network management sales play entuity network management for bmc truesight operations management n.
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  1. Network Management Sales PlayEntuity Network Management for BMC TrueSight Operations Management

  2. Agenda • What is Entuity • Business Challenges • Entuity & BMC Together vs. Competition • Sales Play Elements • Call to Action

  3. What is Entuity? • “All-in-one” • enterprise network management solution • all core functionality in a single product • Perfect for large, complex, multi-vendor networks needing deep, proactive network management and customizable, comprehensive reporting. • Seamless integration with BMC Solution Set including: • TrueSight Operations Management and BPPM • BMC BladeLogic Network Automation (BNA) • BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization • BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite • BMC Atrium Orchestrator • World-class deployments = exceptional customer results & value

  4. Entuity Architecture – How We’re Better

  5. Business Challenges • Current State • Poor visibility into the network • No service impact knowledge • Reactive problem resolution (by end user calls) • Very long MTTR • Finger pointing • Inefficient use of IT staff’s time • Desired Business Outcomes • Lower TCO & increase ROI via Automation - “Low Touch” deployment & administration • Improve Network Visibility/Management • Reduce Production Issues

  6. Required Capabilities and Metrics • Required Capabilities (to achieve desired outcomes) • “All-in-one” enterprise network management solution • Integration with BMC TrueSight Operations • Low-touch deployment and administration • Continual automated discovery, and configuration • Open, federated architecture and single database schema • Easily scales to manage the largest, most complex networks • 140+ of Out-of-the-box reports & custom report generator • Metrics (KPI’s indicating how well Required Capabilities deliver the positive business outcomes) • Reduction in # of FTE hours to deploy/update/administer solution • Reduction in false positive alerts / incidents • Reduction in MTTR

  7. Entuity & BMC vs. the Competition • Primary— CA, HP, IBM (Legacy Products) • Multiple loosely integrated products (poor architecture) • Complex, hard to scale, expensive, army of staff/consultants • Another pane of glass (not a real integration) • Secondary— Low to mid-level tools, e.g., Solarwinds (Box of Tools) • Multiple unintegrated products • Do not scale! (Re-architect/replace system to scale to enterprise) • Another pane of glass (not a real integration)

  8. 5 REASONS TO INTEGRATE TrueSight Operations Management WITHEntuity • Reduce Data Silos • Reduce MTTR • Eliminate finger pointing • Provide quicker triage • Efficient use of IT Staff’s time An extremely effective, efficient way to manage your data center.

  9. BMC and Entuity Integration Capabilities Entuity integrations add network data and visibility to key BMCcomponents.

  10. TrueSight Operations Integrated with BMC Entuity Network Data/ Cross Launch TrueSight Operations Management Network Service Incidents Real Time Incidents NetFlow Virtualization Impact Performance

  11. Network Management Sales Play - “Value Proposition”: • Enables enterprises to proactively monitor, manage, and maintain mission-critical network assets while seamlessly integrating with BMC TrueSight Operations Manager. • “Single-stream” software architecture simplifies implementation and ongoing maintenance, which reduces labor and resource costs. • True proactive monitoring increases business efficiency and customer satisfaction by preventing and reducing network downtime and network bottlenecks.

  12. Network Management Sales Play – “Key Differentiators”: • Seamless integration with BMC TrueSight Operations = complete service delivery view. • Superior architecture makes implementation and upgrades a snap, enables simplified scaling, reduces overall cost of ownership and delivers rapid ROI. • Continual automated discovery and monitoring = complete, accurate, and current network services visibility. • 140+ “out-of-the-box reports” + custom reporting tool, provide actionable business and operational insight. • Single software image provides all network management functionality vs. purchasing multiple tools and duplication of efforts to manage separate data silos.

  13. Network Management Sales Play – “Discovery Questions”: • How many outages or network performance issues did you have last year? • What network management solution do you currently use? • How much time did you spend chasing down the root cause? • How much effort is being expended to make sure your network is running efficiently? • Are you not meeting growing network demands because your tools aren’t integrated? • Do you have an early warning system to alert when network performance degrades? • Can you generate reports to help in network planning? • Can you see where there is, for example, spare port capacity? • For TrueSight customer: How would an all-in-one network management solution, that directly integrates to TrueSight, help you?

  14. Customers Around the World in All Industries

  15. Call to Action – Immediate “At-Bats” Right now - which accounts can we confirm an in-person meeting with key buying influences? In a one-hour meeting we can: assess current state of network management educate your customer on our unique value proposition of an “All-in-one” solution that integrates with BMC. learn their desired outcomes and current pain points project where and how we can deliver a better desired state agree if further conversations make sense Pipeline Generation - which accounts make sense for joint pursuits? PG events BDR assistance Engage 2016, other regional Mktg. events, webinars, etc…

  16. Let’s swing for the fences! Somebody once asked me if I ever went up to the plate trying to hit a home run. I said, 'Sure, every time.’ - Mickey Mantle

  17. Where can we work together?Any of these look familiar?

  18. Questions? For additional information about Entuity, please contact