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Formation for persons with special needs

Formation for persons with special needs. Dione L. Grillo Member, Special Needs Commission Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Be a Special Needs ANGEL. Pr A y. Lear N. On G oing. R E ach. L isten. Pr A y. Lear N. On G oing. R E ach. Dignity of the Human Person. L isten.

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Formation for persons with special needs

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  1. Formation for persons with special needs Dione L. Grillo Member, Special Needs Commission Archdiocese of Los Angeles

  2. Be a Special Needs ANGEL PrAy LearN OnGoing REach Listen

  3. PrAy LearN OnGoing REach Dignity of the Human Person Listen Catholic Social Teaching

  4. Genesis 1:27 God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female* he created them.

  5. In God’s Image? “Image of God through the lens of disability” by Jane S. Deland

  6. # 1700 “…rooted in his/her creation in the image and likeness of God.”

  7. Paragraph 7 “Persons precede the state.”

  8. Paragraph 26 & 29 “…sublime dignity of human persons, who stand above all things..” “…every type of discrimination… is to be overcome…”

  9. Paragraph 28 “…vision of the transcendent worth—the sacredness—of human beings.”

  10. A Life like yours Opening Doors

  11. “A Life Like Yours”Group Discussion • What is your reaction to the video? • Statistics • Family Dynamics • Statements made by Maddie, her mom • Doctor’s response • Church’s response • Summer 2010: ADLA Response

  12. Be Not Afraid Ministry www.benotafraid.net

  13. What do we mean by Special Needs?

  14. Special Needs Orthopedic Impairment Visual Impairment Learning Traumatic Brain Injury Deafness Autism Behavioral Speech or Language Impairment Specific Learning Disability Medical Deaf-Blindness Hearing Impairment Other Health Impairment Mental Health Developmental Mental Retardation Emotional Disturbance Multiple Disabilities Adapted from About.com article and IDEA’s “Categories under IDEA”

  15. PrAy LearN OnGoing REach Formation – Pt. I Listen Getting Started

  16. Accessibility How does your parish rate?

  17. Common Sense Approachesfor Interaction with Disabled Persons • Treat the person as you would anyone else. Relax... Avoid getting... Repeat yourself if you sense misunderstanding… • Allow people to do things for themselves… • Treat adults with disabilities as adults… • Address the individual…

  18. IDEA 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004

  19. ^ R Individualized Religious Education Program The IEP for Faith Formation

  20. YouTube Video based on book

  21. PrAy LearN OnGoing REach Formation, Pt. II Listen Ongoing Faith Formation

  22. Sacraments • Bishops’ Documents • Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities (1995) • Pastoral Statement of U.S. Catholic Bishops on People with Disabilities (1978) • Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities (Handout - 1995) • Bienvenida y Justicia para Personas con Discapacitadas • Brochure • Life Matters: Persons with Disabilities (Brochure)

  23. Accommodations • Work-Around • Changing expectations

  24. PrAy LearN OnGoing REach Resource Website Listen Finally!

  25. What parents want you to know…

  26. PrAy LearN OnGoing REach Listen The Disabled & Their Parents Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.

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