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BT Industry Development Event Delivering the Undertakings 13 & 16 March 2006

BT Industry Development Event Delivering the Undertakings 13 & 16 March 2006. Welcome Jo Upward. Agenda. BT Group Undertakings Programme Office. Peter McCarthy-Ward. The Undertakings.

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BT Industry Development Event Delivering the Undertakings 13 & 16 March 2006

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  1. BT Industry Development EventDelivering the Undertakings13 & 16 March 2006 Welcome Jo Upward

  2. Agenda

  3. BT Group Undertakings Programme Office Peter McCarthy-Ward

  4. The Undertakings • 55 pages, 204 discrete deliverables details @ http://www.ofcom.org.uk/telecoms/btundertakings/btundertakings.pdf • Ofcom quarterly reports @http://www.ofcom.org.uk/telecoms/btundertakings/implementation/ • BT bulletins @ http://www.undertakingsbulletin.com/ • KPI reports @ http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/Regulatoryinformation/Ourundertakings/KeyPerformanceIndicators/index.htm • EAB information @ http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/Theboard/Boardcommittees/EqualityofAccessBoard/EqualityofAccessBoard.htm • Openreach data @ http://www.openreach.co.uk/

  5. The Undertakings: Delivered Appoint Openreach CEO by 22/10/05 Establish EAB by 22/3/06 Publish exchange space availability by 1/11/05 Publish Code of Practice by 22/1/06 Publish product transparency by 22/12/05 Launch address matching service by 31/12/05 IP Stream RFS date 31/12/05 Wholesale product management organisation 22/1/06 Establish Openreach by 22/1/06 Consult on Leased Lines by 22/1/06 Separately secured Openreach HQ by 22/3/06

  6. The Undertakings: Pending Exchange accommodation product due 21 March 2006 RFS for S/MPF due 30 June 2006 Access to engineering appointment books due 1 July 2006 Openreach accounts published - Q1 2006 due July 2006 RFS for WES/BES due 30 September 2006 IBMC IPStream, S/MPF due 31December 2006 RFS Analogue WLR “due” 31 December 2006 RFS ISDN2 WLR 30 September 2007 RFS ISDN30 WLR 31 December 2007

  7. Openreach – Open for Business Emma Gilthorpe

  8. Openreach – Open for Business • Launched 11 January 2006 • Huge amount of change was necessary: • Around 30,000 people transferred into the business • Identified the assets to be operated and controlled by Openreach – around £8bn • Transferred delivery of the key access and backhaul products • WLR (analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30) • LLU (SMPF, MPF) • WES • BES • Equality of Access Board in place since November • Very active in monitoring our transformation and ensuring delivery Although Openreach is a regulatory creation it will be judged by its success in meeting the needs of all its customers

  9. The Openreach Organisation Steve Robertson CEO Finance &Bus Planning Peter Cross HR Jane Hobbs Equivalence &Public Affairs Emma Gilthorpe General Counsel Nigel Cheek Operations North Andrew Jones Operations South John Dunn Service John Small CIO Colin Windsor Chief Engineer Bob Cowie Sales, Product &Marketing Anne Heal

  10. Some Early Achievements People • Openreach version of the Code of Practice and ‘Key Messages for the Engineering Community’ published • Openreach training programme (CBT, telephone-based training for engineers) well established • Financial remuneration schemes aligned with Openreach’s Scorecard performance • We are recruiting 1300 additional engineers • We have training plans to increase skills and capabilities across our field force to improve network reliability Reporting • KPI product equivalence reporting Products • Address matching service launched

  11. Need for Collaboration • Address matching • Dimensioned for 25,000 hits but only operating at 1,500 • Need to understand why • Does service meet your needs? • Are you changing your own internal processes? • Feedback to andy.l.marshall@openreach.co.uk • Trialling and testing environments • Trials will be essential for the effective implementation of the Undertakings • Must trial at volume to ensure successful product launch • Need to work with our customers to ensure that you can participate fully • Feedback to richard.j.warner@openreach.co.uk

