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  1. Instructions • Hello!This is a self-paced slideshow. When you are finished reading the information presented to you, click the left -mouse button.In some instances, this will execute an animation while in others it will advance you to the next slide.Thank you! End User Support Team

  2. BC & OLB Systems Update Putting Call Detail Records Online for Portal Customers Created by Jeffrey Eagle, End User Support Team.

  3. Overview • As of April 20th, Portal wholesale customers will be able to view their invoice data via the Business Center/OLB system. • Portal customers will be able to download: • PDF of their invoice • Trunk Usage Summary (TUS) report • Rated Call Detail Record (CDR) files • This will significantly reduce the time from bill cycle run to when the customer receives their billing data. • It also eliminates the expense related to burning the billing data to CDs or Tapes. End User Support Team

  4. Specifications Portal wholesale customers: • Will register for the Business Center like all other customers. • Registration process is not any different. • Will not pay their bill online. • They pay the same way as they do now. • Will only see the BC if they have a registered SView account as well. • Users registered for only a Portal account are taken directly to the OLB CDR Portal. • Will be found within Linx. • Like all other BC Access, it is maintained by Linx. End User Support Team

  5. Stepping Into Their World Viewing TheBusiness Center Changes Created by Jeffrey Eagle, End User Support Team.

  6. From this page: • Existing users enter their User ID and Password before clicking Login. • New users should click the Register button. Accessing Business Center • Open \\ End User Support Team

  7. Portal customers will register for the Business Center using the same process already in place for all other customers. When completing the form, remember: Passwords require a six character minimum containing at least one number and one capital letter. User names must be unique across the entire system. If necessary, write down the user name and password selected. The Account Number field has been updated to accept the Portal Billing Account number. New User Registration End User Support Team

  8. Account Overview (BC) When customers have both Portal and SingleView billed accounts within the Business Center, the Portal billed account will always take precedence in the My Locations table. Notice that it appears at the top of the list and does not display the balance or the option to pay. The format for a Portal account number is always: The last half of the account number is 5-6 digits in length. This is the account number the customer should use when registering for the BC. Click the Portal account number to enter the OLB CDR Portal. This customer has both Portal billed and SingleView billed accounts connected to their Business Center Login. When the customer has both type of accounts available, they will be taken into the standard Business Center. For Portal only accounts, the login will bypass the Business Center and take the customer directly to the Online Billing (OLB) CDR Portal. End User Support Team

  9. Billing Welcome Page (OLB) • For Portal customers, the OLB display is streamlined. • Portal customers do not have the same options as SingleView billed customers. • The Billing Welcome page displays: • Account Name • Account Number • Invoice Date & Number • Total Due • Due Date • Notice: Portal customers cannot pay their bill online. Additional navigation is accomplished using the options in the left panel. End User Support Team

  10. Change Account Page (OLB) When the Business Center username that is logged into OLB has access to more than one account, they can switch between them using the Change Account page. The customer does not have to exit OLB and return to the Business Center! They can simply click the new account number they want to access right inside OLB! Notice: Customers are able to toggle between the OLB CDR Portal and the standard OLB. They are not restricted to moving between only Portal accounts or only SView accounts. End User Support Team

  11. Invoice Summary Page (OLB) • The Invoice Summary screen displays information about the selected bill: • Invoice Date • Previous Balance • Current Charges • Total Invoice Amount • Customers can always change invoices using the Invoice pull-down menu. • This menu will hold the last 2 months of invoices. • Any bill messages or news for the customer is also displayed on this screen. End User Support Team

  12. Downloads Page (OLB) • The Downloads page is the main focus behind this project. • Portal billed customers will be able to download: • Invoice – A PDF of their entire printed bill. • TUS – A CSV file containing the Trunk Usage Summary. • Call Details – A CSV file containing the call details for the account. The TUS and CDR files are generally large for all Portal billed customers. For this reason, they are downloaded as a zipped file. Also due to file size, the Call Detail may be broken up into multiple files to ease the download process. End User Support Team

  13. Trunk Usage Summary CSV • After being downloaded and unzipped, this is an example of the TUS file as opened with Microsoft Excel: End User Support Team

