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Fix "Verifying Update"/"Slide to Upgrade" Error on iPhone PowerPoint Presentation
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Fix "Verifying Update"/"Slide to Upgrade" Error on iPhone

Fix "Verifying Update"/"Slide to Upgrade" Error on iPhone

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Fix "Verifying Update"/"Slide to Upgrade" Error on iPhone

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Fix "Verifying Update"/"Slide to Upgrade" Error on iPhone As iOS 10 comes to us, lots of iOS fans tend to get new version of iOS on their phone. Generally, there are two practical ways to get upgraded to iOS 10 but no matter OTA or via iTunes, it is easy to encounter some errors in updating. Actually, Apple website provides solutions to fix some common errors with numbers but now we are going to discuss about two cases: "Verifying Update" and "Slide to Upgrade" error while installing iOS 10 or the beta version. Note: Some preparation should be done if you decide to update your iOS device, so here suggest you to read the useful guides before downloading iOS 10. Case One: iDevice Stuck into "Verifying Update" Screen From SNS communication, part of users complained the pop-up of "Verifying update" still occurs all the day and nothing changes. Some advise to restore iPhone in order to exit the error screen while it is in vain. Just try these tricks to fix your case to check the results.

  2. Tips 1: Undoubtedly, waiting for several minutes is what should be done firstly. Because here may be network mistake, just be patient to wait for 10-20 minutes. Tips 2: Stay pressing the power button to get your device locked and it would take more than 5 times. As you see the loading screen, the process of downloading would start right now. Tips 3: Go to open the newest version of iTunes and use it to get iOS updated on the computer. Tips 4: Try to hard reboot on iPhone 6s/6/5s/5. At first, just hold the "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" button simultaneously. Then, when you view apple logo, please release the buttons. Case Two: "Slide to Upgrade" Keeps on iPhone Screen Another case about stuck screen also annoys users. "Slide to Upgrade" signal stays on the interface and it seems to get frozen. At this time, for getting iPhone/iPad back to normal status, we found some steps which work for this situation.

  3. Step 1. Use USB cable to get iDevice and PC connected. Then double click to open iTunes on your desktop. Step 2. Move to keep pressing "Home" and Power button at the same time for several seconds once the PC cannot detect the mobile. As iPhone/iPad can restart, you can select the device on iTunes. Step 3. Click "Restore" to restore your iOS device. If you have no any backup before upgrading iOS 10 or public beta version. Please do a backup immediately and choose it to restore. Note: If you have enabled "Find My iPhone" before, official Apple Support may assist you to fix your need. With the useful tips above, these stuck screens in updating to iOS 10 can return to normal state. Frankly, these cases only would happen on iPhone 6s/iPad Mini 4/iPad Air 2 or former, because iPhone 7 certainly comes with iOS 10 and iPhone 7 would encounter such case next year. Hope you could have a nice experience with iOS 10.