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Student Records Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Records Management

Student Records Management

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Student Records Management

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  1. Student Records Management Records and Archives Services Branch Student Files December 2013

  2. Background • Any student who commenced at any Australian or Malaysia campus on or after January 2009 or July 2012 respectively will have an electronic student file only.

  3. Record Types and Security Record Types There are over 35 different record types in HP TRIM ranging from Student Records, Staff Records and Administration Records. As a HP TRIM user you will have access to over 20 of these record types and to any unrestricted information within them. Security Security applies to many levels within HP TRIM to ensure that information is accessible only to authorised staff members. For example: As student records users you will never be able to access Human Resources files and conversely HR staff will never be able to access student information. Presentation title

  4. Locating Hardcopy Files Prior to the introduction of electronic records management systems Student records were all managed as hardcopy files and documents. Undergraduate and Graduate coursework student files were stored and maintained on the home campus of the student. • Undergraduate student at Caulfield campus would be stored and managed at Caulfield campus. PhD or Research Degree Students (HDR in HP TRIM) traditionally had their hardcopy student files stored in Student Files on Clayton campus. Presentation title

  5. Student File Creations To ensure that information is available to Student Records Users. Student information is extracted from Callista and exported to HP TRIM weekly. Included in the upload is data for students who have a course attempt status of: • ENROLLED; • INTERMIT; or • INACTIVE; UNCONFIRMED students are not created in HP TRIM. Presentation title

  6. Managing Disposal Disposal The Student Files section are responsible for the management of Student records including the Disposal of Student Records which must comply with the university’s retention and disposal schedule . Student files are retained for 7 years following the completion or discontinuation of a course by a student. If a file has been destroyed it is recorded in HP TRIM. Presentation title

  7. Student File Creations If the Student File you are looking for is not in HP TRIM, email the student information to the Student Files to request a student file creation. Presentation title

  8. Enquiries Student File questions: Student files staff will assist if you have any queries regarding student files and student documents or if you are searching for a hardcopy file – located at any campus. Phone: Ext 53014 Email: Presentation title

  9. Session Overview Basic Session: • Loading TRIM; • Settings & TRIM Screens; • Searching; Advanced Session: • Registering a Document; • Modifying a Record; • Managing Access Control; Presentation title

  10. Logging Into TRIM Logging into HP TRIM is via your authcate user name and password. Everything that you do in HP TRIM is captured in an audit log so you should never share your user name and password. Presentation title