  12. Areas for Improvement • Customer business management • Sent letters to customers on preferred relationship management arrangements • Have been working hard to create a new Openreach customer relationship management team and sales culture: • Organisational design • External recruitment • Transfers from BT Wholesale • Taken longer than hoped but have committed to have 50% resources in place by end March and remainder as soon as possible after that • Effective communication of progress • We must have “joined–up” communications from Openreach to ensure clear, coherent communication to our stakeholders • Openreach branding • Employee ID Cards • Advertisements

  13. Where We Go from Here • Deliverables in the next six months • Systems platform for SMPF and MPF (30/6/06) • Improved access to engineering appointment books (1/7/06) • Measuring stakeholder satisfaction • Compliance complaints handling process • Openreach communications and engagement programme • Reviewing customer channels • Customer Newsletter • Webcast • Changing the way we do business is key • Equivalence becomes a core value for Openreach • Self-governing approach over-delivers on the Undertakings • We work with you - our customers - to anticipate and meet your requirements

  14. Organisation & OperationsBT Wholesale Angus Flett

  15. Guiding principles Maintain operational efficiencies, where no conflict with Undertakings Meet both the letter and the spirit of the Undertakings Transform into a high-quality and responsive wholesaler Design implementation in an efficient manner Drive changes in both behaviour and outcome

  16. What changes have we made? • Re-organisation of BT Wholesale Products & Strategy • Changes to governance & processes to reflect Code of Practice requirements • Changes to scorecards and incentive schemes • Training, reminders and guidance • Regular compliance checks • Process in place for reporting any potential non-compliance • A new more open approach to industry

  17. Product Management Organisation: Separation framework White boxes = common functions Cameron Rejali Portfolio Tarquin Bellinger Product Management Angus Flett Programme Management Paul Banjo Commerc. mgt Cust exp -Other Pricing Prod mgt Pricing Prod devt Prod mgt Pricing Prod devt Prod mgt Pricing Prod devt BTW-CNS – Core Network Services BTW-VNS – Value-added Network Services BTW-UNS – Unregulated & New Services

  18. Pricing governance • The team is split into three discrete groups which each works on pricing for only one product group • At team meetings:  • All participate when discussing ‘how’ we do business not ‘what’ we do. • VNS/UNS people leave the room before CNS topics are discussed • We have separate CNS, VNS and UNS distribution and attendance lists to ensure proper separation • WPAG agendas and minutes are also split into separate sections • Pricing papers cannot contain any cross portfolio analysis outside of the originating product group • MD Products & Strategy and FD are the only two people allowed to take a wider cross portfolio view across BTW • but must still comply with the Undertakings and competition and regulatory law in general

  19. Portfolio team Role • Development of portfolio strategy e.g. • Opportunities for new products not subject to SMP designations or the Undertakings • Migration from 20CN to 21CN portfolio • Consultancy support to Product Management • Common capabilities development • e.g. making Ethernet a common capability so we can deploy cheaper/faster • Product marketing - communications and training Approach • Strict enforcement of Chinese walls across BTW Product Management • Team can help CNS or VNS (i.e. offer consultancy) • Team can brief MD Products on cross portfolio issues but cannot influence business cases • Team can see both CNS and VNS information but must observe Chinese walls when using it • Information is filtered where necessary for downstream BT LoBs.

  20. Scorecard • *Unit objective: • for Cameron and non product Directors the unit is Products & Strategy • for Angus and Paul the unit is CNS,VNS and UNS products • for product managers the unit is CNS or VNS

  21. Example Scorecard

  22. Training & behaviour • The real key is to ensure our people behave in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of the Undertakings • Over 99% of BT Wholesale managers have read the Code of Practice and completed the CBT training • We are running road shows which use role plays to focus on the rules on sharing Commercial Information & Customer Confidential information and influencing Commercial Policy • 1648 managers have attended 23 events to date • We plan to train 2300 managers in total and have added extra events because of the high level of demand • We have issued guidance notes on Commercial Information/Customer Confidential Information/Commercial Policy to the Products team • We are developing specific guidelines for each of the common function teams • The BTW Undertakings programme team have responded to 32 queries from Products people over the last 2 months • proof that people are thinking about what they can and cannot do

