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Social Media for Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

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Social Media for Business

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  1. Social Media for Business NTS

  2. Why Social Media Marketing? • Increases Google Algorithm • In return, increases your rankings on search engines • Helps content get indexed FASTER • Google Crawlers are constantly researching websites for key words • Increases Domain’s ability to rank • High levels of social activity shows search engines that your business is authentic, engaged, and valuable to readers • Reduce Advertising/Marketing Costs

  3. Measured Results

  4. Facebook 91% of local searches say they use FACEBOOK to find a local business online. (Google is watching your social media accounts.)

  5. Facebook Insights where are your likes coming from what time of day to post what kind of posts get the most engagement what kind of demographics are your fans (Gender, Age, Interests, Location, etc.)

  6. Facebook • Benefits: • Saves NTS money by reducing advertising costs (Free marketing and advertising ) • Helps gain qualified leads by FB insights • Direct Customer Interaction • Facebook ads are costly • Avoid that fee by posting on your own

  7. Facebook What is needed to succeed? Requires regular attention Interaction with customers directly- 8 hour time frame Certain social media rules (specific times to post) NTS wants a uniform “professional” brand

  8. Instagram • 150+ million users • Easy to find your TARGET Audience • Find your target audience by searching hashtags that are relevant to your business. #Apartmentliving • Easy to communicate with users • You can mention any user with the @ sign to tag them and they will see it. (Thank an engaging user with a prize) • Make Creative Marketing Pictures • Share your product with beautiful photos and filters

  9. Instagram “It’s all about branding yourself..” • Tasteful posts and relevant hashtags • Hashtag- Form of metadata tag to group a conversation/photo • NTS Properties- Unique Hashtags: • #LiveontheEdge • #LiveLavishly • #thePlacetolive • #aGranderliving • Relevant Hashtags: • #apartmentliving • #yoga • #fitnesscenter

  10. Pinterest Image Sharing social media platform Drives more referral traffic then YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn- COMBINED. (Pin your photos, floorplans, etc) Users spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes per visit

  11. Referrals globally You have 100 followers 10 of your followers repin your pin They have 50 followers (10x50) Another 5 repins are done from that 50. Those 5 followers have 100 followers each (10x5x100) The result: When you add all of those up- 5600 users globally have seen your pin!

  12. Google + • SEO • Rank high on Google (Google + gets priority over any other social media network) • Google Circles • Separate your residents from your business competitors • Authorship • Claim your property/company on Google + and your photo will show next to your post in search engine results. Why?

  13. FREE marketing/advertising Craigslist Hotpads Run a daily availability report to advertise apartments that are on notice and vacant apartments to generate traffic and qualified leads. (Cut out huge-costing advertising companies .)

  14. Resident Relations

  15. Resident Relations • Implement a Community Newsletter • This will create a sense of “community” for resident retention • Create Resident Events -Which includes researching/hiring vendors & sponsors for events • Monitor Apartment Ratings • -Make sure we’re engaging negative/positive ratings • Study your demographics • Which will aide in targeting relevant resident activities

  16. “ You can have leasing agents, assistant managers, and property managers wear the different hats and help to post on social media, use the free advertising websites such as hot pads, and create a monthly calendar and newsletter- however, it can be detrimental to our employees productivity and the welfare of NTS.”

  17. Successful Social Media Presence • Create a social media strategy • Determine objectives, establish what needs to be accomplished and define how it will be done • Engage and monitor customer issues • It is vital to monitor the internet for any positive or negative feedback and then follow up on the feedback IN A TIMELY MANNER • Monitor trends • Be on top of the latest trends and tools to ensure that your business is ahead of the competition

  18. Successful SM Presence • Search for news/articles to post- • Leasing agents don’t have time to research industry-related articles • Implement social media campaigns- • Brainstorm resident events, contests, and creative way to increase traffic to our business and websites. • Write blog articles- • Be leader &influencer in this field, it is important to be writing interesting articles or blog postings on relevant topics • Uses social networking analysis tools- • It’s important to measure the effectiveness of different channels

  19. Managing Social Media