project ieee p802 15 working group for wireless n.
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  1. Project: IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) Submission Title: TG-VLC ClosingReport for San Diego July 2010 Date Submitted: 15 July 2010 Source: Eun Tae Won, Samsung Electronics Contact: Eun Tae Won, Samsung Electronics Voice: E-Mail: Re: Abstract: Closing report for the TG-VLC Session in San Diego Purpose: Notice: This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P802.15. It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. Release: The contributor acknowledges and accepts that this contribution becomes the property of IEEE and may be made publicly available by P802.15. Slide 1 Euntae Won

  2. TG-VLC 10th Meeting, July Closing Report15 July, 2010

  3. Objectives of Meeting • Hearing presentation based on LB comment • Discussion comments about LB comment • Resolve comments about LB comment

  4. Meeting Achievements • Twelve 2-hour time slots was held in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. • - Monday PM1, PM2 • - Tuesday AM1, AM2, PM1, PM2 • - Wednesday AM1, PM 1, PM2 • - Thursday AM1, AM2, PM1, PM2 • 2. Comment resolution (Total 1,403 comments resolved) • - 15-10-0239-27-0007-lb50-sorted-combined-comments • - Editorial comments: 487 comments are resolved • - Technical comments: 916 comments are resolved • 3. Contribution • Monday • - 15-10-0521-00-0007-comment-resolution-for-cid-59-and-etc • - 15-10-0239-24-0007-lb50-sorted-combined-comments • - 15-10-0540-00-0007-comment-and-resolution-about-cid-75-546-and-548 • - 15-10-0518-00-0007-mac-related-comment-resolution • - 15-10-0159-02-0007-amplitude-modulated-vlc-dimming-challenges

  5. Meeting Achievements 3. Contribution Tuesday - 15-10-0546-01-0007-minimum-frame-time-calculation.xls - 15-10-0545-00-0007-some-phy-implementation-issues-for-ook-dimming - 15-10-0462-02-0007-dimming-related-cids-in-draft-d1 - 15-10-0548-00-0007-lb-annex-comment-resolutions.docx - 15-10-0525-03-0007-proposed-resolution-of-cids-190-194-195-868-and-868a - 15-10-0530-00-0007-resolution-text-addressing-cids-190-194-195-868-and-868a - 15-10-0543-00-0007-regulations-pertaining-to-ieee-802-15-7 - 15-10-0547-00-0007-lb-comment-resolution-related-to-5-5-3-2-and-its-subclauses - 15-10-0527-02-0007-ieee-802-15-7-vlc-regulation-removing-5-7-and-annex-i-rewriting - 15-10-0560-00-0007-preamble-dimming-and-flicker-at-vppm-mode - 15-10-0563-00-0007-letter-ballot-50-annex-c-ccm-star-proposed-resolutions

  6. Meeting Achievements • 3. Contribution • Wednesday • - 15-10-0159-03-0007-amplitude-modulated-vlc-dimming-challenges • - 15-10-0567-00-0007-lb-comment-resolution-related-to-6-9-6 • - 15-10-0579-00-0007-final-text-for-clause-6-9-6 • - 15-10-0578-00-0007-final-text-for-clauses-5-5-3-and-5-5-4 • - 15-10-0539-00-0007-5-5-1-4-2-co-existence-of-phy-type-1-and-phy-type-2-with-phy-type-3 • Thursday • - 15-10-0598-00-0007-the-text-modifications-of-7-1-16-as-per-the-comment-resolution • - 15-10-0597-00-0007-the-text-modifications-of-6-2-as-per-the-comment-resolution • - 15-10-0596-00-0007-the-text-for-mlme-primitives-on-color-frame-as-per-the-results-of-comment-resolution • - 15-10-0383-07-0007-comment-resolution-assignment • - 15-10-0508-02-0007-current-status-of-new-text-for-clause-6-9-6-in-d2-draft • - 15-10-0540-02-0007-rest-comments • - 15-10-0459-01-0007-lb-50-definitions-clause • 15-10-0615-00-0007-white-paper-ieee-802-15-7-vlc-regulations.pdf • 15-10-0578-02-0007-final-text-for-clauses-5-5-3-and-5-5-4

  7. Motion Move that the TG7 approve the comment resolutions in document 10/0239r29 (doc number: 15-10-0239-29-0007-lb50-sorted-combined-comments.xls) as the resolution for comment from letter ballot #50 Moved: Rick Roberts Second: Joachim W. Walewski Motion Passes: unanimously consents

  8. Motion Task Group 7 requests the 802.15 WG to conditionally start a WG Letter Ballot pending the inclusion of the comment resolution in 10/239r29 into the draft. The purpose of this letter ballot is to request approval to forward the P802.15.7 Draft D2 to Sponsor Ballot. Moved: Joachim W. Walewski Second: Sridhar Rajagopal Motion Passes: unanimously consents

  9. Motion Task Group 7 seek 802.15 WG conditional approval to start a WG Letter Ballot requesting approval to forward the P802.15.7 Draft D2 to Sponsor Ballot pending the inclusion of the comment resolution in 10/239r29 into the draft.  Moved: Second: Motion Passes:

  10. Adhoc meeting announcement • IEEE 802.15 TG7 will have a ad hoc meeting 3days in September (08th~10th). • Detail information will be announced through the IEEE 802.15.7 reflector.

  11. Plans for Next Meeting Hearing comment resolution presentation based on recirculation comments Resolving comments Editing the text Slide 11

  12. Conference call • TG7 will have a conference call weekly. • Time and date will be announced though the TG7 reflector

  13. Thank you ! Any questions?

  14. Purpose of Proposed Standard (PAR 08-0656) • The purpose of this standard is to provide a global standard for short-range optical wireless communication using visible light. The standard will provide (i) access to several hundred THz of unlicensed spectrum; (ii) immunity to electromagnetic interference and noninterference with Radio Frequency (RF) systems; (iii) additional security by allowing the user to see the communication channel; and (iv) communication augmenting and complementing existing services (such as illumination, display, indication, decoration, etc.) from visible-light infrastructures

  15. Need for the Project (PAR 08-0656) • Visible light is drawing great interest as a new communication medium due to the following recent developments. Firstly, solid-state light sources are rapidly replacing conventional ones in signaling, illumination and display infrastructures. It thus becomes possible to carry communication data on such light sources. Secondly, the visible band is free from frequency regulation and Radio Frequency (RF) interference so that it is well suited to RF crowded or RF restricted environments. Thirdly, the unique feature of visibility can enhance the physical-layer security and offer intuitive usage. Given the growing expectation of ubiquitous connectivity in all settings and environments, the need for unlicensed, high bandwidth, easy to use wireless communications technology has never been greater. Potential applications include secure point-to-point communication, indoor Location Based Service (LBS), secure point-to-Multipoint communication (office, hospital, airplane), Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), information broadcast, and etc. A visible light communication standard will provide economic opportunities to equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, service providers, and infrastructure operators.