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Best Athletic Socks - Stance PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Athletic Socks - Stance

Best Athletic Socks - Stance

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Best Athletic Socks - Stance

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  1. Best Athletic Socks Best Athletic Socks - - Stance Stance Marathon running is definitely a great athletic activity we all are fond of. Other activities include trekking, basketball, strength training, swimming, skiing and a whole lot of them. While choosing the best athletic socks, you need to pay detailed attention to the fabrics with which they are being designed. Other tips and ideas on choosing the right pair of socks should make your buy easier. In this online guide, we are going to look at factors that help you decide the best athletic socks. Light is thrown on the criteria for choosing the right kind of athletic socks. You also have other insider hints that impact your buy. Let us dig into some of them: Choosing fabrics Choosing fabrics is of a paramount importance is of a paramount importance You need to choose fabrics that make you feel comfortable all-day long. You might be on the field eight hours of strength training to perform for the upcoming Olympics race or basket-ball match. Socks designed using Merino wool is completely breathable. As the wool is derived from the Merino sheep of New Zealand, the yarn is extremely soft and cushiony. The wool is odor free, highly durable and shrink-free too. Socks designed using Merino wool is

  2. extremely popular among athletes, hikers and back-packers too. The socks wick moisture very fast. Other breathable materials include acrylic, cotton, nylon and Lycra. But cotton traps moisture very fast and your feet will start feeling soggy. Nylon is blended with other fabrics. You may find 20% to 50% of the sock’s fabric. When you count on durability, nylon socks are the best. You have Lycra socks that vouch for durability and grip too. Here, you come to know how choosing the right fabric is of paramount importance. Consider the sock height Consider the sock height If you are looking for the right kind of athletic socks, considering its height is of absolute relevance. Ankle socks are the shortest while quarter socks are taller. Thigh high socks are also known as stockings. Ankle socks are great for running or biking especially with low-top shoes. Crew shoes are fabulous for backpacking and hiking. Over the calf socks are fabulous choices for skiing. Brands on stylish ankle socks for women are Sucha square, Uncommon Classic Lowrider, Morning star, Garden Goddess, Schooled You and Primavera. Diablo, Erotic Void, Artefact, OG, Face Melt, Stalker, Space trip and Buzzy are classic crew collections for men. These are exclusive labels on socks brought to you via an online Canadian store named Stance. You can log onto, to know what else lies in store. Consider the sock weight or thickness Consider the sock weight or thickness

  3. Are you aiming for a great cushioning effect? Then a thicker pair of socks is the one you should ideally be looking for. Thicker socks also carry a higher amount of wool into them. Thicker socks can also keep you warmer. This is especially true if you are residing in extremely cold countries. Mid-weight or heavy weight socks are the obvious choices to protect yourself from the biting cold. For summers, you may want to go for socks that are as light as feather. If you are into running, hiking or long distance performance, going in for mid-weight socks are the best. Stance offers you with our coolest collections. Huntsman Outdoor, McConnell Trek, Cottonwood Adventure Outdoor are great choices for back-packers, hikers and trekkers. For those tight-nick basket-ball matches, we have Hoops Icon Crew, Game day Strike, Game Day QTR, Monsters Jersey and Space Jam Galaxy. For running, you can choose Strom Trooper Crew, Uncommon Solids Wool Crew, Marathon Lite Tab, Slanted Crew, Smoked Camo tab. If you are undergoing Olympics or strength training, athletes can look for these. Training Uncommon Solids Tab, United Crew, Shape up tab, Tropicana Crew, Athletic Icon 2 and Intricate Crew. Another tip for long Another tip for long- -distance hikers distance hikers For long distance hikers, it is always better to carry additional pairs of socks. Carrying two to three varieties with different weights can come in handy. This is important as the weather can change from hot, breezy and rainy to cold. If you are back packing for two weeks in a row, you can carry multiple pairs of durable socks.

  4. Look for compression Look for compression This is another important tip while looking for the best pair of athletic socks. Running socks should be designed in such a way that they gently compress your heel or calf muscles. The gentle compression in fact aids improved increased blood circulation to your feet muscles. The athletic pair of socks can further reduce your tiredness thereby boosting your recovery time. This way, you never feel tired even after miles of running. You need to look for a designer that manufactures running/athletic socks. You can find performance driven socks. For running, hiking, marathon, snow, skating and training at the Canadian sock store namely the Stance. Protection Protection When you look for high-end socks that are durable for athletic activities, this is one thing you need to keep in kind. Look for that extra dose of padding or cushioning. The extra padding touches upon the heel, toes and the ball of your foot. This way, your ultimate pair of socks gives you with ample shock absorbers. You are able to protect high-impact areas from blisters. Arch Arch/Ankle /Ankle support support Athletes will always have hours of practice on and off the field. So you need to pay ample attention to choosing the right pair of socks. Look for socks that are designed with elasticized material like Lycra. You will find that your sock remains in place while playing basket-ball or practicing your high-jump feats or even while running. You get support for the arch of your foot.

  5. Lycra also provides better grip therefore aiding ankle support. Blister support technology Blister support technology Some of the pairs of socks are provided with a sophisticated 360 technology that provides an overall support or grip to your feet area. This way, you get ample support or cushioning to protect yourself from those painful blisters. Blisters can be a nightmare for runners wanting to win the finishing line. Dedicated right and left leg socks Dedicated right and left leg socks If your right leg is taller or heavier than your left leg, buy a pair of socks that fits both of them at ease. As an athlete, it is very important you have this option figured out too. These are some of the intrinsic factors you look for, while scouting for the best athletic socks. Stance provides a wide range of athlete socks for men, women and kids that are designed to meet the individual requirements. Just get online and browse through the collections today!