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Removing Dye Stains From Your Carpet

Tips that homeowners can use when trying to remove dye stains on their carpets.

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Removing Dye Stains From Your Carpet

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  1. Removing Dye Stains From Your Carpet Dye is a colorful substance used to color many different things. You can use it on your hair to change its color or you can use it on shirts or fabric. When using dye though you sometimes end up with mistakes and spills and often times they can be very hard to clean, especially if it ends up on your carpet. Dye stains can be very problematic to any carpet owner. It can ruin your carpet's look and feel if you don't clean it up right away. If you are faced with this kind of stain, don't panic as there are ways that you can use in order to remove it. Here are some steps that are effective in removing dye stains from your carpet. One of the first things that you need to do is to remove any excess dye from the carpet to prevent it from seeping deeper into your carpet fibers. To do this, get a clean white cloth or a sponge and dab at the stained area. Just be careful not to rub it as you can end up spreading it or making it worse. Next, get the materials which you will need. In this case you'll need some non-bleach household detergent, some white vinegar, water, a clean white cloth, and some rubbing alcohol. Mix a teaspoon of the detergent and a teaspoon of white vinegar with one cup of warm water. Place this solution inside a spray bottle and apply it on the stain. Once you have sprayed the stained area a few times, get the clean white cloth and blot the area. Again, be careful not to rub the stain as this will only make it worse. Repeat this step until all of the stain is removed. If after doing the last step the stain still remains, get the rubbing alcohol and pour some on the stained area. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and then resume blotting the stain. Repeat this until you have completely removed the dye stain off your carpet. With the stain removed, the last step is to rinse the area you just cleaned. This helps prevent any residue from being left behind on the carpet. You see, cleaning up dye stains from your carpet is not that hard. Just follow these steps and you'll no doubt get rid of that annoying dye stain and make your carpet spotless in no time. For more tips in cleaning your carpet, please visit http://www.carolinacarpetcleaning.net now.

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