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Atkinson County High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Atkinson County High School

Atkinson County High School

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Atkinson County High School

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  1. Atkinson County High School Senior Grad Night Weekend May 3rd – May 5th 2013

  2. Wet’n Wild • TOWELS !! • Swim suits • Swimming trunks • T-shirts • Tank tops • Flip flops • Sandals • Shorts • NO STRINGS !!! BE RESPECTFUL !!!!!!!!!!

  3. MEDIEVAL TIMESDinner and Tournament • Dress Attire: SCHOOL APPRIOPRIATE !!! Girls: Sun Dresses Nice Sandals Guys: Khakis Button Up Shirt Deck Shoes

  4. SEAWORLD • Casual clothing • Decent length shorts • Nice shirts; T- shirts • Comfortable shoes • NO rear-end showing !!!!!

  5. Arrival Must arrive as a group, no one comes in alone or late. You will NOT get in !!!

  6. Tickets On arrival tickets will be handed out This is to prevent students from losing tickets.

  7. Wrist Bands Students wrist bands must be a solid color. Given out to students upon arrival at attraction

  8. Unloading Bus Unload bus only with Grad Bash attendant.

  9. Security Check • Metal Detector • Alcohol • Drugs • Cigarettes or Tobacco items • Weapons • Any chains, spiked collars and spiked belts • Any accessories that may be used as weapons All unauthorized items will be confiscated by Universal Orlando Security.

  10. Medicine Any prescription medication must be checked into health services (First Aid) once you are in the main theme parks.

  11. Dress Code guidelines Universal’s Grad Bash is a once- a- year school event requiring enforcement of a dress code to ensure proper dress/ attire for students and chaperones. All outfits must remain intact for the entire Universal’s Grad Bash event and any Pre- Parties. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with our dress code. Grad Bash Event staff have the right to refuse admission to anyone that they deem is dressed in appropriately.

  12. Dress code guidelines: Acceptable attire GIRLS

  13. Dresses, skirts, Capri's or Bermuda shorts, no shorter than mid- thigh

  14. Casual pants (including jeans)

  15. Casual blouses and tops with sleeves at least three inches wide

  16. Comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress sandals, boots and flip- flops)

  17. Purses no larger than 8.5” x 5.5” (size half of a sheet of paper)

  18. Cameras and cell phones acceptable

  19. Dress code guidelines: Acceptable attire GUYS

  20. Casual pants or shorts (including khakis and jeans), secured at waist

  21. Shirts with sleeves (golf/ polo, dress and T- shirts with sleeves), sports jacket and dress suits

  22. Comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress shoes, boots and flip- flops)

  23. Cameras and cell phones

  24. PLEASE NOTE: The school is responsible for enforcing the dress code prior to arrival at the event.

  25. Dress code guidelines: unacceptable attire Girls or Guys

  26. Clothing affiliated with any school, sports team, group, club, etc. (ex: letterman jackets, clothing with school logos, etc.)

  27. Gang paraphernalia, jewelry, tattoos, clothing or other insignias of any kind.

  28. Clothing or accessories with area codes.

  29. Visible undergarments.

  30. Clothing with visible tears, holes, and shredding.

  31. Belts, wallet chains, or jewelry of any kind containing spikes.

  32. Extremely revealing clothing including: bathing suit tops, bottoms, or see- through clothing of any kind.

  33. Any clothing deemed inappropriate at a school function.

  34. Guys may not wear tank tops or undershirts.

  35. Clothing with language or graphics that are obscene offensive or suggestive of sexual, vulgar, drug, alcohol, or tobacco- related messaging.

  36. Hatsandotherheadattire.

  37. All backpacks, briefcases, hip packs, camera bags, tote bags, and oversized purses larger than 8.5” x 11”

  38. Weapons, knives, laser pointers, and chemical irritants of any kind.

  39. Over- the- counter medications; tobacco or tobacco related products such as lighters, matches, pipes, etc. ; and alcohol or any controlled substance.

  40. Any containers with fluids of any kind; this includes water, any drinks and perfumes.

  41. Aerosol cans/ bottles of any type.

  42. Guys and Girls may not wear Basketball Shorts of any kind.

  43. Girls may not wear tube tops, tube top dresses, one- shoulder shirts or any off the shoulder dresses of any kind.

  44. Some schools may enforce a stricter dress code!!

  45. Student information STUDENT GUIDELINES

  46. Students attending Universal’s Grad Bash have a responsibility to:

  47. * Treat others with respect and honesty

  48. * Remain in approved attire throughout the event (Follow Dress Code Guidelines)

  49. * Conduct themselves in a manner which will not interfere with other guests.