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There are eight panels PowerPoint Presentation
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There are eight panels

There are eight panels

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There are eight panels

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  1. There are eight panels Creation Love Life Service Adoration Family Hope Community

  2. There are sixteen medallions The Creation of Mass and Energy (God the Father, Atom) Creation of Time and Space (Distorted coordinate system, three concepts of time) Jesus and children (God the Son, One Family, Bible Story) A Marriage (Our Altar) A Spaceman, outbound. (Life, on its way to the future) Apples (Life, food, a Bible Story, Temptation A Knight (On a mission of mercy) Tools (pencil, computer, hammer, mathematics)

  3. Music (What is man’s chief end?) Flowers (A gift of God’s that is always returned to him) The Prodigal Son (look at the fatted calf) Joseph forgiving brothers (Love, Forgiveness, Example) Butterfly (Resurrection, Transformation, Metamorphosis The Bible (Source of Hope, Where we learn) The United Church (God’s love among us and in us) The Upper Room (Communion, Community starts and ends here

  4. There are eight quatrefoils The Big Bang (Original act of love) The Holy Spirit An Embryo or Fetus The Good Samaritan A Gothic Cathedral (praise, engineering, duty) Adam and Eve (Family, creation, love) The Ascension (Hope, future, mystery) Jesus washing disciples feet (Love, service)

  5. The Rose Window is located in The Sangrey Chapel. The chapel is surrounded by large ponderosa pine trees, whose pine cones have 5 logarithmic spirals coiling in one direction, and 8 coiling orthogonally. This is the underlying geometric design of the window, most easily seen in the central region. Wherever two logarithmic spirals intersect, that is the tip of another heart.