the peloponnesian war n.
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The Peloponnesian War PowerPoint Presentation
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The Peloponnesian War

The Peloponnesian War

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The Peloponnesian War

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  1. The Peloponnesian War The Beginning of the end….

  2. The Delian League • Athens decided to form an alliance of city-states in the 5th century BCE called the Delian League. This was done because: • The Persians remained a threat, even after defeat at Salamis. • The feud between Sparta and Athens was erupting again.

  3. More on the Delian League… • The League met on the Island of Delos. • Each member contributed ships, money and soldiers. • Athens was the most dominant city-state in the League. • The Delian League essentially became an Athenian Empire

  4. “Ummm…excuse me”- Sparta • Sparta, not to be out done forms a “league of her own”- The Peloponnesian League

  5. Let’s Get ready to Rumble…. • After Athens tried to expand its empire into central Greece • AND • Athens stopped some city-states in the Peloponnesian league from trading with Delian league city-states…. • SPARTA & ATHENS FIGHT!!! 4


  7. The War… • Sparta marched her army to the country-side near Athens. • Pericles, the great Athenian general, ordered all Athenians to get within the city walls. • The navy would be dispatched to attack enemy coasts and ships. Pericles

  8. For heroes have the whole earth for their tomb; and in lands far from their own, where the column with its epitaph declares it, there is enshrined in every breast a record unwritten with no tablet to preserve it, except that of the heart." Pericles' Funeral Oration as recorded by Thucydides Tragedy Strikes • Disease sweeps through a crowded Athens killing many (1/3 of the population)- even Pericles. • The city is left weakened. However, the war rages on with either side winning small victories.

  9. And we keep on going… • The war dragged on with heavy losses on both sides. • Persia supported the Spartan effort with $$$$$$$. • With this cash, Sparta was able to build a fleet of ships…eventually to defeat the Athenian navy Greek Trireme

  10. The end…. • In 404 BCE Athens surrendered, giving up its foreign possessions and its fleet to become an ally of Sparta. • However, Sparta’s attempt to dominate its former allies led to renewed conflict among Greek city-states. • The inability of the city-states to form an allegiance left them vulnerable to ATTACK But from Whom??

  11. Those Pesky northerners… • Although a Greek-speaking people, the MACEDONIANS were seen as barbaric by their neighbours to the south. • Under the leadership of Phillip II, Macedonia built an efficient army and turned them into the chief power of the Greek world.

  12. “I have a Dream…” • In 338 BCE, Phillip’s forces crushed the Greeks at Chaeronea. • This ended the independence of the Greek city-states. • They were now under the rule of Macedonia. • Phillip wanted to invade Asia, but he was assassinated. • The invasion would be left to his son….

  13. Your Tasks… • Read pages 120-122, and answer questions 1-3. • Read “The Hellenistic Age” and answer questions 1-5. • HAVE A GREAT LONG WEEKEND!!…don’t be like Calvin