  23. Being a Good Wholesaler • Open and transparent • Fit for purpose products • Proactive A Wholesaler of Choice

  24. Q&As

  25. Equivalence in PracticeIntroduction Malcolm Austin

  26. What does equivalence of inputs mean? The same products and services for BT and others • Same timescales, terms and conditions (including price) • Same systems and processes • Operating with the same reliability and performance • Same commercial information • Subject only to:- • Trivial differences • Differences in credit vetting, payment, contract terms on termination, safe working, security • Other differences agreed by Ofcom

  27. What does this mean in practice? • The way that products are delivered to CPs will generally not change • ..but BT Wholesale & Openreach will make changes to ensure that products are delivered wholly equivalently to BT’s downstream divisions • The RFS or Ready for Service date is the date from which all new supply has to be equivalent • The IBMC or Installed Base Migration Complete date is the date from which the existing BT installed base must be migrated to the EOI product • For IPStream, BT Retail achieved IBMC on the same date as RFS i.e. one year early • Migrations involving an Equivalence of Inputs product must also be equivalent • Publication of KPIs for provision and repair • Wholly equivalent SOR process

  28. IPStream: Provision & Repair Malcolm Austin

  29. Workflow (CSS) IPstream Service Fulfilment for BT Retail and BT Global Services pre Dec ‘05 BTR/BTGS BTW CPs BT Retail/ BT GS Order Handling systems BTW Order Handling system (e.Co) BTW Broadband Provisioning OSS BTR/BTGS could monitor order progress Directly on CSS

  30. Workflow (CSS) IPstream Service Fulfilment for BT Retail and BT Global Services post Dec ‘05 BTR/BTGS BTW CPs BT Retail/ BT GS Order Handling systems BTW Order Handling system (e.Co) BTW Broadband Provisioning OSS BTR/BTGS can only monitor order progress via BTW systems & customer reports BTW still has direct access to CSS Which will be removed by EOI for new orders June ‘06 Openreach formed and CSS moved into Openreach Openreach

  31. IPstream Service Fulfilment post June ‘06 BB Communications Provider BB SMC BT Wholesale eCo The same principles apply to Assurance – singleton interface and reporting Broadband Order placed on FlowStream All BTW IPstream orders and reporting on progress is via singleton B2B Gateway interface. B2B Gateway KCI’s SMPF order created on CSS Openreach

  32. New Product DevelopmentBT Wholesale Keith Edwards

  33. Product development process • BT has always operated a single product development process designed to ensure SoRs from all customers are treated on equal terms. • We have reviewed and amended the process to : • deliver the Undertaking requirements around the separation of CNS and VNS • ensure 100% compliance with the process

  34. Key Changes and Benefits • Single, transparent process consistent with equivalence of input. • Separate focus and management of SMP products (CNS) and products of commercial significance (VNS) • Undertakings process discipline reinforced by • Code of Practice and associated management training • Revised terms of reference for Gating bodies (define attendance and information sharing) • New Products Requirements Forum established • ensures compliant and single point of entry to the product development process • improves integration with product plans • Key process documentation templates and guidelines revised • Ofcom Regulatory SoR Process unchanged, now operates in Openreach and BT Wholesale.

  35. > iterative < Product Development Investment Governance MD, Products & Strategy and Wholesale Executive MD, Products & Strategy Director, Product Management Director, Product Development Approvals Shared with EAB Estimated budget requirement based on deliverables. Split CNS / VNS / UNS Developed separately by CNS/VNS/UNS, with no view of resource constraints Based on view of resource envelope. Avoid undue discrimination Transparent decision making MD Products Investment prioritisation Product plans Costed work stack Prioritised work stack Process Approved annual funding envelope Product Development Board Allocates funds and resources. Conflicts resolved by MD, Products & Strategy

  36. Wholesale Customers MNO & Altnets BT Wholesale Product Development Process Flows Openreach (customer) Consumer & Business (Retail) Corporate & International (GS) ISPs and SPs Account/Commercial Management Service Lines (non wholesale) MARKETING Business Unit Product Requirements Forum (PRF) Internal & External Requirements / Product Management Wholesale Service Line Non BTW requirements only Product Development Board (PDB) Requirement Management Team (RMT)

