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Nigel J Birch

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Entrepreneurial Mind-set and Societal Values. A University of Wolverhampton Model & Toolkit. Nigel J Birch. Topics. The Eco-System The Entrepreneurial University Innovation Cycle Social values University of Wolverhampton Toolkit. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

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Nigel J Birch

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  1. The Entrepreneurial EcosystemEntrepreneurial Mind-set and Societal Values.A University of Wolverhampton Model & Toolkit. Nigel J Birch

  2. Topics • The Eco-System • The Entrepreneurial University • Innovation Cycle • Social values • University of Wolverhampton Toolkit

  3. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Leadership and Government Early Customers Networks Financial Capital Labour Educational Institutions Success Stories Social Norms New Governmental Institutions Support Professions Infrastructure

  4. The Entrepreneurial University • Provide opportunities, practices, culture and environments that are conducive to the activity of entrepreneurship. Undertakes an orientation towards the concept of the entrepreneur • Is not a University with courses aimed at entrepreneurs

  5. The Entrepreneurial University • Competitiveness of a territory is dependant upon its environment one that supports risk-taking and innovation • Culture, technology, absorptive capacity and mind-set must be viewed holistically if we wish to generate integrated models

  6. The Triple Helix • Connects a reciprocal relationship between public, private and academic entities that can be formalised and specified at different moments of the knowledge capitalisation process Etzkowitz &Leydesdoff 1997

  7. Knowledge Flows • Overlapping spheres through organizational linkage • Universities undertake entrepreneurial tasks • Companies develop an academic dimension

  8. Triple helix

  9. Management of the innovation cycle • Development of clusters • Multifaceted approach • Knowledge and technology exchange

  10. Innovation

  11. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem . Policy Vision Consistency University of Wolverhamptontoolkit Wealth Finance Leadership Entrepreneurship

  12. Social Values

  13. Social Values • More than ever Universities take a notable social and economic function in the progress of society and the economy • Socioeconomic changes place Universities as the driving force behind innovation, entrepreneurship and territorial development

  14. Toolkit Knowledge Exchange

  15. University of Wolverhampton toolkit • Developing the capacity to transform knowledge into value • Systems approach to innovation • Develop cluster groups • Build and embed capability • Provoke entrepreneurs

  16. What is Entrepreneurial Mind set ??? Calculated risk taker Innovative Competitive Self-confident Problem solving skills Creative Strong drive to achieve Vision Goal-oriented behaviour Demanding Tolerance for failure Tolerance for ambiguity Persistence Highly reliable

  17. Mind set • Entreprenership is not business management • Entreprenership can be enhanced and developed through education and training • A considered eco-system is essential for the development of entrepeneurs

  18. Active Knowledge exchange • India- High value manufacturing supply chain development • Fulfilment of a vision for the State of Karnataka, India. • Management of multi providers in the development of aerospace clusters for supply chain development

  19. Advantage Karnataka • 10 year programme to make Karnataka “ The gateway to Global Aerospace” Bottom up/top down approach 10 billion USD investment that needs to be attracted to the region. Knowledge Exchange is a key driver in this investment .

  20. Nigeria • University of Maiduguri programme Capacity Building

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