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Weight Loss Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

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Weight Loss Program

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  1. Weight Loss Program Equipment/Software By: Jack Schetter

  2. Purpose… • “Provide your clients with safe and effective ways to help track and lose body fat, using the most up to date and efficient technology” • “Offer you the most affordable tools necessary to make your new weight loss program successful at your facility!”

  3. My fitness pal Description Portable smart phone application that can be accessed through cellular and or computer device Purpose Allows you to track your recommended macronutrient and calorie consumption throughout the day

  4. My fitness Pal application Use • Easy to use daily food tracker • Follow and keep up with friends also using M.F.P. • Tracks fiber and micronutrient intake Cost FREE! Download at app store on your smart phone or visit My Fitness Pal Website

  5. Power 995 Treadmill Description • extra-long 20" x 60" tread belt • Innovative cushioning • Built in fan and folds to help you save space Purpose Exercise device to help you drop pounds while providing personalized weight loss workouts to help you burn calories!

  6. Power 995 Treadmill Use Gives clients a safe and effective exercising device which will accurately calculate their progress Cost $949.00 with free shipping! Order at Pro-Form Website

  7. Omron Portable Body Fat Analyzer (Model HBF-306) Description Delivers quick and accurate body fat measurements by relaying messages through sending electrical currents throughout the body (#1 Best Seller) Purpose Features a memory profile to store your clients body fat measurements, allowing you to track their progress

  8. Omron Portable Body Fat Analyzer (Model HBF-306) Use Safely, quickly, and affordably analyze clients’ body fat measurements through this hand held device Cost $29.99! Order off

  9. Omron Heart rate monitor Description • Easy to program monitor • Ventilated watch band • Water resistant watch • Chest Transmitter Belt Purpose Maximize workouts by getting optimal aerobic benefits!

  10. Omron Heart Rate Monitor Use Accurately monitor heart rate levels during any type of aerobic activity (65%-80% Max HR) Cost $49.99 Order off of

  11. Cintz Agility Training Kit Description • Speed ladder (20 ft.) • 6 in” Hurdles (10 pcs.) • 2” Orange Cones (12 pcs.) • Free Bag to store equipment Purpose Use equipment within your facilities own workout studio, or take outdoors during appropriate weather

  12. Cintz Agility Training Kit Use Provide your own effective fat burning workout, while getting this total package for a convenient price! Cost $84.99 plus FREE shipping Order now off

  13. THE END! Grand total = $1,114.00 Purchase order now to succeed in your future weight loss program!