  37. BTWholesale Portfolio Change Process Phases P0.Concept P1. Specify& Plan (feasibility) P2.Design & Implement P3. Testing/Trial P4.Launch P5.Closure Entry D1 D3 D4 D0 D2 GATES All SoRs Post Implementation Review PRF Product Development Board Portfolio Investment Forum Launch Go/NoGo Pricing – WPAG CIM Pricing agreed Launch agreed Feasibility funding Solution Design funding Development funding Customer Communication on Progress

  38. Product Development – Process Changes

  39. Cross Portfolio Migrations Guy Bradshaw

  40. Communication Provider Migrations Today Migrations Equivalence Demonstrated IP-IP Standard lead times Same order gateways IP-DS Same reporting mechanisms DS - IP Same order processes All CPs Same pricing IP - LLU Same systems LLU - IP

  41. Migrations Challenges PRODUCTS LINES NO. PORT CALLS BB LLU WLR CONVERGENCE • MAJOR CHALLENGES: • Alignment of processes, policies, systems, technologies • Implementing a single system across different work stacks and with Industry MULTIPLE MIGRATIONS

  42. Migrations Future Strategy Strategy To provide a seamless End to End standardised any-to-any migration process led by Consumers which neither favours the Gaining/Losing CP, yet allows free competition, ease of switching, takes account of multi provider/ multi product transfers and minimises End User involvement whilst satisfying the requirements of the Undertakings Key Principles Any solution must meet the objectives of keeping the Customers well informed and well protected. Customer experience must facilitate ease of switching The Solution: Symmetrical seamless migration processes Differentiation between product sets Aligned lead times 21CN compatibility Fully strategic systems Faster time to market Aligned KPIs The Benefit: ‘Spirit’ of the Undertakings Improved customer experience and flexibility Stove pipe developments eliminated Potential savings/increases efficiencies across industry Any-any migrations

  43. Migrations Going Forward • Developed an ‘equivalent’ framework • Based upon feedback from Industry • Awaiting outcome Ofcom consultation • Feasibility underway to test the broad technical viability (Upstream and Downstream)

  44. KPIsBT Wholesale Andy Kennedy

  45. New BT reporting structure Main BT PLC Board BT CEO Management reporting Compliance oversight EAB Operating Committee BT Retail BT GS OpenreachBoard BT Wholesale Board Board Board BT BT Global Openreach BT Retail Services Wholesale

  46. KPI reporting • BT reports monthly to the EAB on: • Progress towards delivering the Undertakings • Provision and repair for Equivalence of Input products plus DataStream and PPCs • Code of Practice training completion • Customer satisfaction measures • Employee attitudes & opinions (annually) • Complaints • BT reports quarterly to industry on: • Undertakings delivered • Product provision and repair KPIs • Code of Practice training completion • Details are at www.btplc.com/Thegroup/Regulatoryinformation/Ourundertakings/KeyPerformanceIndicators/

  47. BT Wholesale KPI principles • Objective is to demonstrate equivalence/transparency by measuring comparative service levels between customers • Complement existing published product KPIs • We will report product KPIs for: • IPStream • DataStream • PPCs • IPStream migrations • Initial reports will use those existing KPIs we consider most important: • Fulfilment / assurance • We will add/amend these over time following consultation with industry and the EAB • These KPIs will be reported monthly to the EAB and quarterly to industry

  48. Product KPIs Fulfilment % orders completed by CCD Assurance % Broadband faults cleared by BT Wholesale within 40 hrs of receipt BT IPstream Fulfilment % orders completed by CCD Assurance % Broadband faults cleared by BT Wholesale within 40 hrs of receipt BT Datastream Fulfilment The percentage of Service orders successfully completed on or before the committed delivery date Assurance The number and percentage of product faults that are cleared within 5 hours PPC

  49. Example Graphs Example KPI graphs (on the BT Group Web-site) • http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/Regulatoryinformation/Ourundertakings/KeyPerformanceIndicators/KeyProductPerformanceIndicators/index.htm

  50. Product KPIsMigrations Overview • Compare performance between the various “Broadband” migration paths (BT IPstream, BT Datastream and LLU) • No KPIs currently exist • Different processes and lead-times complicates direct comparison between migration types Proposal • For fulfilment use % success by Original Delivery Date • Initial KPI plans shared with UKCTA, measures now being developed

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