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What makes Italian Designs the Best Among Interior designs?

Italy is a worldwide trendsetter in design, often having led and inspired many other design features worldwide and carrying a name that is recognized everywhere. Read more!

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What makes Italian Designs the Best Among Interior designs?

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  1. Article: Cerruticontract.com WHAT MAKES ITALIAN DESIGNS THE BEST AMONG INTERIOR DESIGNS Italian design – the name by itself invokes a refined sense of elegance and taste. It is favoured worldwide for its beauty and clear features. Italy is a worldwide trendsetter in design, often having led and inspired many other design features worldwide and carrying a name that is recognised everywhere. The urban design features and the elegance of older centuries combine to form pieces that stand testimony to the amazing phenomenon that is ‘ItalianDesign’. In the furniture department, the Italian designs are favoured mainly for their class and sophistication. Italian designers have always found the right balance between the elegance that was required in the classical ages decades ago, and the modern utility based creative structure required today. The Italian design features are stylish and use the best of material available to create masterpieces that speaks of elegance, exotic creativity and a unique style that is instantly recognisable. Pieces of furniture inspired by Italian designs are growing popular, which should be an indication of how the original design would have been received. Italian designed creative furniture and other interior designs are being increasingly favoured for homes across the world. The perfection and tenacity of the designers contributes to this popularity. Italian design is more about the attention to detail, the hand crafted pieces, high quality materials, and the design and crafting done to perfection no matter how big or small the pieces are. Most design companies like Cerruti Contracts have been in the furnishing and interior designing business for decades, with two successive generations in the trade. The companies are custom furniture makers who make Italian contemporary furniture and interior fit out. These interior design companies are involved in commercial interior construction and also design high end contemporary furniture. The homes that hire the interior fit out company like Cerruti Contract can be sure of their furniture and fittings being from best quality and with the most amazing of designs that combine both the beauty of classical tradition and the requirement of modern utility. The resultant product is an amalgamation of what would be called refined elegance. The team of furniture makers should be dedicated to the craft, finding the right balance between creativity and utility. There are designs that work differently for different settings and it is the job of the designers to work out which design works best for which environment. The industrial level emphasis laid on the process of making furniture makes the products longer lasting. Each piece gets individual attention, tuned to perfection to the last minute detail. The planning and prototyping are done with meticulous detailing. The material, colours, effects etc., are discussed at length with the customer before the designs are finalised. Once the design and planning phase is done, the furniture making begins, taking inputs from the various styles available in Italian design and incorporates the best of them into each individual piece designed. The furniture pieces are also checked for endurance and practical testing after assembly so that the best feature is not only the design but also the durability. About the Company

  2. Article: Cerruticontract.com Cerruti Contract are specialized in contract furniture, and till today we realize big complexity interiors all over the world, we carry this hand-craft soul made of high quality materials, attention to the detail, tradition and testing, perfectionism and tenacity, everywhere. The stylists are Ferré, Verri, Versace. We are attracted by change and we pass from high level hand- craft to the interpretation of trends and lifestyles. For ten years, we work almost exclusively for Gianni Versace. For everybody a legendary brand, for Il Piccolo a school and a testing workshop. Giving concreteness to Versace’s dreams means to try new and precious materials: boiserie, gold, brass, crystals, inlays.

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