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Health Care Delivery Concepts and Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Care Delivery Concepts and Issues

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Health Care Delivery Concepts and Issues

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Health Care Delivery Concepts and Issues

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  1. Health Care DeliveryConcepts and Issues Shiv Chandra Mathur Professor of Public Health and Director State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Rajasthan Jaipur, India

  2. Issues • Health is a fundamental human right • National Governments all over the World are striving to expand and improve their health care services. Shiv Chandra Mathur

  3. Current Criticism of Health Care Services(Provided by the Governments) • Predominantly urban oriented • Mostly curative in nature • Limited Access Shiv Chandra Mathur

  4. What is Health Care • It is more than Medical Care • It embraces a multitude of services provided to individuals and families by health professionals to promote, monitor and uphold the status of their health. • Medical care is a subset of health care. Shiv Chandra Mathur

  5. Levels of Health Care • Primary Health Care • Secondary Health Care • Tertiary Health Care Shiv Chandra Mathur

  6. Health Care Delivery - Changing Concepts • Comprehensive Health Care • Basic Health Services • Primary Health Care • Health Care System Development Shiv Chandra Mathur

  7. Comprehensive Health Care • Term coined by Bhore Committee(1946) in India • Provision of preventive, curative and promotional health services from “womb to tomb” to every individual residing in a defined geographic area. Shiv Chandra Mathur

  8. Basic Health Services • Coined jointly by WHO/Unicef in 1975 • It is a network of coordinated, peripheral and intermediate health units capable of performing effectively a selected group of functions essential to the health of an area and assuring the availability of competent professionals and auxiliary personnel to perform these functions. Shiv Chandra Mathur

  9. Primary Health Care • It is essential health care made universally accessible to individuals and acceptable to them, through their full participation and at a cost the community and country can afford. Shiv Chandra Mathur

  10. Principles of Primary Health Care • Equitable Distribution • Community Participation • Intersectoral Coordination • Appropriate technology Shiv Chandra Mathur

  11. Health For All • Attainment of a level of health that wil enable every individual to lead a socially and economically productive life. Shiv Chandra Mathur

  12. Health Care Systems • Public Systems: PHC and Subentries Rural Hospitals; District Hospitals; Teaching Hospitals ESI and CGHS Defense and Railways • Private Sector: Polyclinics and Nursing Homes GP’s and clinics • Indigenous Systems Ayurveda and Siddha Unani and Tibbi Homeopathy Naturopathy • Voluntary Health Agencies • National Health Programme Shiv Chandra Mathur

  13. Components of Health System Development • Quality Care component • Human Resources Development • NGO participation • Public-Private Participation • IEC Shiv Chandra Mathur

  14. Health System Development • It is a combination of management sector and involves organizational matters to translate policies into services • In India, Health System has three main links i.e. Central, State, and local or peripheral Shiv Chandra Mathur