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  1. Chef A chef is a professional cook. A Chef is used to describe the head cook. Chefs and cooks create recipes and prepare meals. While food preparation workers help with regular tasks such as cutting vegetables and preparing meat. Institution and cafeteria cooks usually prepare good meals in large quantities while restaurant workers provide individual dishes.

  2. What’s involved • Chefs are responsible for preparing lots of dishes which are of high good quality. The jobs of Chefs are to plan the menu determines the price and how much it will cost to make the dish.  They order supplies hire cooks and other kitchen workers and supervise the preparation of food. Being a chef also means that you have to be creative in way you serve those dishes. • Chefs also have the more difficult cooking duties, prepare the special things of the restaurant, and develop their own recipes. 

  3. Where does it take place • Large hotels • clubs • restaurants

  4. Working conditions •  Chefs are on their feet throughout their work day, and during mealtimes must work under pressure.  They face such hazards as cuts and burns • Chefs and cooks need to be able to function in close quarters during busy periods, lift heavy objects and work near hot ovens and grills. Seasonal work is often required for those working as a cook in a school or in a resort.

  5. Size of occupation • There are a lot of people in the cooking field you can find chief in all towns small and big.

  6. Training • culinary arts education or training is required • A high school diploma is required for individuals aspiring to become professional chefs • Programs offer through high school or vocational schools may provide education in essential food safety and handling procedures

  7. Moving to a higher position • The potions of chief areCommis Chef • Sous Chef There are different types of chefs in this field • Head Chef

  8. money •  In 2002, the average hourly earnings of chefs and head cooks was $13.43. • 50 percent of chefs salarys are between$9.86 and $19.03 • The lowest 10 percent earned lower than $7.66, while the highest 10 percent earned higher than $25.86 hourly. • Several chefs who proceed to open up a restaurant or work in management may earn a lot more than these figures above.

  9. Future prospects • This is not a dying career everyone loves to go out to eat and everyone needs a chef or cook to cook for them

  10. Writing or speaking skills • You need to communicate with your other employees to make everything run smoothly

  11. The end I think becoming a chef would be lots of fun and interesting