  14. Call Detail CSV Download The Call Detail download screen allows customers to obtain their call detail report. Due to its size, the Call Detail Report is broken into multiple files to ease the download process. The files are listed in chronological order from oldest to newest. Each file contains up to 1 million records. This customer account contains only one file. If there were more, they would be displayed in additional table rows as Call Detail Report 2, Call Detail Report 3 and so on. End User Support Team

  15. Call Detail Report CSV • After being downloaded and unzipped, this is an example of the CDR file as opened with Microsoft Excel: End User Support Team

  16. Contact XO (BC) • Back to the Business Center! To get back into Business Center, click on Home from within OLB. Then to get where we are, click on Contact XO inside the BC. • The option selected in the Issue Type field will help to determine the customer experience. • Business Center & Trouble – When choosing these options, the customer will be presented with the form to complete. These customer contacts are handled by Care as normal. • Billing & Orders – When choosing these options, the customer will be presented with the location menu.If the customer selects the Portal location, they will be directed to contact Revenue Assurance. If you would like to speak with us regarding this account, you may reach us at 888-225-0737. End User Support Team

  17. Coming Back To Your World Linx And TheBusiness Center Created by Jeffrey Eagle, End User Support Team.

  18. Locate Account Contact (LINX) • As with other customers, to work with the Business Center information: • Start by locating the desired account. • Click Contacts on the View bar. • Click the First Name of the desired contact. Remember: You can also search for a contact using the Contacts Screen tab to look for their name or email address. You do not have to start at the Accounts tab. Remember: You can rearrange the columns in this list applet by dragging and dropping them to place them in a more efficient order for your job. End User Support Team

  19. Business Center Tab (LINX) • While on the Contacts Screen Tab, scroll down to the Business Center tab – it’s already selected for you! The User Type for a Portal Only customer who registered online will display as Portal. For Portal/SView combination customers, the User Type will likely be set to a Business Center user type. Note: A customer who wishes to view the OLB CDR Portal must not be set to Basic User. This will disable their access to the OLB CDR Portal. As with other customers, you can use the BC User Login button to log into the BC as the selected BC User ID. End User Support Team

  20. Business Center – Accounts Tab • The Accounts sub-tab of the Business Center section of Linx shows you the accounts to which the User ID has access. The Billing System field is used to control which view the customer sees for the account when logged into Business Center. Every Portal billed customer has an associated Linx and SingleView account. While the Portal BAN is not shown here, it can be found under the Accounts area of Linx. • The Billing System menu options include: • SV : Customer has access to the Business Center and standard OLB for that account. • SV/Portal : Customer has access to the Business Center, standard OLB and the OLB CDR Portal for that account. • Portal : Customer has access to only the OLB CDR Portal for the account. If this is the only account on the User ID, login will bypass the BC and go directly to the OLB CDR Portal. When using Linx to create a BC User, be sure to set the Access Status to Active and change the Billing System from Unassigned to the appropriate value for the account with which you are working. Note: This column order has been customized. Remember, you can rearrange the columns in this list applet by dragging and dropping them. End User Support Team

  21. Portal BAN In Linx • The Portal BAN can be found within Linx using the Account Screen Tab. By customizing the List Applet on the Accounts tab, you can add the Portal Billing Account Number column. The Portal BAN is also found on the Account Form Applet when reviewing the search results of a Magnifying Glass Query. End User Support Team

  22. Portal BAN – Still In Linx Additionally, the Portal BAN is found on the Account Form Applet after an account is selected. For example, when selecting a View Tab this is the Account Form that is displayed. This field only appears in the Show More view. End User Support Team

  23. Billing Management Tab (LINX) • Portal billing information is notaccessible under the Billing Management tab in Linx. To access the billing information for a Portal billed customer, you can use XBills. http://xbills The login to XBills is a unique name and password. It is not tied to your workstation login. Once logged in, you can search for the customer using their Account Name or Portal Billing Account Number. End User Support Team

  24. End of Show • This has been a self paced learning presentation. • If you have questions related to this slideshow, please contact your local End User Support Personnel, Supervisor or Manager. Have a great day! End User Support Team