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Dealing With Beer Stains on Your Carpet

An post on how homeowners can properly clean beer stains on their carpets at home.

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Dealing With Beer Stains on Your Carpet

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  1. Dealing With Beer Stains on Your Carpet Beer is a great drink to have with your buddies while watching a good sporting event or a movie in your living room. It helps you unwind, relax, and just enjoy the moment with your family and friends.Sadly, accidents are not a rare occurrence while you are enjoying the game with your buddies or even just talking with your family. Sometimes you can accidentally spill the beer all over your carpet and cause you a big headache.Beer spills on the carpet can be pretty annoying as it can leave a big stain and also leave your carpet with unpleasant odor that can be tough to remove. If you are having this very problem in your home, don’t be too frustrated just yet. Check out the guide below to help you in solving this tough carpet cleaning problem. 1. Start by removing as much of the spilled beer on your carpet as you possibly can. You can use a clean white cloth or a clean sponge to get this done. Carefully blot the spill on your carpet and then extract it onto a bowl or empty container. As soon as you are able to remove as much of the beer then it is now time to turn your attention to the stain that is left behind.2. In order to remove the beer stain you would need to make a cleaning solution which you will be using on it. For this you need to mix one part of household vinegar with four parts of warm water. Vinegar is a great ingredient to make a cleaning solution for beer spills and stains as it can help in getting rid of the stain while at the same time aid you in getting rid of the unpleasant beer odor that is left on your carpet.3. Once you have the cleaning solution ready, pour some of it onto the beer stain on your carpet. Allow it to set for a minute or two to let the cleaning solution work on the stain. After allowing it to set, get a piece of clean white cloth and start blotting the beer stain. The stain will slowly transfer from the carpet fibers and onto the cloth so you just need to continue doing this until it is completely removed. Sometimes it will take several attempts but eventually the stain will be entirely gone.4. After removing the beer stain you should rinse the carpet area where the stain used to be with a cup of water. This helps in removing any excess residue that could end up harming your carpet over time. Then, dry it completely using a wet/dry vac to finish off the job. For more tips in cleaning your carpet, visit Carpets Colorado Springs now!

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