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Bleckley County High School

Bleckley County High School

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Bleckley County High School

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  1. Bleckley County High School Rising Freshman Parent Orientation

  2. BCHS Graduation requirements- Class of 2012 and beyond Units Required English/Language Arts 4 Mathematics 4 Science 4 Social Studies 31 CTAE / Fine Arts / Foreign Language 3 Health and Personal Fitness 1 Other Electives 4 Total Units 23 1 Four Social Studies Courses are required- World History, Civics, US History, and Economics (a minimum of ½ unit of Civics and ½ Economics are required)

  3. Local Diploma Endorsements • Students may add a University endorsement by requesting Spanish I during the 10th grade. • The University endorsement is comprised of Spanish I and II and University-level English and Science courses during grades 10-12. • The University endorsement ensures that students may apply directly to 4-year colleges as freshmen, will meet NCAA course requirements for Division I and II eligibility, and will meet future HOPE course rigor requirements. • The Honors endorsement exceeds the University endorsement and will be explained more completely later in this presentation.

  4. Registration Issues • Students will be scheduled into English, Math, Biology, and Civics/Personal Fitness courses. • Students have already submitted elective course requests. • Students interested in the Honors program must submit an application within the next 3 weeks. • Students interested in the University endorsement make that declaration when signing up for 10th grade classes.

  5. Advisement Program Guidance, Counseling and Advisement are critical to your child’s success Your child will be assigned to an Advisor who will remain with them throughout high school Your advisor will help guide your child in their course selection in the following years You are strongly encouraged to keep open communication with your Advisor over the next 4 years In addition, our Counselor and Administrators are available if you have questions

  6. The Hybrid Schedule • The school year consists of 2 semesters with 6 classes each day. • 5 classes will last all year long, covering both semesters. Classes will be 55 minutes long, and you will earn one full credit at the end of the year. • 4th period will last for 90 minutes, and students will earn one full credit each semester. Students typically have a different class during 4th period each semester. • 7 units can be earned in each year, for a total of 28.

  7. Bleckley County High School What can I expect from high school?

  8. Bleckley County High School There is something here for everyone…Find your place and excel!

  9. Bleckley County High School With new freedoms come increased responsibilities.

  10. Bleckley County High School BCHS has High Expectations for Academics, Athletics, and the Arts

  11. Bleckley County High School Keys to High School Success: • Good Attendance • Good Study Habits • Know where you are going, and have a plan to get there

  12. Bleckley County High School Earning your Diploma is the ultimate goal and we are here to help you accomplish this goal.

  13. Promotion Requirements • Students must earn 5 credits to be promoted to the 10th grade. • Students must earn 12 credits to be promoted to the 11th grade. • Students must earn 16 credits to be promoted to the 12th grade. • Students cannot fail the equivalent of more than one credit per semester to retain their eligibility for participation in any GHSA event.

  14. The HOPE Scholarship • Available to CP, University, and Honors graduates • Applies only to Georgia colleges and universities • Pays 90% of the college’s 2010-11 tuition rate • No longer pays fees or book allowances • Based on 4 point GPA in all attempted core classes - 3.0 core GPA requirement • Students who earn a 3.7 core GPA and make a 1200 SAT can earn Zell Miller Scholar status. These students earn full tuition.

  15. The HOPE Grant • Available to CP, University, and Honors graduates • Good at any Georgia Technical College • There is no high school GPA requirement • Pays 90% of the technical college’s 2010-11 tuition rate • No longer pays fees or book allowances • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to keep the HOPE grant


  17. Testing 9th grade - PSAT (voluntary basis – for a fee) EOCT (English I, Biology, Math I/Accelerated Math I) 10th grade - PSAT (all sophomores – currently free) EOCT (Physical Science, Math II/Accelerated Math II) Asset (Technical College admissions test) 11th grade - PSAT (voluntary basis - for a fee) EOCT (American Lit/Comp, US History) ASVAB for interested students 1st SAT during spring for college-bound students 12th grade - EOCT (Economics) ASVAB for interested students 2nd SAT by December for college-bound students WorkReady assessment

  18. BCHS Honors Program Our Goal: To increase academic achievement at Bleckley County High School.

  19. BCHS Honors Program Requirements: Students will be required to take specific honors core classes. Electives will be at the student’s discretion.

  20. BCHS Honors Program 9th Grade Offerings: Honors English Accelerated Math 1 Honors Biology Honors Citizenship

  21. BCHS Honors Program 10th Grade Offerings: Honors English Accelerated Math 2 Honors Chemistry Honors World History

  22. BCHS Honors Program 11th Grade Offerings: AP Language/Am Lit Accelerated Math 3 Physics AP U S History

  23. BCHS Honors Program 12th Grade Offerings: AP Calculus AP Biology Human Anatomy/Physiology

  24. BCHS Honors Program • Admissions to program: • All interested students must apply. • Gifted students will be admitted. • Rubric will be used to determine eligibility for non-gifted students.

  25. BCHS Honors Program BCHS Honors Rubric • Students must have a minimum of 5 points to admitted to • BCHS Honor Program.

  26. BCHS Honors Program • Student must maintain an 80 • core GPA. • There will be a community • service element. • Plan is to include field trips.

  27. BCHS Honors Program If you have any questions…. please call or email us.