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Coming soon. A Chief Film Production. PRESENTS. PREPERATION. Genre. Aimed at males aged 12-late 20’s. Drama-Bit of romance, violence, foul lanuage and rink and drugs Tension Preparing for a ........ Match, penalty kick, speech.

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Coming soon

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  1. Coming soon

  2. A Chief Film Production

  3. PRESENTS...


  5. Genre Aimed at males aged 12-late 20’s • Drama-Bit of romance, violence, foul lanuage and rink and drugs • Tension • Preparing for a ........ Match, penalty kick, speech Its going to be a boxing film about a boxer. There will be some clips of him training in the rain, on a cold day. This will include him fighting an opponent and against the boxing bag. This may be done in black and white to add flash back effect and brig across the cold dark hours of training and the effort he has put in.

  6. Inspiration/Bases on 8 mile a film about Eminem early life has a great scene were he has to focus before his MC battle. We feel that we could recreate this but in a football/rugby, or team environment at half time. We would use one main actor but could do with other extras in the back ground. Choice or main actor is key as he will be showing us lots of emotion on his face.

  7. Choice of Actor Jake Gyllenhaal I would cast Jake Gyllenhaal, Channing Tatum or Sean Faris as my main actor in an ideal world. This is because they are sporty athletic, hunky men who girls are attracted to. Sean Faris Channing Tatum

  8. Setting • We would use a changing room, thinking the rugby 1st team changing with a mirror. • This is are main shots will be at the mirror ever in reflection or as if the character was looking in the mirror. • We would also need to do some boxing action shots. We will use street boxing club and the boxing gear up stairs above the swimming pool.

  9. Costume We would need the actors dressed up in typical boxing gear to give it a realistic approach. However we will also shoot him in tracksuits and a boxing gown for the preparation part of the extract.

  10. Props • Boxing gloves • Tape for his wrist • Make up for his cuts and bruises • Sweat • Vomit • Boxing ring and equipment.

  11. Story Line • Starts with the end of the story line. Him preparing for last crucial fight. • Go back in his earlier life • Pressure by dad to become successful...live the dads dream • Messed up...problems with drink, falls out with coaches, feels like he’s let down his dad • Move away from home, trains up, finds a girl who he loves/really likes. • Becomes successful, fights more and more, then goes back to the first scene where he’s preparing and blocking out his distractionsfor his big fight.

  12. Romance, Falls in love Drunk, Alcohol problems, drugs Main Issues and Topics Violence-on and off the pitch Family Problems...a pushing dad

  13. Audience Research 93% 2 third years(13-14years old), 2 fourth years(14-15years old), 2 fifth year(15-16years old), 4 lowers(16-17years old), and 5 uppers years(17-18years old), when asked would they see this film after been shown the power point was 93% positive feed back. The 7% negative or one person (Boy ages 16) who said no was asked why? We were told was not his type of genre that he would watch. Was not interested in rugby or violence.

  14. Audience Feed back • Have a good actor • Have a ‘fit’ girl for the romance (not in are footage) • Make sure we can (the audience) understand the emotion that he feels at the beginning whilst looking in a mirror • “Potentially most outstanding film ever, worlds best directors. Top chiefs”, Steven Spielberg

  15. Produced and Directed by... The Three Founders of Chief Film Productions James Golby Max Jaconelli Max Northcote-green

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