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HISTORIC TIMELINE. Authors : Silvia Martínez Navarro. PREHISTORIC. Iron Age 700BC - AD43. Bronze Age 2400 - 700BC. Neolithic 4000BC. Prehistoric can refer to the period of humans existence before the aireilability of those written records. ROMAN. ROMAN AD43 – 410.

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  1. HISTORIC TIMELINE Authors: Silvia Martínez Navarro

  2. PREHISTORIC • IronAge 700BC - AD43. • BronzeAge 2400 - 700BC. • Neolithic 4000BC. • Prehistoric can refertotheperiod of humansexistencebeforetheaireilability of thosewritten records.

  3. ROMAN • ROMAN AD43 – 410. • Itbegan in Rome in 753 B.C. Thevisigotssack Rome. Thiswasthefirst time in 800 yearsthatthecity of Rome has fallen toenemy.

  4. SAXON AND VIKING • Saxon and Viking 410 – 1066 • End of the Western RomanEmpire and thefall of Ancie Rome. TheByzantineEmpireends.

  5. MEDIEVAL • Medieval 1066 – 1485 • TheMiddleAges , Medieval Periodlastedfromtothe 15 thcentury.

  6. TUDORS • 16th and 17th centuries Tudors 1485 – 1603 • EarlymodernBritainisthehistory of theisland of greatBritain, roughlycorrespondingtothe 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

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