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welcome to physics n.
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Welcome to Physics

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Welcome to Physics
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Welcome to Physics

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  1. Welcome to Physics AP Physics 1 AP Physics C

  2. Who am I? • Mr. White • B.S. ChE, Lamar University, May, 1980 • MChE, U of H, May, 1988 • 21 years of industrial engineering experience • 9 years of physics teaching experience, at all levels

  3. What is physics? • Driven by “big ideas” and key concepts • Mathematical description of the physical world (mathematical models) • Standard nomenclature, with subscripts • Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, dimensional analysis, calculus (AP physics C), etc., will all be used • Units on numbers are ESSENTIAL

  4. What is AP Physics 1? • College level, trig based, intended for future medicine majors • Taught at the college level • Tested at the high school level • Approximately 15 labs, done during class time • Formal lab reports are required

  5. What Is AP Physics 1? (cont’d)? • AP test administered on 5/06/15 • There are two parts to the AP test, which is comprehensive • A calculator and equation sheet may be used on both parts of the AP test

  6. What is AP Physics 1? (cont’d) • MC test – 50 questions / 90 minutes • FR test – 4-5 questions / 90 minutes • FR test is VERY conceptual, and requires detailed written responses • The grading scale in this class is different • Scores will be low and adjustments will be made

  7. What AP Physics Isn’t • It isn’t PAP+ • It isn’t the content that can be learned on class room time alone • Minimal retesting • No extra credit • Re-teaching is only done during AP test prep

  8. Why AP Physics Exists • College professors see increasing numbers of unprepared freshman students • Steps are being taken to “weed out” the unqualified (UH freshman chem class) • AP Physics lets you see college level difficulty before college

  9. My Goals for You • Teach you how to: • Think analytically • Improve your math ability • Improve your study habits • Improve your long-term memory • Improve your science reading comprehension In other words, I want to prepare you for success at the college level, and I want you to trust that I know how to do that

  10. My methods • GUESS method for problem solving • Emphasis on units, dimensional analysis, factor/label method • Symbolic mathematics • Memorize and derive equations • Inquiry labs • A detailed course syllabus

  11. My Expectations • Follow posted classroom rules • Follow my instruction regarding physics • Students adhere to the items listed in the student physics contract • Students take personal responsibility for meeting deadlines • Students stay actively engaged in the learning process • All AP students will take the AP test

  12. Format Of My Class • We will strictly follow a published syllabus • Homework is assigned daily, and must be attempted for best results • Weekly after-school labs (Physics C) • Tests cover one chapter at a time • Tests alternate between FR and MC • FR tests MUST meet all of the AP rubric criteria

  13. Format Of My Class (cont’d) • MC tests contain questions from previous chapters • Raw scores are recorded in the grade book, and they will be LOW • Usually, highest GB average is adjusted to 95, and all GB averages are adjusted by the same amount

  14. Format Of My Class (cont’d) • For best effort with failing quarter average, IF all work is done, I’m willing to discuss • End of year – special topic that will give you an “edge” in your freshman classes

  15. Issues That Will Lead To AP Test Failure • Failure to adequately learn PAP physics • Low algebra skills • Low work ethic (senioritis = laziness) • Too much dependence on technology • Lack of critical thinking skills • Low maturity level / lack of focus • Arrogance – overestimating your ability and/or underestimating AP content

  16. Example Of Low PAP Scores • See “AP Student Past Performance 2013 – 2014.xls”

  17. Issues That Will Lead To AP Test Failure (cont’d) • Copying peers’ homework / cheating • Waiting until the night before a test to read the text book and/or study (cramming) • Cell phone or personal device usage during my lecture or when the “red flag” is posted • Too little time devoted to AP physics

  18. Your Role • Diligently follow ALL of the recommendations on the AP physics contract • Do some physics outside of class time every day • Memorize equations • Practice deriving equations • NEVER attempt to “cram” for tests

  19. Your Role (cont’d) • As I make you aware of weaknesses, practice working problems in that area • Commit to competing with your class mates

  20. Closing • For medicine or engineering majors, this is the correct class • To be successful, you will have to perform at a higher level than ever before • If you do what I say, when I say, there is a very good chance that you will pass the AP test