other types of collective accomodation 983 • average number of bednights per arrival in the I.- IX. 2012. period: 1.6 Structure of hotel accommodation capacity of the City of Zagreb by category (number of beds) Since approximately 60% of hotel beds are in higher-category hotels (4* and 5*), Zagreb is characterized as a city with a predominantly high-quality hotel product. Source: City Strategic Planning and Urban Development Office – Statistics Department 45

  46. Tourist spending in the City of Zagreb in 2009 Estimated tourist spending in the City of Zagreb in 2009, Tourism Institute Context for the development of the City of Zagreb as a tourist destination The City of Zagreb investment policy directly impacts the development of tourism through implementation of the following capital projects: Zagreb Airport Project Conference Center Project Zagreb Sports and Recreation Zone Paromlin Hotel/Residential Complex Strategic recommendations for tourism development in the City of Zagreb*: The focus of tourism development will be based on 3 key products: 1). Business and Culture, with events 2). Tours and Brief Vacations 3). Cuisine/Shopping and Special Interests 46

  47. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Republic of CroatiaCity of ZagrebCity Office for Economy, Labour and EntrepreneurshipTrg S. Radića 1Phone: +385 1 610 1194, 610 1102Fax: +385 1 610 1499, 610 1077E-mail: URL: http://www.