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  1. GK YOUTH Stance 7 MAY 2011

  2. What has happened • GK Philippines and other countries have separated GK and CFC ANCOP • GK ANCOP Australia wanted to remain as the organisation here in Australia that would support both GK and ANCOP however this was not approved by Philippines • Hence 2 separate entities have to be created

  3. As of Today • GK ANCOP Australia still exists and GK Youth is its youth arm • Transition stage has begun wherein CFC ANCOP will no longer accept donations to sponsor a NEW GK village; rather focusing on maintaining the existing 28 Australian communities and implementing Advocacy Groups  • Gawad Kalinga Ltd in Australia is establishing a new Board and also in charge of hosting the upcoming GK Global Summit

  4. As for GK Youth • Australia is the only country in the world with an operative "GK Youth", unique in its heritage as "Young ANCOP" • Although transition has begun, it is important for us to know that GK Youth Australia continues to focus on its two (2) main programs: GATs and GKOM • GK Youth Australia still exists as the youth arm of CFC ANCOP Australia. We still utilise ANCOP's Public Liability Insurance and Tax Deductibility for our events and donations • No exclusivity in our service: focus on GK Youth events but also serve in Soup Kitchen and other initiatives • The future is uncertain if GK Youth decides to be the official youth arm of Gawad Kalinga Ltd in Australia ie. Depending on the outcomes of the Transition phase and for future leaders and members to analyse.

  5. Objectives • To promote the values of sharing and caring and the principles of what we know as the “GK way” • To be the beacon of service and volunteerism in Australia in helping the poor and disadvantaged within Australia and overseas

  6. Options • Drop the name “GK” • Back to old name “Young ANCOP” will need to get used to • Marketing ANCOP may be challenging • Need to build up ANCOP reputation and fame • Rename and some changes with YGAT and Advocacy programs • New processes need to be established – finance, communication and operations • Unknown support from elders • Strategy is unclear CFC ANCOP GK AUSTRALIA Continue with promoting and using the name GK GK is well known among many • Continuity of processes • Continue with YGAT, Advocacy Group, City to Surf, Ambassador programs • Continue support from CFC Tito’s and Tita’s • Tax deductible • ANCOP strategy has been presented