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Nigel Akers

Nigel Akers

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Nigel Akers

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  1. Nigel Akers Education AdvisorNottingham UTC

  2. Learning for good: using IT to secure success in the 21st century Nigel Akers Education Adviser, Nottingham UTC/Djanogly Learning Trust Usman Ghaffar and Shamraiz Zaib Students, Djanogly City Academy & Co-Founders of Techwin

  3. IT’s my life 1970s

  4. 1980s

  5. 1990s

  6. 2000s

  7. 2010s

  8. What employers say… “Education in Britain is holding back the country's chances of success in the digital media economy”. “More than two thirds of employers feel that school leavers are ill equipped for the workplace”

  9. What employers want... Team work Team work Recruiters will have to go global to meet IT skills needs “The greatest need and the greatest area of shortage is in business process design. Businesses are going to demand people who have a more fleshed out view of IT and business together.” Gartner Lack of skills is a national disgrace “I urge employers not to walk by on the other side. This is no gimmick, it is an opportunity to make a lasting impact on our society.” Sir Digby Jones Interpersonal skills Interpersonal skills UK must work to keep skills edge “Among the challenges facing the UK as it strives to become a knowledge economy is the lack of IT skills. It is important for industry to work with schools to push an employer-driven curriculum.” Margaret Hodge New IT starters lack business acumen “The growing volume of IT roles in the UK…requires a sophisticated set of skills and understanding; one that encompasses business, communication, team working and project management skills, as well as in-depth and up-to-date technical knowledge.” E-Skills Industry warned as A-level computing numbers slump “A future built on knowledge-intensive organisations requires more graduates to have a capacity to innovate, be enterprising and to have networking & communication skills. Such an approach has to start in schools.” Richard Brown Enterprise Innovation Communication skills Technical knowledge Project Management Skills

  10. Usman Ghaffar Shamraiz Zaib Co-Founders & Managing Directors

  11. Our mission To use IT in innovative ways in our business To add value to the community To develop our communication & team working skills To make a profit To learn new skills

  12. Keeping in touch

  13. Our ideas Create reading books for 4-6 year olds with a DVD to go with each one (£5 each) Create apps & merchandise based on the stories to help sell the books.

  14. Business Plans

  15. Timmy…the Trailer!

  16. Trade Fairs December –Christmas Fairs February – Market Square Summer Fairs

  17. What next? Augmented Reality

  18. Nottingham UTC • Open in September 2014 • 800 14-19 year olds • Sub-regional centre of excellence specialising in Engineering, Science and I.T. with business challenges • Co-sponsored by the University of Nottingham and Sir Harry Djanogly • Lead employer: Toshiba, supported by Siemens, Wates, XMA, Boots... • 24/7 1:1 access to the internet

  19. Any questions?