revised scqf credit rating process 28 february 2012 n.
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Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process 28 February 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process 28 February 2012

Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process 28 February 2012

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Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process 28 February 2012

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  1. Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process28 February 2012

  2. Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process Background to Changes • Until recently SQA Accreditation’s role in confirming SCQF credit rating has largely been limited to SVQs • The Scottish Government stated that ‘Any new qualifications that are accredited will also be placed on the SCQF’ • The new proposed process for credit rating was approved by the Accreditation Committee in September 2011 • This new process allows SQA Accreditation to approve the credit rating of all accredited qualifications (if they meet the criteria for credit rating) • This process is now ‘live’

  3. Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process Policy The policy allows us to approve* credit rating when all of the following apply: • The qualification is accredited or approved by SQA Accreditation or is submitted for accreditation at the same time as the credit rating submission • The qualification has been credit rated using the SQA Accreditation approved methodology • The submission includes full evidence to support the credit rating values and levels * It should be noted that SCQF credit rating approved by ACG will not apply before the commencement of the accreditation period of that qualification

  4. The Credit Rating Process

  5. Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process Methodology • The methodology for credit rating has been updated to include all accredited qualifications but essentially remains the same • Evidence driven • A reduction in the paperwork • New qualification and credit rating grid - we will post the ACG approved information on our website • There is a guidance document to assist organisations in credit rating accredited qualifications Credit Rating and Levelling Qualifications for the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

  6. Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process Benefits of Credit Rating your Qualifications • Supports the Scottish Government's lifelong learning strategy • Free support and free credit rating recognition for qualifications that will be accredited • One step service- accreditation and credit rating • Must be accredited and credit rated if the qualification will be used in a Modern Apprenticeship Framework

  7. Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process Next Steps • View information on our website- • Contact one of the Accreditation Manager’s to discuss further • Take advantage of free access to our support and training

  8. Revised SCQF Credit Rating Process Any questions?