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LEO BIGGER. «Israel rises like a lioness ; they rouse themselves like a lion .» The Bible , Numbers 23:24. I. Fight for your “ territory / area ”!. The question of passion : what do I enjoy doing most ? when do I feel most alive ? which circumstance makes me angry ?

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  2. «Israel riseslike a lioness; theyrousethemselveslikea lion.» The Bible, Numbers 23:24

  3. I. Fight foryour “territory/area”!

  4. The questionofpassion: • what do I enjoydoingmost? • when do I feelmostalive? • whichcircumstancemakesmeangry? • what do I condemn? • what do I liketotalkaboutmost? • what do I fightfor?

  5. In 1963 Martin Luther King stood on thestepsofthe Lincoln Memorial: I have a dream!

  6. Martin Luther King: Itwas hispassiontobecomeequal!

  7. In theforties, Billy Graham filledwholestadiumstotellpeopleofGod’slove!

  8. Billy Graham: It was hispassiontoexcitepeopleforGod!

  9. Since May 1996 I, Leo Bigger, havebeenleading ICF Zurich, a newkindofchurch!

  10. Leo Bigger: alreadyas a child I had a passionforGodandthechurch!

  11. II. Stand up! «Israel riseslike a lioness ...» The Bible, Numbers 23:24

  12. The fearfulone! «The wickedfleethoughnoonepursues, but therighteousareasboldas a lion.» The Bibel, Proverbs 28:1

  13. The immobilizedone! «Goddoesn’tusethebest, but thosewhoallowthemselves tobeusedbyHim best.» Quote

  14. The tamedone! «The Spirit youreceiveddoes not makeyouslaves, so thatyou live in fearagain; rather, the Spirit youreceivedbroughtaboutyouradoptiontosonship.» The Bible, Romans 8:15

  15. The trappedone! «Trust God in everysituation! Do whatyoucan andGod will do whatyoucan’t.» Quote

  16. The comfortableone!

  17. III. Take overyourplace! «Israel riseslike a lioness; theyrousethemselveslike a lion. The Bible, Numbers 23:24

  18. Yourpatience will become thereward!

  19. «As a liongrowls, a greatlionoveritsprey - andthough a whole band ofshepherdsiscalledtogetheragainstit, itis not frightenedbytheirshoutsordisturbedbytheirclamor - so the Lord Almighty will come down to do battle on Mount Zion and on itsheights.» The Bible, Isaiah 31:4

  20. Yourweakness will become thevictory!

  21. Yourdisappointment will becomethemiracle!

  22. «Blessedarethosewhosedreamsareshapedbytheirhopes, not theirhurts.» Robert Schuller

  23. «Nowwhen David hadservedGod’spurpose in hisowngeneration, he fell.» The Bible, Acts 13:36

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