how much will i earn and is it enough probably not n.
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How much will I earn and is it enough? (probably not…..) PowerPoint Presentation
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How much will I earn and is it enough? (probably not…..)

How much will I earn and is it enough? (probably not…..)

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How much will I earn and is it enough? (probably not…..)

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  1. How much will I earn and is it enough? (probably not…..)

    Cathy Kenny Vice President for Finance & Administration Mount Saint Mary College
  2. Types of Employers: Not-for-profit: tax-exempt, operate for educational or charitable purposes Public: stock is traded on open market Private: Stock is privately held, not traded on an exchange Governmental
  3. The Wage Gap
  4. Know what you are worth! Research average salaries for your target position at sites like: Remember! salaries will differ by geographic region Don’t know your “Job Title”? Search on websites like And in the NY Times Jobs Section Using the “keywords” field to find Job Titles that match your Qualifications.
  5. Some Typical Employee Benefits: Medical Insurance Dental Insurance Life Insurance 401(k) or other Retirement Plan Short and/or Long Term Disability Benefits Paid Sick Time Paid Vacation Time Paid Holidays Relocation Expense Tuition Reimbursement for continuing education Employee Assistance Program Flexible Spending Account Unreimbursed medical expenses Childcare Some employers offer “Cafeteria-style” plans –choose the benefits that are most important to you!
  6. Market Place Adjustments Affect Both your Salary and your Cost of Living! In this comparison of four cities, average teaching salaries can differ by as much as $14,000/year or almost $1,200 per month!
  7. Average cost of a one bedroom apartment* In this comparison of the same four cities, average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment can differ by as much as $1,650 per month or $19,800 per year! *
  8. Tools like this Salary Wizard can help you compare expected salary versus the cost of living among several cities – answering the question – Does It make sense to relocate? Cost of Living Wizard can be found at
  9. Prepare a Realistic Budget Calculate your monthly income (take-home pay) Calculate your monthly expenses: Rent Utilities Gas & Electric Cable Phone Savings Car Loan Credit Card Payments Student Loan Payments Insurance Food Gas Clothing Entertainment Subtract Total Monthly Expenses from Monthly Income to determine if you need to make adjustments !
  10. CREDIT CARD DEBT – WHY IT NEVER SEEMS TO GO AWAY! In 2009, average credit Card debt per person hovered around $4,100. making just the minimum payment, it will take over nine years to pay off the balance! Invest $4,100 for the same period of time and earn $1,350 in interest PLUS avoid $1,900 in interest expense for a total of $3,250 cash in your pocket!
  11. Your Credit Score is determined by the following factors: Your credit score determines: the interest rate you pay when you borrow the amount of money you can borrow whether you are eligible for credit You are entitled to receive a free copy of your credit report once every twelve months. is a website sponsored by the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion). Yourcredit score counts!