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Business with-Social Media-Instagram PowerPoint Presentation
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Business with-Social Media-Instagram

Business with-Social Media-Instagram

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Business with-Social Media-Instagram

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  1. How​​​​to​​​​Grow​​​​Our​​​​Business​​​​with​​​​Instagram Social Media is now one of the main marketing platforms that business owners use to level up their consumer reach, engage with their customers and gain extra exposure. Unlike other platforms, social media is one more personal and opens your brand to other ​marketing opportunities such as being able to create an identity online, establishing a relationship with the customers and being available when​​they​​have​​the​​queries​​and​​suggestions. In line with this, Instagram is one of the social media networks that shoppers turn to for references. Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform, with over​​600​​million​​users​​logging​​into​​browse​​and​​share​​the​​visual​​content. If you follow the accurate steps and post the right images, your brand’s Instagram account can turn passive users into confident shoppers without hard-selling your products​​and​​services.

  2. Here​​are​​some​​ways​​to​​leverage​​this​​wonderful​​social​​feature​​for​​your​​business: ● Optimize​​​​your​​​​Profile: Provide a concise description, valuable brand information and contact details in your profile. Keep it short but simple and interesting as much as possible,​​avoid​​hard​​selling. When it comes to Instagram, you can only add one link in your bio so use this opportunity count, you can add a link to your website, your Facebook page,​​or​​whichever​​you​​think​​would​​benefit​​your​​brand​​the​​most. Keep in mind that once a potential customer visits your page, they need to be able to grasp what you’re offering and know where to contact you in a glimpse. ● Post​​​​Consistently: In order to establish your brand on Instagram, you need to be able to post on a regular basis. Having an Instagram account will only work if you update your feed on time. In line with this, Instagram is now using the similar algorithm with Facebook where consistency helps you get your posts seen and​​appear​​on​​the​​top​​of​​your​​follower’s​​timeline.

  3. Use​​​​quality​​​​photos​​​​with​​​​good​​​​filters: Instagram became popular due to its image-centric platform where if you post the right photos with the correct flitters, these can get you more engagement rather than those with unprofessional and unedited posts. The power of visual allows you to showcase your products without hard selling; the​​picture​​should​​speak​​for​​itself. ● Know​​​​your​​​​hashtags The rights hashtags can expose your brand to a larger community and help you grow more followers in an instant. These tags connect you with other groups and make it easier to search for your brand, as Instagram’s feeds changes​​very​​fast. Use keywords that are relevant to your brand, but avoid being too generic such as using #fashion or #Design for this quickly gets buried and tends to be ignored. Go always go for trending and specific hashtags that caters to the​​community​​that​​you​​are​​after​​and​​use​​these​​to​​keep​​you​​on​​top​​longer. ● User​​​​generated​​​​content: By sharing user generated content, this allows you to curate photos that best​​fits​​your​​brand,​​while​​still​​giving​​credit​​to​​the​​original​​user. ● Grow​​​​your​​​​network​​​​on​​​​Instagram: Create strategic relationships with other brands and users. You can also follow other brands like other posts and comment praises on the pictures of others. This is fun and friendly techniques that allow you to mix with other users and join industry related communities that can put an edge on your​​brand.

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