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  1. INSTRUCTIONS • Click SAVE AS – “NAME’s user name Info Book” • Type all of your information first, paying careful attention to what goes where. These pre-made slides are ready for you to use! • AFTER you’re done typing everything, you may add pictures, edit font, change colors of slides, or even add animations! Make this Info Book something you’ll be proud to publish!  • Finally, delete this slide, and SAVE

  2. Gymnastics By: Julia

  3. Table of Contents • Chapter 1:Introdution • Chapter 2: What do you need • Chapter 3: Safety • Chapter 4: Practice • Chapter 5: Learn more • Chapter 6: Respect • Glossary

  4. Chapter 1: Introduction What can we do with all this space? Why don’t we add some gymnastics stuff like a floor beam and a mat. Do you like gymnastics? Iam crazy about gymnastics! Gymnastics is my hobby!!

  5. Chapter 2: What Do You Need Gear is something you need in gymnastics. The thing you need are at least 5 mats and a bar also a beam and cochins . The things you can wear are a sweatshirt and a tank top under with work out pants, you can also wear a leotard with shorts or with out. You may also wear a shirt with comfy pants with it. You also need some hand chalk for the bars because you don’t want your hands to slip.

  6. Chapter 3: Safety Being safe is very important thing because if you don’t do the right thing you will get hurt, that wont be good. You should always listen and be careful what you do. Try your best, try not to do the wrong thing .

  7. Chapter 4:Practice Practice helps you do better and complete it, before you practice you should stretch and warm up. Stretching in gymnastics is to try putting your hand to your feet.

  8. Chapter 5:Learn More Pay attention to your teacher and don’t fiddle around with your outfit or play with your friends. Try to only go on the equipment you are allowed to go on. Also don’t eat any food before gym nascits or else you will be behind and feel sick.

  9. Chapter 6: Respect It is important to respect your teacher and friends. Also don’t pull others off equipment and be nice to the equipment. Don’t do the wrong do the right thing.

  10. About the author • Julia is a avid swimmer, Julia has been doing swimming for a couple years as well as gymnastics. Julia favorite food is Mac & chesse. She has two frogs named is Franklin the boy, Fiona is the girl. Julia lives with a brother that is almost 11 years old, she also lives with her mom and dad. Julia grew up in Birmingham, MI. Her favorite thing to do is play with your friends and family members.

  11. Glossary Equipment–Things that you need to use • Gear– Is something you wear • Warm up– is something that you need to do, it makes you healthy • Beam – is something that you use in gym nascits

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